Will there be an Outcasts series 2?

Update 3: The interview with Ben Richards is live here! Read it for updates on season 2, thoughts on the cancellation and the down-low on the ratings.

Update 2: I’ve emailed a bunch of questions (including some reader submitted ones) to Ben Richards, who has promised a response but evidently not had a chance to do it yet. He mentioned being in discussions with the BBC about some kind of resolution to the show, although series 2 didn’t sound likely from our brief Twitter exchange. Will share more when I have it.

Update: The BBC doesn’t seem to be continuing to track for buzz about Outcasts so my more recent posts haven’t been flagged on the official Outcasts page. Fans visiting this page might be interested in my follow up posts: Why do ratings matter for the BBC? and How to protest the Outcasts cancellation. You might also be tangentially interested in this comparative cost of TV license fee chart, across Europe.

In addition, show creator Ben Richards has agreed to talk to me about the Outcasts cancellation. Please submit any questions you would like me to put to him here.

Original post follows…

No, sadly not. Here’s the confirmation via the BBC Outcasts Facebook page, and here’s an interview where the show creator/writer Ben Richards talks about why he thinks it all went down the way it did (not without bitterness.) It sounds, broadly speaking, like it was felt that the show missed its mark in terms of hitting a mainstream audience, didn’t get the ratings it needed (no idea if iPlayer ratings came into play) and misjudged its pacing. The episode length issue is discussed – an hour slot was tough to write for.

I still haven’t finished catching up on the show and will do so in the next couple of weeks and share my thoughts. Will also probably do a final “best of comments” as I’ve had an overwhelming number on here thanks to the trackbacks from the BBC website and there have been some fantastic comments about the show – positive and negative – some of which are worth highlighting! Thanks all for your contributions.

A cynical part of me is a little melancholic if the BBC One controller, Danny Cohen, is going to drive all his television making decisions based on ratings in quite this way (as indicated by this), but I guess if the show was designed for a mainstream audience and had a mainstream budget then its a fair enough decision. Although as per the comments, and as a fan of shows with complex and long-running story-arcs (Joss Whedon fans out there?), it can take a while for these things to build…

As a partial aside, whilst we’ve both been watching Outcasts, Amanda and her brother and mum have been watching a niche piece of BBC4 television, Danish crime drama The Killing. I guess as a BBC4 programme specifically designed for a niche audience the criteria are different (and the critical feedback has been much more consistently positive than Outcasts’), but I can’t help but wish/hope that the kinds of decisions that spur the funding of programmes like that would support things like Outcasts too. Why is all BBC SciFi/Fantasy output ‘mainstream’ (Dr Who, Torchwood, Merlin etc) – isn’t there room for some niche sci-fi from the Beeb?

  • Bob Clarke

    Do you know what. I am a little tired of this sort of thing. I would like the broadcasters to acknowledge at the start of the penultimate programme that no more series are planned. Saves time watching it and the expectation we might get some answers at the end of a series. Remember the Jericho fiasco? have some b*lls and tell us when you bin something after all I pay my overblown licence!

  • Sally Jennings

    Absolutely gutted they are not making a second series of this. It’s the best thing that has been on the BBC for years!

  • Gabi

    How can they not do a second series? Having just watched the final episode it’s been left on such a clifhanger that iPlayer viewers such as myself will just be left wondering if the evil Julius ever gets his comeuppance!
    I understand that it wasn’t a success in the original 9pm mega slot, but could they not give it a BBC 2 slot next year? Very disappointing from the BBC I’m afraid!

  • Craig Bass

    Absolutely ridiculous.
    Reminds me of how I felt after firefly was cancelled. What is it with good science fiction and it being cancelled point blank.

    I am extremely angry with the entire ‘ratings’ system.

  • John

    Cool only thing I’ve liked on the bbc since red dwarf and it gets canned… if it’s going to ratings based.. cheapest crappest reality TV with the highest ratings… put adverts in and stop ripping me off cos you aren’t making any programs worth watching and I’m having to pay you to do it if I own a TV… the bbc is rapidly becoming one of the worst things about living in in the UK

  • mrkurwa

    I`m portuguese and loved the show. BBC assholes, trying to copy american TV companies??

    This show deserves a 2nd season.

  • Jim

    Unbelievable the best drama on the BBC and they get rid of it! Like battlestar galaticaand others this needs more than a series to come into it’s own!!! Btw the acting was spot on IMHO it added to the drama…. Unbelievable if the ratings weren’t good enough then the BBC didn’t do it’s best to advertise the program, o didn’t even realise it had started until I looked on the iplayer….

  • Liam

    Shame it’s been cancelled and shows how everything needs to be an instant success! Most really great series aren’t good until 2nd, 3rd or sometimes 4th series! The likes of Smallville wasn’t great until Season 5 and 4400 wasn’t until Season 3. BBC 2 slot seems like sensible call. I mean BBC is repeating the same show from Sunday 9pm on Monday at 9pm… the same episode? Nuts!!

  • I long for a decent programme to get lost in, an hour of very good viewing. Good story line getting better, cliffe hanger of ending. When nothing. I hate cheap, easy TV. This provided one of thr best dramas from the BBC for years. DrWho is fun but is joke. There is a void of good Sci-Fi after the Star Tek chapters finished. This is not the same but has a good start at been something great. Please Please reconsider and make more not just series 2 but 3…

  • Dana

    You can’t cancel this show, it just not fair! If its but on at 10.30 on a sunday night the rating are gonna be sh1t! I watch on i player like ever other sensiable person…..I am actually gutted about this. you need at least two seasons to know if if will be any good!

    what about cass and fleur?

  • Paul

    Is it any wonder these series don’t get higher ratings? People get used to the fact that they go nowhere eventually and don’t even bother to start watching them. I certainly feel like that now. Should another potentially good Sci-fi series be broadcast in the future. I’ll just think “What’s the use of watching this because it will just end on an unresolved cliff hanger and never been seen again”.

    Either make a complete pilot series that has a resolved and clean ending that could be built on in a later season or don’t bother at all. Just leaving a disappointed audience with no satisfactory outcome is no good for anyone, especially the BBC!

    And I really did enjoy this series which says a lot because I rarely get sucked into TV drama series. Shame on the BBC for leading the license payer on.

  • Yvette

    I enjoyed it and am upset that there will be no more episodes. I thought it was much better than most of the rubbish on TV. It was not well advertised, hardly anyone I spoke to knew about it but would have watched it if they had known.

  • Sara Coburn

    I’m really disappointed that more information regarding the lack of a second series was not more widly publicised. The last episode was SO good and I really invested in this programme and feel that as a loyal viewers we deserve to know what was going to happen.


    Shame on the BBC.

  • Kara Thrace

    I thought the whole point of a licence fee was so that the Beeb could take some risks and produce high quality stuff that wouldn’t necessarily get advertisers jumping up and down. They might as well put Cash in the Attic on 24 hours a day since that kind of flavourless, cheap pappy fodder is obviously what they want to be known for. I get it that the commercial stations are businesses and they have to produce things that lots of people will watch and lots of advertisers will pay silly money for, but the decision not to commission another series is lazy and gutless.

    Quality Science Fiction with convincing effects and realistic, human acting is a legal, legitimate taste that is not being catered for. So what if it is a minority? Stand up and be proud of it, and give it another go. To fund it just show a few more repeats in the day of Homes under the Hammer, the brain dead won’t notice.

  • ian

    its funny if its not dancing or some other reality show crap the bbc dont want to know people have had enough of the rubbish, so when a decent sci fi programme comes on which the beeb did not advertise the can it well done for wasting my licence fee on brucie and not good drama

  • Jonathan

    This was shaping up so well! The emotional background and my consequent engagement with the characters was developing and deepening,the acting excellent, the complex themes and issues beginning to be explored – especially the central motif of ‘humanity with frayed edges’ (great theology!)… and then the Beeb just chicken out. Simply dreadful! Its been poorly marketed, so how can they expect to get the kind of ratings they’re looking for. Why didn’t they start in one of the smaller channels, and build up its reputation, before flinging it, half-conscious, like one untimely born, into the harsh glare of primetime. (Like they did with Being Human…)

    This is poor managment of a really good piece of television. Sci-Fi ought to be living with the difficult questions and possibilities our our humanity. I hope they change their minds, re-run the series on a different channel, and allow an audience to develop.

    And why have they ignored its popularity on i-player?

  • fowlesp

    Dr Who, Merlin and Torchwood could all be class as “niche” but they became mainstram because they were allowed to develop! OK Torchwood had a BIG help from its Dr Who linearage, but the attitude from the BBC shown here are really quite sad :-(

    With the “unique way the BBC is funded” I would have expected less concern with Ratings, and more with quality and story. Outcast had both, so a real missed opportunity to show that we can produce more that costume dramas and cloned cop show (Law & Order: UK, anyone?)

  • Christopher Low

    I am really disappointed to hear that Outcasts will not return. It was so refreshing to watch a sci-fi show from start to finish without having to endure annoying adverts and previews of other shows every five minutes (yes, I am talking about you Sky TV). I thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact, it brought me to tears at times, and that is the sign of a thought provoking and well written show. I admit that it isn’t too difficult to get me to do that, but at least the show made me FEEL. I particularly responded to the relationship between Cass and Fleur, and I want to see more!

    Please think again about this decision. We have enough dance/property/cooking shows to last us a lifetime, but there is only one Outcasts

    Christopher Low

  • Dave G

    I’ve absolutely loved this series. Please make another one!! If the BBC won’t fund it go to Chanel 4.

  • anita

    How can there be no 2nd series. Now we will never know what became of Fleur and the AC’s- Who were the hostile inhabitants of the planet. What and who is Berger – what is he playing at,. Who were the the new arrivals from earth. Too many unanswered questions. I wished I had not watched it in the first place now, because if there is no 2nd series why put it on in the first place. Shame on you BBC.

  • Scott

    I cannot understand why they are not making a 2nd series. Come on BBC you know it takes time for characters to be accepted and this series built with the weeks. The anger I felt at Julius, the sympathy felt for Cass and Fleur, on the last episode shows the quality of the acting and plot.
    There are a lot worse orogrammes on their 3rd or fourth series or are we to be subjected to the usual mind blowingly bland reality, flogit, type of rubbish so we all become zombies watching the same crap?.

  • Graham Larman

    What utter nonsense! I have wasted all these weeks watching a damn good story that will never have an ending. It should have been made clear to people that this was going to happen in order to give them a choice as to whether to bother to watch it or not.

    What’s wrong with the BBC! If the ratings are not to their liking so what! There are enough people out there who were enjoying it.

    Thanks for nothing!

  • Barrie Page

    I agree with your comments. I was hoping for a series 2. Outcasts was the best series I have seen on the BBC for a long time.

  • Fiona

    I agree with what is being said about this show. Was unsure after first episode then i got hooked. Why do we have to pay the BBC a TV license if it is never going to listen to it’s viewers and take our wishes into consideration? There are plenty other stations on satellite so why do we have to pay BBC to get nothing but reality shows, The Arts and repeats? Give Outcasts a chance PLEASE! Some of the best shows EVER MADE did not have a perfect viewing rating. BBC if this is the case then give us a chance to decide if we want to pay the large fee to have you at all! Being a Joss Whedon fan, i know people need patience for shows like this. And it could be great… if it gets the chance!

  • enz0

    F#*$in Hell !! When the show is stupid it stays, when it’s interesting it’s trashed ! WTF ?!?!?

  • AndrewB

    I’ve just watched the final episode of Outcasts and thouroughly enjoyed it. I then read that the BBC won’t be making further series – unbelievable. Ok, the first couple of episodes weren’t the best, but the series really started to take off (no pun intended) in later episodes, culminating in a sophisticated and exciting plot line. And now the BBC decide to take it off air – why, I ask? Do you just want to pander to banal TV to bolster ratings? That’s not the ethos of a licence fee – is it??

  • alan

    It’s such a pity that it won’t get a second series as the show was starting to get interesting. I agree with the BBC 2 slot. The show should never have aimed at capturing the mainstream audience. HBO and the american go for smaller audiences allowing the show to gain a cult following and then go after a wider audience. 24 and heroes are great examples.

  • Keria

    You cant cancel this show. Its one of the best programmes on the BBC for ages! I really enjoyed it, GIVES US A SEASON TWO! just put it on BBC 2 or even BBC three? come on BBC stop being such idiots. Give it time and it will be a hit. Dont do another Survivors!

  • Jack21

    I am very dissapointed to hear that there will not be a season two. I thought it was a really ambitious and entertaining programme with a great cast, a great plot and a great future ahead of it. I urge the BBC to reconsider! Season two please!

  • Sean Woodgate

    I think its appalling that the BBC has decided to axe Outcasts after only one season, yet again ratings and consumer driven executives dictates the demise of another decent show. I think the ratings were fairly good considering they moved it to a sunday night slot. Outcasts is one of the best Sci-Fi drama’s I have seen in years, a refreshing and thought provoking drama. No doubt its slot is going to be filled with some mind-numbing DRIVEL to placate and appease the masses. Why can’t the BBC invest in original British television? What’s the point of paying you license fee if great shows like this get cancelled? I truly hope the BBC will come to its senses and allow series 2. Or maybe the creator Ben Richards could give us a season two in novel form?

  • Sean Woodgate

    I think its appalling that the BBC has decided to axe Outcasts after only one season, yet again ratings and consumer driven executives dictates the demise of another decent show. I think the ratings were fairly good considering they moved it to a sunday night slot. Outcasts is one of the best Sci-Fi drama’s I have seen in years, a refreshing and thought provoking drama. No doubt its slot is going to be filled with some mind-numbing DRIVEL to placate and appease the masses. Why can’t the BBC invest in original British television? What’s the point of paying you license fee if great shows like this get cancelled? I truly hope the BBC will come to its senses and allow series 2. Or maybe the creator Ben Richards could give us a season two in novel form?

  • vicky

    I want to know if iplayer viewers like myself are counted in these ‘ratings’ , I am far from pleased to learn that one of the best programmes shown on bbc 1 for as long as I can remember will not be returning to our screens. There is obviously a demand for the show as you can see from all the comments. Most importantly why did they end it on such a cliff hanger if they had no intention of a second series?? I am feeling very mad about this…

  • Very disappointed that the BBC seems to be cancelling based on ratings. Did they not expect the ratings to drop when they moved it to some crazy late evening time slot? They seem to be getting good at killing potentially wonderful shows like this, they did it with “Survivors” too. Instead we get other rubbish like “Motorway Cops”. Wawh wonderful! Anyone who watched the program in HD on iPlayer will note it was always at the top of the list as most popular, but then the BBC seems to be giving up on the internet also now. Its all going downhill, time to quit paying BBC tax, and just buy material that I want to watch, and that comes from someone who has always believed that the BBC was a good organisation.

  • Alastair

    Very disappointed as it was a good watch and was actually a good story.

  • Adam Dowding

    I too enjoyed the outcasts seires and am extremely dissapointed with the way it ended, The story line provided was never going to appeal to a mass audience when they can watch over weight people runnunig throwing up and running some more instead, and then to change the time slot and not tell anyone was suicide.

    I can’t believe the bbc will give money to Jenny Frost to dress Mutton up as slightly paler mutton (snog marry avoid) and not invest a little more time into contemplating their scheduele and their viewers.

    But theover confidence of the director and producers is just as much to blame. either they were confident of a second seires or they were too lazy to write an ending? you decide.

    personally i think the lack of real atmosphere may have had something todo with the audience failing to commit to the seires and the inability for anyone to relate to such a self rightous character like fluer. The portrayl of Cass on the other hand exceptional and tait was also an excellent Character, but all said and done i think there was a distinct lack of substances from one or two of the lead characters that lead to the Outcasts down fall.

    Never the less I would like to see a second seires on BBC 2

  • Clare

    Outcasts was brilliant all round. Something to look forward to. I’m gutted there won’t be another series. Why is that programmes with, a great story line, actors, drama are all cancelled like Survivors, Jerico. Who wants to watch all this reality rubbish! Listen up BBC we pay our money put some programmes on that we actually want to watch. PLEASE!!!

  • Christopher Low

    It’s worth pointing out that I have been watching Outcasts on iPlayer since it was switched from 9 pm on Monday to 10:25 pm on Sunday. However, that is still irrelevant as far as a second series is concerned. Like others have already stated, the BBC is paid a licence fee by its customers, and that should be used wisely. If we want to watch reality TV rubbish, we can choose any number of other channels that are funded by advertising. The BBC is special, and should be producing shows that are equally special, irrespective of the ratings.

    Outcasts is one such show. It is high quality, well written drama that we desperately need more of on TV. Please reconsider your decision to cancel the second series.

    Christopher Low

  • Claybook

    The production team only have themselves to blame for taking until episode 8 to show us something half ready for viewing. Its no good blaming the audiences for not liking the show because of what they saw of episode 1,2,3,4…. Next time get the story, the science and the fiction right on paper BEFORE you go commissioning a series!

  • Andy rock

    i am absolutely disgusted with the bbc in canning the series after 1 series,sometimes the bbc have to think about the percentage of population that would watch this kind of programme.they moved it too soon into a sunday night slot and did not give the show a chance to grow.
    i would rate this as good as and in the same mould as the new Battlestar Galactica ,bringing sci fi into mainstream drama and showing the americans we can make these kind of programmes.
    but no,the bbc run scared of ratings and are not willing to cater for the population that like this kind of genre.
    they have no bulls,and have pulled the plug to soon.
    surely with bbc america and the other joint financed makers of the programme should eait for the overall picture from america and the world in sales before making such a hasty decision.
    did channel four panic when peep show had low ratings and did the bbc panic when only fools and horses and low ratings in the begining!.

    i hope sky or some other channel can see this for what it is,a breath of fresh air and the potential to be one of the best sci fi seires ever on british television.

    fantastic last show and i hope the bbc take a look at it properly and rethink thier hast decision

  • Daniel

    Great story, best scifi since Galactica. I’m very disapointed and i’ll think twice before start watching other bbc series…

  • Chloe

    I can’t believe they would end the series like that without a second one in the pipe line!
    It was a brilliant, gripping show. I seem to be like every other person commenting on here and watched it on iplayer; if it is true that they dont count the ratings from iplayer watchers – then thats crazy. Besides, who honestly is going to watch it at 10.30 on a sunday night??
    Just makes you mad!
    Very, very dissapointing.

  • Lizzie

    Am joining in the chorus of others who are extremely disappointed to hear that there will be no second series of Outcasts. The Beeb should remember that not every show is an instant success – if I remember correctly, Only Fools & Horses didn’t immediately get high viewing figures, almost got cancelled, and look how successful that show was.
    Outcasts was slow to start, as others have said, and I nearly gave up on it after the first episode, but I carried on with it and was very much rewarded for my patience. It made a terrific change from the usual dross that’s broadcast, along with Being Human. Come on BBC, give it another chance and commission another series.

  • Abakai

    If I bought a product from a shop and when I got it how I for that I had only been given part of what I had paid for I would be within my rights to demand the missing parts or my money back. So I have paid my licence fee to watch a product and now I find that I have only been shown part of the show and tell me I won’t be able to watch the rest.. Will the BBC give me a refund?… Will they hell. Bottom line is if they are going to pull a show they should never let it finnish with a cliff hanger. the least they can do is make one more episode to clear up the story line.

  • David Anderson

    Save your breath Outcast fans, the BBC haven’t got the bottle or common sense to consider a second series. Too much loss of face would be involved. A damn shame, they at last had a good thing and they have blown it!

  • David Anderson

    All outcast fans have been badly let down!

  • micky seymour

    mr ben richards, id like to know. Why cant you sell outcasts to another channel? Surely you had great dreams for your talent as writer/creator of outcasts, do the bbc now own your dream?. I really cant believe the bbc have done this. I like many have enjoyed outcasts from start to finish and for the bbc to say no more series of one of the best scifi dramas iv seen in a longtime is disgusting. Im totally gutted, surely mr richards or kudos, whoever owns the rights to this great drama, it can get the justice it deserves. I for one wont be tuning into bbc for a very longtime to come. This is what i pay my licence fee for, for decent programmes to get binned without giving them a chance. Outcasts has many many fans, sell outcasts to another channel lets see another series pleeeeease.

  • Larry

    Just like all the good series that are shown on TV, they cancel them much to the annoyance of the British public who pay for the TV licence that supports all the big fat cats wages!
    Its about time the British public had their say and demonstrated how big the voice of the licence payer is. Stop showing us repeats of other old series and give us what we are rightly entitled to.
    Okay the series might not be for all those, but you have various other channels and series that you may like. Support those who support you!
    I am an avid Sci-fi fan and this series was pretty good with some twists and turns, so lets see the BBC do the right thing and give us series 2!

  • Janet Gwinn

    I found 10.25pm far too late and have been watching Outcasts on iplayer. I have really enjoyed the show and in fact will rarely make the effort to actually follow a series through. This one was different. I’m shocked to hear that having followed through and been left on a cliffhanger it is to be abandoned. Does this mean it isn’t woth following a series in future as the same may happen?

    If you are going to finish the series at least do it properly rather than abandoning it in the middle

    Janet Gwinn

  • Maggie D

    I agree wholeheartedly – please let there be another series – I simply can’t bear anymore awful reality stuff! I will still pay my licence of course, but find the off button more and more useful – Maggie

  • I’ve just watched the entire series on iPlayer only to discover it just stops. I thought I was catching up before watching it in realtime. But no, it’s not a complete pilot with an ending but rather stops in mid-air, with feet going frantically, Road Runner style. I watch almost no TV other than news and sport and thought I’d finally found something to tune into on a regular basis. I guess I don’t fit the demographic. Doubtless it will be replaced by some moronic, cheap Reality Show. Shame I can’t vote with license fee. I can do without BBC TV but they can’t do without my cash.

  • nek

    Bring back Outcasts BBC. Your decision to cancel it is wrong. Was the programme not dumb enough to be retained? It seems slightly intelligent, thought provoking, intriguing high quality story lines cause BBC decision makers to cancel series. What quality of individual/team makes these decisions at the BBC? This is a real worry. My husband and I (in our 40s & 50s) always watched it on tape because of it’s odd placement in programming.
    Henceforth BBC must state upfront that there will only be one incomplete / cliff hanger end for a series. Outcasts and Spooks are favourite programmes.
    See beehivecity.com for many more comments from outraged fans

  • Keena Treadwell

    I have just watched the last episode of Outcasts and like many other people I am sad that there is to be no second series. I enjoyed the way the plot unfolded and thought it was very well written, acted and produced. Such a shame we have lost another good programme.

  • Maria

    Very disappointed of no having a 2nd series. For once there was an interesting sci fi, I agree with previous blog there is a gap since Star Trek. The idea of humans colonising another planet, the ethics of creating the AC’s in the first place and the hostile force in the planet.
    Maybe, they should consider a 2nd series but for BBC4, and it is grown up sci fi but not dr. who. Once I will not complain about licence fee. By the way, in the ratings, iplayer viewers are counted. When it is moved to Sunday, I watched it next day because it was too late for me.

  • S. Dover

    I’m sad to see that the BBC is lacking confidence. Outcasts looks like a show that isn’t fully mainstream but appeals to a lot of people. Beautifully shot and attractively acted, the quality of its escapism was second only to getting out of an 8 hour shopping trip to Ikea with a girl I didn’t even fancy.

    Unfortunately the ratings weren’t big after just one series so it looks like getting axed. I suppose if a series is going to be big, it’ll be big during Series 1. Like Blackadder.

    No,.. wait. I mean Star Trek. Actually now I come to look it up on Wikipedia, the first pilot episode of Star Trek was rejected by NBC as it was “too cerebral.”

  • gill neeve

    This series had so much going for it, if ratings were low then perhaps it was not advertised effectively and shown at wrong time. very dissapointed with decision.

  • Christopher Sewell

    Like everyone else, I’m amazed and apalled at such a draconian decision. Are those who decide these matters bereft of common sense?

    Outcasts was a gem. I relished every episode, savouring them in anticipation like another helping of a favourite meal. I watched them all on iPlayer, under headphones in a world of my own, captivated!

  • Alison

    I don’t understand how the BBC can justify axing Outcasts. In my opinion it was a slow burner, perhaps not an overnight ratings success, but I feel with a better time slot and more publicity the show would have become a big draw.

    It’s just another reason for me not to watch any BBC channels anymore, pointless with such poor quality in programming and lack of willing to give decent shows a chance.

  • Aidan Clarke

    I fully support the above comments. It’s time the BBC stopped pampering to the brainless dumbing down of television. Good dramas including this one have an important place in offering the licence payer choice in what to watch. I don’t want to see a good idea dragged out until the concept become bland as many American series have but please it would be good to tell a story to conclusion. As every person who has ever considered writing a story knows they all need a beginning, a middle and an end. BBC please consider this and give us a second season.

  • Simon Mayes

    Gobsmacked that the BBC can ditch, what is the best prgramme they have made for ages, yet produce more programmes that require the viewer to part with money via the telephone vote. I pay to keep the BBC independent but its becoming an in your face, money making company, that puts profits over quality, give this programme a 2nd season and a 3rd, you know in your heart it makes sense.

  • Ed Dadoo

    I’m baffled it ever got made. The Forthaven crew seem to be incredibly incompetent and fuzzy-minded. They appear to have done almost nothing since they arrived on the planet. The president does nothing, the head of security seems totally insecure and self-focussed. The idea that Fleur and Cas would be who they are beggars belief. Why do they run around shouting and pointing? Why are there no middle-managers in the political/social structure? When did staring and looking sad with nice background mood music equal acting? Quick run into the wilderness, pose, mutter, look quizzical, stab someone or see something and go back. Fire a flare. Stand around. Stare. Run about, droop, moan, point, shout, get angry, be rude, run about et cetera. What are these people doing? Did I really hear a character say these people had been specially selected as the best the Earth had to offer? Are these spineless morons the people Earth chose to save? It makes absolutely no sense at all. The actors did their best. I have no complaint about them. The photography is good. But the script, superficially slick and smart, is empty. The only character with any plan, guts, purpose or spine is Berger. Of course we all love Fleur. Why isn’t she in charge? It should have been dropped before it was broadcast. Oh yes, when they put the thing on their heads so they can project memories – how do they get to see themselves? How do you remember yourself when you can’t see yourself? This is very feeble logic and sums up the whole project. A sad waste of time, talent and money.

  • Peter Parslow

    Dear Mr Richards – please at least write a book or something, to let us know what happened!

  • Darren and Julie

    I can’t understand why they are cancelling this show, I’ve watched every episode on iplayer and love it all. This is the best thing the BBC has done in years.

    Such a waste.

  • Deaco

    I have just watched the last episode of Outcasts on iplayer, and now have just read on here that the beeb will not make a 2nd series, i have watched all the episodes on iplayer what a disapointment from the beeb, at least give the 2nd series a chance, look at Doctor who, i wasnt to sure of the new doc after David Tennant but the beeb wanted to show that at prime time viewing but i gave that a chance and now watching it again on bbc3. Come on BBC we need another series as it has left us on a cliff hanger, its original story line not like the rubbish coming out of america the new V crap didnt stick to the original from the 80s then there was Jerico what was that all about and finaly FlashForward did not have a clue on that one so we need more british stuff look at Merlin thats great viewing too, so come on BBC get your fingers from up your A**E, and sort yourselves out after all you are the British Broadcasting Coperation, and I mean BRITISH. Enough said. Rant over.

  • Chris

    Gutted no second series will be made the first ended on such a cliff hanger please please please if the BBC won’t make a new series go to another channel see if they can fund it lived it

  • maxlitz

    loved every last minute of outcasts, feel so let down by bbc have written a complaint.not something i have ever done before hope more peeps do the same and the bbc see what a committed following outcast has!!

  • Von

    Nice one Beeb! you might aswell start showing adds as obviously my money i give you towards my license means nothing! I feel the same as everyone else ripped off by shows about some twat learning to dance and the rest of the reality bollocks 90% of the inbred population like to watch!

  • Stephanie Sutherland

    The BBC should be celebrating the outstanding excellent quality of “Outcasts” and have enough confidence in their viewers to produce another series. There are very few solid engaging programmes to watch sadly–so much so that one might think ‘Rationing’ had returned. Surely a second series is justified?

  • KBOB

    PLEASE make series 2 … I didn’t think the show was very good in the beginning, but by the end I was totally gripped and converted. First episodes of many series’ take a while to get going, even shows that then become huge. Scenes and storylines from the last episode kept recurring in my head the next day after I watched it. The acting was wonderful, and considering the writers had to create an entire community, I can forgive them the time it took to get things really going. But excellent and absolutely gripping by halfway through. I would be glued to a second series and tell all my friends!

  • Ian Anderson

    Cancelling Outcasts is just so crazy when one considers the rubbish that clutters up BBC1 these days. Think again BBC.

  • Pip

    Why does this always happen to good Sci Fi? Can they not be persuaded? At the very least could we have a couple of feature films to round things off better? We have unanswered questions.

  • Dave Smith

    As with most of the replies above, I am absolutely appalled at the BBC for axing this.

    This is by far one of the best shows I’ve seen from them in a long time.

  • marie

    very disappointed….only series I was actively following on TV at present. Very hard to get any decent sci-fi these on tv these days.

  • Ben Alldis

    Why do you torture us with 8 great episodes and a cliffhanger only to dash our devoted watching by cancelling it!!!


  • conor

    In my opinion it took a wee while to engage me, but by heck it has, i am a fan of intelligent sci-fi with a human touch and this is the best i have seen on the bbc, a damn shame that we wont get to see any more!!!

  • Martin Simpson

    I don’t watch soaps, I don’t watch reality, not into cooking, get enough of property programmes on every channel going, not interested in the numerous minority programmes. There is less and less that warrants my lkicence fee. BBC should be different, not seek populist rubbish all the time, Run series two – or at leat have the decency to run a 2-3 episode special to bring the programme to a fitting ending

  • Sion Griffith

    I just watched the final episode, I really wanted to know when the next series was going to be on so I start searching and found this page, I could not believe it. I can understand that a show must prove its worth to be continued but on the other hand I am a liscence payer, I want another series of Outcasts. I watch very little regular TV, I hate reality TV with a passion, soaps bore me to death since I really dont want to know about someone’s made up everyday life in London as I have my own life, but, Outcasts I have watched religiously as it has drawn me in since I stumbled upon the first episode. Its exciting, intelligent and captivating.
    I am very dissapointed in the descision made by the BBC and I keep thinking why am I wasting my money on the Licence, I could buy half a dozen console games a year for the money and it would give me hours more entertainment than the TV I genuinely enjoy.

    I believe if Outcasts were to be given a proper Prime-time slot, it’s figures would have been much higher, the BBC ruined the programs chances by moving it about mid season and not giving it a fair chance in the first place.

  • slim

    The story line was pretty plodding- a result of not enough material for the timeslot, some of the acting was pretty camp as well, but it was still watchable , I have just watched the last episode on iplayer instead of the totally unwatchable dross that Auntie is broadcasting tonight. Misjudging the audience is a risk that the BBC should be taking otherwise remove the licence fee and let them broadcast rubbish – ITV does a better job.

  • Laura

    What I cant believe it no further episodes !!!! Yes the momentum built up slowly but now Ive just watched the final episode on iplayer I dont know how to contain my dissapointment. What a waste of a good story.

  • Anthony and Mylene

    Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. So therefore a 2nd series is a must. No other option. Get to work.

  • Fiona Quinn

    I’ve just finished part 8 on iplayer, which is where I watched the whole thing as Sunday night didn’t suit. I’ve enjoyed it so much and recommended it to friends. Inevitably the situation took a while to set up and I don’t think late Sunday evening was a good time to broadcast it. I was sure it would go on to have another series. I for one enjoyed something that wasn’t dead bodies or ‘cops and robbers’. Will there be a consolation part 2 book at least?

  • Tor

    FFS. I’ve been watching this series and enjoyed it. And then they kill it off w/out tying up loose ends? Nice one. :-(

    Great acting, great character development, great story. At least one of the better sci-fi shows (of which there are few) that I’ve seen in years.

  • Helen

    I agree with many of the comments already posted. I have really enjoyed the series and I am very disappointed there will be no 2nd series – hopefully if our views are taken into account this might change! I missed some of the tv episodes due to it being on two nights running and initially I didn’t realise this, plus I think it changed the time it was on? I had to catch up on iplayer but if it had been on once a week at the same time everytime I wouldn’t have missed any on the t.v.. Surely this would have effected the ratings

  • Jo King

    The only reason that you didnae get the ratings you crave is that you change the slot so that it doesn’t get a chance to establish itself!!!!! I mean 2 weeks mon & tue, a couple of mons and then a later sun evening!!! FARCICLE

    Anyone know how I can get a refund om my TV licence? Without decent programmes such as this surely I should be able to watch the advertised channels????????

  • Chelsie

    Loved it loved it loved it. Everyone I told about it watched on the iplayer and loved it too. Can’t believe there won’t be a second series. So want to know what will happen next

  • Brian

    What a pity – I really enjoyed Outcasts , best thing on TV for a while. Great plot and cast, Can’t believe there will not be a second series especially after the cliffhanger ending, so many unanswered questions. Please make a 2nd series !

  • Alan

    Disgraceful. One of the few things I bothered to watch, and it’s dumped leaving all the threads incomplete. The idots that made this decision should be strung up, or even worse, made to eternally watch the puerile tripe that we are forced to fund via our license fees.
    You’ve spent a pile of our money on something you’re just going to leave incomplete. Was there nothing left to pay for a little integrity?

  • How could they honestly expect people to watch it when there was hardly any advertising for it? I saw the advert once before the show started. I agree with the person above who stated that they didn’t do their best to advertise it. If they paid more attention to their own shows, they’d get higher ratings.
    Extremely disappointed.
    All I can hope for now is that either the BBC sees sense and brings the show back, or the writer continues the story in his own way, through novels or comic books or even an online serial.

  • Nick

    Have to add my comments to the others that I thoroughly enjoyed Outcasts. I complained after episode 5 because the BBC started moving the schedules around and then posted Outcasts to the Sunday evening shot. Got bland reponse.
    Why was it never repeated on bbc3 like Dr Who, or Merlin to give it a regular slot that everyone could be sure of when to see it.
    Like most, we have had to catch up on iPlayer.
    Really bad decison of BBC not to commision another series and reinforces the feeling that its not worth watching the start of any new series on BBC because you never know if it will be canned once you start getting into it.
    Please have a rethink, especially after seing all these likeminded comments.

  • andy jones

    ratings, smatings. The BBC are supposed to have a commitment to the viewing public to offer a wide and varied viewing content. As a member of the viewing public I would like to express my disappointment and frustration – oh, right, forgot- the programme was not american, did not have reality TV tagged in its title and was not set in the 19th century. Get a grip BBC or stop saying that the TV licence is worth the money. Remember your charter and dare to be different.

  • A&J

    Extremely disappointed in BBC decision not to make a second series. OK, maybe it has been slow to build, but has turned into a very intriguing story with a good springboard to bigger and better things. I’d far rather watch this than some of the so-called entertainment that BBC seems to want to spend our money on.

  • Garreth Roberts

    When are BBC Controllers going to listen to the segment of the veiwers that this show was really made for, the Scifi Community. I have not seen as great a development of plotline & characters since The Next Generation or Fringe.
    A Show like Outcasts needs at least a 2nd Season to solidify a core audience that has been building up, especially I suspect amongst the On-line community.
    Show us the figures please bbc admin?
    If not another season, then please put fans out of their misery, after screening one of the most execellent season finales that I have ever seen.
    The BBC boffins are mad to throw away a product that fits so well into the fears of so many in the world that believe humanity are going to mess things up on this world.

  • tom

    I caught this on the IPlayer as i missed it on TV due to lack of adverts for it. Absolutely loved the series- Quality sci-fi drama, had the feel of all the great HBO dramas and the hour long episodes were great for letting things develop. Great characters and storyline, high quality production! I think its a really poor decision cutting this.

  • Boxy

    Outcasts was by far the best science fiction TV series for a very long time. Not to go for a second series is ridiculous. Everyone will look back in five years ime and call it a cult, and lament how big Outcasts might have become! The BBC should perhaps consider the long-term re-sales…

  • James Field

    Where has the rest of this compact and compelling gem gone? Really sad

  • Olivia Dunlop

    When I heard that Survivors was cancelled I was angry. Now that the BBC have cancelled Outcasts as well I’m outright furious. The BBC constantly broadcast boring, mind-numbing drivel that makes me angry when I think that I have to pay for it. Just because it was getting millions of viewers doesn’t mean the show is unworthy of a second season. The programme wasn’t even given a chance when it was moved from a prime time spot to a late Sunday night! I’ve made a complaint and I’m bound to keep making them unless a second series is put in to the pipeline

  • Such a shame BBC doesn’t consider its own publicity.. no one even knew this program was on until it finished… That needs to be seriously tackled. Remember BBC no one reads the Radio Times any more. Not the ‘main stream’ audience anyway. You should start thinking of new ways to advertise your programs. Outcasts – a little ridiculous at times but to be expected from a sci-fi but to be honest: thoroughly enjoyable; interesting character development; and something to sink our ever apocalyptic minds into. All in all you are missing out by not running a second series, and letting down a thoroughly interested audience.

  • Jeff M

    With few decent programs on the TV these days, this series has hit the mark – been glued to every program since first discovering. What do we pay our licence fee for if not fro brilliant writing and acting – I have taken to watching each program on ipayer several times now – I can’t get enough of it. Give us more or lets hope another cahnel picks this up.

  • Mike Sargent

    Another example of how our senior employees in our broadcasting corporation once again demonstrate huge measures of addlepatedness. It wasn’t a perfect series but, golly, far superior to some of the gunk we pay our employees for. It is all very well for these seemingly perpetually misguided souls to warble about ink.klu.shiff.nishh but care not a hoot what we poor twerps out here think or like. Nothing will change unless the evil Julius lands…

  • paula

    I just love watching outcast on BBC iplayer but am gutted that there is no further series planned but BBC will sell to the US and then they turn it into an american series???????
    It is a dam good british Scfi like Dr Who so why let the US have all the fun (America always saves the day – V and independance day). So go on and spend my licence fee money wisely and make another series

  • Richard Howard

    Like many I am properly gutted… This series showed so much promise, its well written, well acted, directed and cast. Heck even the limited special effects are both believable and subtle!

    Why, why, why would you kill of one of the only decent series that you have produced in the last 2 years? I mean honestly what are you thinking? I have invested 8 hours of my life watching this group get set up for a proper battle against the AC’s, the planet and the New Arrivals.. there are so many places this could go and the only place the boffins at the BBC have take it now is down the Toilet.. Well OI.. get your heads out of the shitter and bring Outcasts back with them, what a bunch of muppets.

  • Roger Smith

    Agree with everyone. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the series but I’m absolutely disgusted it is not being continued – why leave a story without a proper ending?? There is far too much rubbish on TV – ‘reality shows’ and crap ‘talent’ shows and just how many cookery programs do we really need – we even have a cook trying to make out he knows something about education!!
    Let’s have real actors doing great drama – not ordinary people trying to entertain us in such as ‘Crap Factor’ (go to a Karaoke at your local and see as good talent) or past ‘stars’ making idiots of themselves on things like ‘I’m A Celebrity’

  • Gaz

    Its time there was some law about tv companies making shows getting people drawn in then cancel with no closure looks like you only care about your ratings I for one am not gonna bother watching any more new programs if this is what’s gonna happen thought it was just the American companies that did this I feel real let down from the BBC not many people even know what and when the show is on when you talk about it think BBC have shot them self in the foot with this one ! A great show with only 8 episodes

  • Sandi

    Absolutely disgusted with the bbc (It doesn’t deserve capital letters in my opinion). Outcast was a brilliant sci fi show. I’m not normally into this type of genre but Outcast kept me captivated and looking forward to the next episode, and then to the next series. I looked up the web page to see when next it would be aired only to find its been axed. WHY?

    Surely us as license payers and funding the bbc (small letters again) should have a say.

    Aren’t the ratings made up of 100 or so people with a little box who press buttons to show what they’ve watched. well maybe its the wrong 100 people you’ve chosen.

  • Mez

    I’ve only been able to i player the series as was at an inconvenient time for me. very sad to see it go when it had barely been given a chance. the only thing negative i have to say is that the title isnt attention grabbing, but then, never judge a bokk by its cover

  • Rob

    Shame, just finished the last episode after only having discovered the show last week. One of the most gripping BBC shows of recent years and a pity to leave it on a cliff hanger.

  • Sandi

    bbc just a link to another site with more unhappy outcast viewers



    Oh come on bbc, please at least do a special to finish it off. i despair at decisions like this as it seems so random, some programmes take 2 or 3 series before they become inbedded. I was hooked from the start with outcasts. It is well acted and intelligently written.
    any one who watched top gear ( which i usually enjoy and defend) this week would be very confused as to why the mega money that was thrown at such a stupid story line. I am an angry viewer powerless as usual against ‘the man’

  • Martin

    This show, was a show that you had to watch, but it took time to get interesting and caputure you in the essence of the story and what would happen next.

    The show reminds me of another sci-fi show that was only going to get to 1 season, but ended up making 5 seasons of it, because it gripped you. You where antispating what would happen, only to find out you missed something and actualy the oppersite happened. Except that was a great show, and Outcasts yes initial didn’t grow on people as fast as bbc wanted, but not everyone enjoys this type of show.

    Moving the show to a later slot just killed it, just when the show was getting interesting, well done BBC. You are never going to please everyone, a percentage of people hate the endless lives of Albert Square, but they would never stop that., and the endless repeats of rubbish.

    Outcasts, was a fresh approach and was written well, got you involved in the story. The only problem was it only had 8 shows, never enough to give it a proper go. Especial to try and change the mind set of people that don’t usally watch Sci-fi.

    Disappointed that the show had been stopped, I pay a desent amount of money in licensing to watch T.V. and they stop shows like this and produce other rubbish. BBC not a good choice, alot of unhappy people.

    Take a risk and finish this show and give it the ending it deserves, by telling the story.

  • rotorblades

    This is what I wrote before somewhere else:

    “Outcasts is probably not the most original programme ever, but it’s certainly the brightest spark on British TV at the minute, that is well of course, still British. What else is there, other than endless soaps, Snooker, Darts, Gypsy Weddings, game shows, auctions, and more reality TV shows?

    What happened to good ole solid drama?

    Oh, the alternative to home-grown drama is more and more American TV which can show us all how to become expert vampires, werewolves, or even better, gun-slinging criminals, or serial killers.

    Do you think that American TV produced great shows like CSI, Without at Trace, The Wire at the first hurdle? No, the best shows came on the backs of years of some very bad TV, that just got better over time. Better writers, talent, production values etc.

    If you don’t believe me, look at the Australian soaps of the 70’s. They were truly dire. Now Australia exports its soaps like nobody’s business.

    Folks, if Outcast disappears without a trace, there will be nothing like it ever again. No British producer will have the Cojones to even think about pitching a project with special FX, big production values, etc.

    This is our chance folks, let’s give these guys at the Beeb a break. And even better things will come on the back of this.”

    Obviously nobody from the Beeb reads your excellent comments about the show, nor your campaign to save a really good programme, or my post.

    They never counted the growing numbers flocking to iPlayer to watch it, and instead they bowed to pressure from professional hacks who make their living pouring out torrents of swingeing criticism against any and anything, and from scandalising anything that moves or breathes in this country.

    Because to do that, would require somebody with a Rocket Science degree to run the Beeb.

    Well folks, it’s back to spineless, gutless British TV – all shirt and no trousers!

  • Eric

    It needs the BBC to invest in another series. Come on BBC – this is why we pay a licence fee. So you can make television that rises above the dictates of advertisers and the middle masses. I hardly ever watch television anymore but after watching the first two episodes on i-player, I was drawn into the expanding storyline. Its got everything, love, lies, political backstabbing, and possibly a sentient planet or aliens!! BBC, man up and grow a pair – make another series!

  • R Munden

    Absolutely disguised with the beeb!!! Outcasts was compulsive viewing and not to be missed. I would like to understand what the ratings were. Surely the BBC should be looking at ways to make this fanastic series success. Maybe a different time slot, more advertising etc.

    The series was refreshing and whilst being a sci-fi didnt go down the route of loads of gadgets and unrealistic ways to solve problems. Love Dr Who but is sometimes very predictable.

    This was the best drama on the BBc for years, what a shame. Why do we pay our TV licensee???

  • Steve Roberts

    I watched the first couple of episodes on TV and to be honest found it disappointing – good sci-fi should either have mind blowing elements or good action, preferably both – witness BSG. I then lost track of it (I now realise from readng these comments that this was because it was moved without notice), and recently did a series catch-up, in HD, on the I-player. It looked great, the characters and plot lines were developing nicely, and series 2 was tantalisingly set up. I would echo two themes in the comments I have read:
    1. These things need time to develop! Nobody has mentioned that original Star Trek was nearly axed after the disappointing response to the 1st series. STTNG was wooden and unformed for the first two series. Look at early episodes of BSG and compare with later ones, see how interestingly the characters have developed, how 3 dimensional they have become – Starbuck, Gator, Roslyn, yes even Baltar. They have gained personal histories and the wirters appreciate that they live in the memories of the viewers. They have become real.
    2. In its quest for ratings the BBC (antd other mainstreams of course) seem intent on churning out endless drivel, ‘safe’ programming (costume dramas etc.), or repeats. As a result I watch less and less telly these days and resent paying a license fee to support such a mundane, negative approach. This isn’t just about sci-fi, it’s a general malaise leading to an almost total lack of good drama being produced by this once innovative forward thinking organisation. Just read comments from TV writers and directors. Very, very sad.

  • Ian

    Maybe we could have Outcasts series 2 on BBC3 as a niche program?
    I’d accept IPlayer only..?
    I’m giving up my TV license if they don’t show something I like..

  • Chris

    I watch very little television. But I watched this, cuts through as a well put together and visually appealing sci-fi programme.
    Viewed entirely on iplayer.

  • Brian H.

    Ah BBC – what are you doing ? No second series, I don’t believe it, just as things were getting very interesting. I really enjoyed the 8 shows, great plot and acting. I thought Liam Cunningham as Tate was excellent. Outcasts had a very original sci-fi storyline and I was looking forward to seeing how the plot developed. Please reconsider and make a 2nd series.

  • Rob

    Hi Canada calling, I watched the series online and really enjoyed it. I was a little miffed at some plot elements not being flushed out but expected it to happen in the second season. REALLY got annoyed when it ended with such a big turn of events that could have brought a hole new twist with new characters and plot lines. But hey… if BBC doesn’t want it maybe us Canadian syfi geeks with take it. With the end of the Stargate franchise and Andromeda etc. we could use a good show here.

  • David

    I’ve been enjoying this show a lot even though it took a while to get into and was really looking forward to a second series. Shocked that it’s been cancelled.

    I think it’s the best thing the BBC have come up with in a long time. It’s well written, intelligent and it lead the viewer into wanting to watch the next episode without resorting to exaggerated cliff-hangers. The acting was generally good and the characters were starting to develop well.

    The problem seems partly with the way it was marketed and the unwillingness for people to give it a chance to develop. There are a lot of shows which started badly which developed into great TV. Not sure how Outcasts would have turned out but it was definitely getting better and better as it progressed. I also think that advertising it as a new sci-fi show meant a lot of people watched it as sci-fi and were disappointed that it didn’t fit into their limited vision. I think Lost was a good show and it’s interesting how it started as a human drama but then developed science fiction elements.
    I though Lost was ultimately a little disappointing and the writers were relying to much on the mysteries of the show without having good reason for them. This show seemed more realistic and was gradually revealing the mystery of the planet and it seemed to have been well-thought out.

    A real shame this wasn’t given a chance.

  • Jeff

    Outcast is the best among the best. BBC lack self believe. You once believe so you produce this amazing movie. What is changing your believe? Challenges? Let the show run, make it know and you will be surprise that it will rate more than Eastenders. I mean it. This is a mature Sci Fic and it kept me wanting and asking for more. I am just asking again for more. Don’t call me Oliver Twist. Outcast is brillant

  • I’m Chinese.My Eglish is very poor.Are these news true???O MY GOD!Donot do this!Please~~~I love this tv!!

  • DeeJae

    First off let me just state for the record that I am not one for Blogging. In most instances sitting down to waste valuable time reading a bunch of wankers whining, to me seems trivial and a waste. However in this particular instant I would like to state that I have actually sat and read each and ever persons thoughts toward this spectacular and mentally scintillating series. BBC what are you thinking? Listen to the people as a whole not just the select few that you have polled. Outcast may not have been the cookie cutter design of “Sci-Fi”, however it most definitely was one of the most original and captivating shows I have had the privilege of viewing. Perhaps the fault lies in the description, when you say Sci-Fi people automatically envision a certain type of experience. Perhaps if you were to market it as a tantalizing mind awaking thought provoking series that bridges both the imaginative world of Fiction and other worldly drama with a captivating story line that will leave all yearning for answers. This series wasn’t written to grab you, it was written to slowly and skillfully drag you in and hold you transfixed and there is a reason for that. Some story lines are just so well drawn out that they actually need multiple episodes to paint the picture that is needed as the basis for all future plots. The writers of Outcast have done a superb job of alluding to past problems and future possibilities and for you to go and cancel such a master piece speaks volumes. It shows that you (BBC) are only looking for the fast sale and quick buck. However as movie and television grow so does the populace expectations. To reach these new expectations you need to make sure that you cross your T’s and dot your I’s and that cant always be done in the very first episode or season for that matter. Wake up you have a good thing here. Which i am confident you would realize if you would just stop and read your viewers responses.
    Give us a second series. Let the writers at least have a chance to finish what they have started and we have begun to enjoy.

  • jason

    thats it i will never watch another bbc series again , they did it with survivors and now with outcasts , not the best series ever either of them but good enough to get me hooked, and now left wondering what happens next , thanks bbc , i wish i could legally withdraw my licence fee , i wish i had the time and money to contest paying it in court or with the europeans who love to mess with our laws to pick one people would like to be banished as a antique british law

  • Alison

    If we can’t get the film can someone at least write an ending. I want to know who what and where things go to. At least the fans would get the book and I could sleep peacefully. This is just to cruel

  • Claire E

    We finally get a brillianty origianl sci fi programme, after years of nothing, and the BBC fold to viewing figures. The same thing happened with Babylon 5, which is now an iconic series, do you really want to miss another Red Dwarf!

    Of course you didn’t get the numbers you wanted, you put it on BBC1 in a primetime slot, so move the bloody thing to BBC2 and for once listen to that minority, but fanaticial, viewers and do another series, followed by another and another…

  • Kath

    I’m really disappointed that Outcasts has been cancelled. I struggle to find anything on TV these days worth watching. Finally I find something I like (although mostly watched on iplayer due to late slot) and they go and cancel it after one season. This has definitely been one of the better series that they’ve made in my opinion – it’s been thoughtful, intelligent and has really engaging characters. I want to know what’s going to happen next on Carpathia. Very poor decision BBC!

  • Jason Morris

    Eight hours of foreplay and no climax … try that in bed. I think that, in future, the BBC should be compelled to precede every new series with a warning that the current run does not contain a close to the storyline and that no follow-up season is guaranteed, so that we, the licence payers, can decided whether we want to risk wasting our viewing time on something that does not lead to a satisfactory conclusion. They should at least consider filming a final contingency episode which can be shown to give the story a curtailed but proper ending in the invent that no full-season follow-up gets commissioned.

  • Rickie

    Now i really have something to say cause this is just stupid of bbc getting rid of a really good Science-fiction drama i love watching outcasts i watched it when it first came on i was like well i know what im watching when it comes on and iv watched all 8 episodes not missed one and now to find out that its being stopped and i havn’t been able to watch it on tv only bbc iplayer since im always on xbox 360 or out with friends but i know il get to watch it on bbc iplayer and i must of watched the series like 10times over this past week i’m hooked on outcasts i want to see more of outcasts series cause i know i’d tune it to watch.

  • Chris Hewitt

    U have done it again canelled a brillant show ,yes it was slow to start ,but r not most new series take time to find there feet and to leave it with no ending ,thats criminal.

  • Scott

    Can all these postings that have been made be sent to the BBC who might then relook at the cancelling of this show. As said maybe series 2 could be put on BBC 3 or 4 ?
    Come on BBC do something right for a change!!

  • Scott – if I knew who to send them to I would! I’m hoping someone at the Beeb is keeping tabs of the comments here, they have linked to the blog so hopefully they know some discussion is happening here. In short, I don’t think its as simple as that for a few reasons.

    1) Once the BBC has made a decision they are unlikely to unmake it due to some public pressure (this show was meant to be ‘mainstream’ so a hardcore fan base won’t cut it, it’d need to be mass support.)
    2) Moving a BBC1 show to 2 or 3 or 4 would be fine in principle but the budget cuts required to make it happen would necessitate an all-new cast, writers, producers, location, etc… at which point its unlikely to be the same show.

    I’m fascinated by this whole situation and trying to understand a bit more about BBC’s decision making process here. It feels like its been poorly planned / handled and will post an update when I have a better sense of what’s going on.

  • JohnB

    I am dissapointed in the BBC. If they had marketed this show correctly ( as a drama with sthe suspence building on each episode) I suspect it would have maintaned its prime time slot and would have played out over two or three series. I for one found the first episode a little slow, but it just got better and better. Please think again BBC as you have actually axed a gem.

  • WilliamBHunter

    I am actually really shocked that they have axed it! I know that it was not a big a hit as they thought it was going to be, but come on? Cancelling it completely? The BBC has made a huge mistake! I thought the show was excellent and had a great future. It deserves a second season to wrap up the story. I agree they should put it on BBC 2 or BBC three or Four. Come on BBC listen to your viewers! Outcasts Season two Please!

  • Elaine

    I can’t believe the show has been axed. It was utterly compelling viewing – a clever and well written idea that was different from the mainstream sci-fi we are all used to. Can I only pay part of my licence fee in protest – after all, isn’t it supposed to be OUR bbc? And why are ratings the be all and end all for the bbc – we have to pay a licence fee regardless of what programmes are watched and it isn’t as if they have advertising revenue to worry about so why scrap something just because it didn’t meet certain expectations? I am disgusted that it was axed on such a cliffhanger – like Gaz says – there should be a law against that!

  • JohnB

    As a post script to my earlier comment I would generally agree with DeeJae about bloggers. However in this instance I have made an exception to the rule and posted my first blog. I found the show captivating, even though I don’t generally like sci fi, have never played a computer game and usually read historical faction. I imagine the BBC are happy to join the race to the bottom which the commercial broadcasters have started by screening mindless rubbishy cheap reality TV which costs nothing and grabs the attention defecit public at large.

  • Eduardo

    Um grande serie. Criativa, interessante se continuar concerteza teria grandes possibilidades de sucesso. É uma pena por quê o publico não quer apenas o padrão USA de séries, queremos algo novo. Grande erro BBC.
    I write in portugues for show that Outcasts make a sucess in another countries.

  • Steve

    Like John B, the comment I posted earlier was my first blog ever, in any forum. I wonder how many others have been moved by this fiasco to post their first blog? It was easy to find this forum via the BBC site, and I would urge others to make their feelings known. A good show is such a rarity these days it should be treated like a precious jewel, not trashed.

  • chris

    great show Blake 7 meets Eastenders wow a winning combination pushed out into the cold before it can strive to become bigger.
    May be we can by the dvd to the short lived series

  • C

    I am not into sci fi but I totally loves this show, hooked from the first episode and watched the whole lot on iplayer, in just under a week. I am totally gutted that its been cancelled, wake up BBC, this was uttely brilliant, give us more. movie to BBC 2 change the time, but dont leave us without an ending. its irrsponsible. You just put people off watching anything. The characters were strong the acting was excellent, I had to keep telling my sel it wasnt real. please please do more.

  • Peter

    Any website designers out there willing to put up a petition site? I will gladly sign and at least try and get a second season!!!!!

  • dianne roberts

    why do you put programes on if you have no intention of showing any more just a complete waste of time. I really enjoyed outcasts was so looking forward to watching more. You do it all the time I am very disapointed in you.

  • Christopher Low

    I can’t understand why they moved Outcasts from the Monday prime time slot to the Sunday graveyard. Ratings for BBC shows are irrelevant. It’s the quality of the writing/acting/story that’s important, and Outcasts excelled in this area when compared to most of the other dross on TV these days. The BBC needs to wake up and realise that there is a huge potential audience out there that want something different. Something like Outcasts.

    Christopher Low

  • Elle

    Disappointed to learn that there will be no Season 2! It started getting really interesting and now I will never know what was really happening on that planet. The license fee is bad value for money already and considering this was the only bbc program I watched I don’t see any reason to continue having TV at all.

  • Hayley

    Loved the show from episode 1 to 8 and really disappointed that no more will be shown. Please look at putting it on bbc2 or bbc3, there surely must have been enough people to warrant putting it on another channel, I mean looking at some of the rubbish you show on 2 and 3, Outcasts would be a great assest to it.

  • Morgane Labrousse

    I’ve just watched the last episode on iplayer. It was great! I want to know what is going to happen next…? I’m very disappointed by the BBC for not advertising the times of the last 2 episodes. I didn’t even know when it was on… There must be another season!

  • Hugh

    The cancellation of this show has made me join the ranks of first-time bloggers! Outcasts was cleverly written and beautifully acted. A high class drama which one would expect from the BBC. To cancel it on a cliffhanger after just 8 episodes is NOT worthy of the BBC.
    All I can say is….boo hiss!

  • Elaine Lynch

    Really enjoyed the programme but had to watch it on iplayer due to the time change. Great acting between Tate and Berger (what a subtly evil villain he was) How short-sighted of the BBC chasing the ratings for everything. Really dissapointed.

  • Manuel

    I watched this show online from Canada and loved it. I am very disappointed with the BBC for canceling it after only one season. Being a slave to “ratings” is not how you judge a TV show, you should have allowed it time to grow.

  • Cancelling what has turned out to be an exceptional narrative drama in this way is utterly pathetic when dreck like Casualty continues to drivel on year after year.

    This is the first Sci Fi series with three dimensional characters we’ve had in ages with some really serious themes in it.

    What public service broadcasting should be about.

    To push it to the Sunday graveyard shift and then bin it is another sad example of the utter spinelessness of the current BBC management

    Its enough to make you want to revoke their licence fee

    I totally despair

  • micky

    I’m gutted, Outcasts was the best thing since ‘Lost’ for me….can’t you sell it to Sky???

  • Martin Quaife

    I am very disappointed that there is not to be a series 2 of Outcasts, I feel it was just getting going, having developed the plot. Moving the slot didn’t help. I hope that there will be a re-think on this issue..please

  • Mike F

    Does anybody posting comments here really think the bbc cares about YOU as a consumer and that just because Outcasts was a truly outstanding sci-fi drama that it will do a u-turn?

    This is all about cost: the beeb can churn out 1000s of episode’s of rubbish like Motorway Cops and the like for one series run of something like Outcasts.

    The beeb of today is about preserving margins and keeping folks in £200K+ per year jobs and surviving the licence fee freeze. In the real world such folks would be hard pushed to earn a 1/10th of their over-inflated salaries. So, you, me and the rest of the license fee payers had better get used to getting served up lower and lower quality programmes. I believe its called “make do and mend”.

  • Ben

    Great, another series where the story hasnt finished but they stop doing it anyway. Im getting sick of BBC now, we viewers at least deserve a last episode where the story stops and finishes, not just quit when its about to get interesting. Viewers rating doesnt count for anything, just because XFactor or Strictly come bloody dancing has a load of viewers, doesnt mean its good, i.e Big Brother. The BBC standards are getting low, and stop wasting money on stupid series, dont become like ITV please.

  • PapaZac

    I am extreamly disappointed at the decision not to continue OutCasts. This show was in the best of class of grown up serious science fiction. The present output of the BBC and other channels is not of the standard and intelligence desired by many of us. As a result I watch less and less TV. Less worth while viewing loses the discerning, and leaves the landscape open for those you have not had the opportunity to learn about good programing. The result is an ever descending spiral of lost viewers and the dumming down of the BBC. Pity!!

  • steve

    Would the BBC consider axing some of it’s long running reality TV programs, i doubt it. Outcasts has everything that is desperately missing from so many shows and for the BBC to cancel this show and leave it’s viewers in limbo is just another indication of how detached the BBC has become from it’s fee paying customers.

  • David

    How can it be left hanging like this. Can there not be ( at least) a double length episode with an ending to complete the story (with suitable publicity to ensure that I don’t miss it).

  • barbara

    \really disappointed that this series is cancelled, leaving it on a cliffhanger is really annoying. Not surprising that it hasn’t got good ratings, it was moved to a ridiculous time slot. Wake up BBC and do another series.

  • murielle

    I have just watched the last episode on I player and straight away wanted to know when the second season was going to be…I am seriously shocked by the news…How can you stop a brilliant show like this one? It is very clever, different, captivating, making my mind and imagination work…I was expecting the BBC not to fall into the trap of stupid and easy programming…and what a lack of respect for people who pay the very expensive license? Give us a proper ending at least!

  • Ben Dover

    What a dissapointment that there will be no 2nd series of Outcast I enjoyed every episode and now after reading all the comments above I am also gutted, what do I pay my tv licence for then all the dross and reality, cooking programms and stupid idiots trying to dance or ice skating, Argh, please, please make the 2nd series or as sombody else has mentioned at least make one more episode of about over an hour or two to finish the ending off, its left us on a cliffhanger. Come on beeb.

  • graham hyde

    best program in years, why stop it now?

  • Baz

    First episode let down what turned out to be a fantastic series – please we want more!

  • Katrina Robertson

    OK, So ratings might not have been great but people have busy life’s working shift’s trying to make ends meet in the current climate and a few of us have the luxury of recording it on sky + or watching it on BBC I player, and now you want to take that pleasure away from us Please!!!!!! I need to know what’s going to happen next. I have had the best days off work lately catching up on outcast now what will I do?????

  • Darren

    Excellent series….. there needs to be a follow up. I know of alot of people, even in my peer group (Early 20’s), that couldnt always watch it on tv but we all caught up with it on iplayer.

    This was a series that really captured and held my interest, which to be honest hasnt happened since Spooks, which was a while ago now. It renewed my faith that the bbc could make great tv, which was a much needed boost especially as my TV licence renewal just came through! Oh well back to Sky 1 and Atlantic……

  • Jannette

    I Can’t believe Outcasts have come to an end in such away. All the family and many friends have been drawn into the series. One of the first programmes of this type that has instigated as many discussions and debates on where the plot is going. Like others we have turned to Iplayer to watch some of the later ones because of the timing. I definately agree with others that their should at least be another series to give the programme a fitting ending it deserves.

  • Peter Jackson

    This is probably the first home-grown SiFi series I have watched through since Blake’s 7 and the first SiFi my wife has EVER watched through.

    We watch little enough on the BBC (or any mainstream TV) these days and, whereas this wasn’t 2001, it was intelligent, different and entertaining. So now what? Back to the endless repeats (or do they just seem like repeats) and TV for IQs in double figures? The BBC is getting it’s budgets cut? Tough cookies.

  • Karen

    Such a great series, yes it was slow to start, but alot of great shows start out that way. It picked up the pace, and I for one couldn’t wait for each next episode. There is nothing else on the box like Outcasts and it was refreshing to see something different for a change. I am really disappointed with the BBC firstly for moving Outcasts from Mon/Tue to Sunday without giving it a good chance and now for dumping it completely on such a cliffhanger, leaving me and the rest of Outcasts loyal fanbase completely frustrated! Why do we have to keep paying our license fees when they don’t listen to what the viewers want.

  • Advanced Culture

    In these days of mass misinformation and ratings fodder you had actually created a programme that recreated, for some, that must watch feeling .I belive the fanbase was growing.the material and build up of outcasts was luring people from many areas.
    Now I suppose we must endure more mindless reality drivel.It’s no wonder we as a culture are breeding generations bereft of any intellectual building blocks.TV truely is the ‘opiate of the masses’ and society is stoned beyond capability.
    To play with the minds of trusting viewers in this way could equate to intellectual rape.Strong words?,maybe.

  • Advanced Culture

    Who owns the rights to this , though commisioned and produced by the bbc is it an independant production could the BBC be relieved of what they consider unwieldy?

  • baker

    y leave us on edg then say stuff u its the bbc the reason we all pay for a tv liecense ud think they wud fund a proper ending to a good tv show

  • Neville

    Outcasts is the type of series that lifts the BBC out of the boring,dull programming that it spues out. Seeing the series I was amazed that the BBC had actually stepped out of its usually safety! But it would seem they do not have the strength of character. We have been led on with a well written well acted script and then left….. I hope it truly comes back to haunt them and is ripped of by somebody who can see what a cult series it could have become.
    Very disappointed BBC!!

  • Steveee

    Ok, blogsters, or whatever you’re called!

    First ever BLOG comment, and I echo the dismay at this decision – it’s like the worst short termism of some US Network, and I’ve told the bbc as much. First time i’ve complained there, too!

    Complain directly here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/complaints/forms/

    Who knows, other programmes have come back from the dead, haven’t they?

  • Karine

    such a shame it stops. The first 3 episodes where rather clumsy but it definitely got very good and gripping, very well acted and written. Outcasts is a very good show and I a very sad it won’t continue. I just can’t wait to know what’s going to happen next.

  • Alpay Torgut

    Dear BCC We Have been watching Outcasts on the Iplayer and it grew on us, we enjoyed it treemendously, you must have a second series.

  • John Hawes

    I am really disappointed at the BBC . First Outcasts is dumped to 10.30 and then no 2nd series. We need more TV like this rather than the dumbed down rubbish for the Sun readers.

  • Andy neil

    I think the BBC/writers mucked it up. The first two episodes were too slow. American series seem to start off with a good hook, and then in most cases tail off, along with the viewers, and this is what you get used to. But this started slow, yet finished well. The series improved and I stuck with it in the hope it would get better which it did.
    BBC isn’t the best drama series provider, mostly too slow and concentrate to much on characters and background stuff for me. This had some of that but was definitely the best BBC series by far. Shame you had to get to episode 4/5 to start to appreciate it and get the better story lines. By then rating down, moved to graveyard slot and missed the audience.

    So make another, do a catchup like them in the states, commission a 12 parter and stick with it before giving up to early. Cowards!!!

    Give us series 2!!!!!

  • joe

    shame on you bbc

  • Julie Holroyd

    We have to suffer numerous programmes that are shown week in week out that probably get audience numbers but are nonetheless mind-numbingly boring yet an original script gets canned after one series. We have plussed the series and have enjoyed each episode more. Programmes such as these take time to understand the premise and characters involved and as such make the viewing more challenging and enjoyable as a result. Remember BBC that Blackadder was not liked in the beginning but became a classic. Please persevere with Outcasts and trust your initial instinct that this is a good programme and will continue to improve and gather fans. DO NOT LEAVE IT ON A CLIFFHANGER!!!!

  • t walker

    T Walker

    Its a shame bbc cancelled the show. I really enjoyed it but thought they should not have moved the time they aired it. They did the same with survivours after series 2 with no ending.

  • Barry Stockton

    Outcasts .. one of the best sci fi series for a very long time has had me gripped for weeks and to discover that the bbc are not continuing with the story is just so disapointing! Cant believe they are just going to leave it there! A brilliant, well written, well acted piece of storytelling trashed.
    Someone get a petition started…

  • Dariush

    I didn’t even know this was on television, I found it on iplayer and pretty much watched the whole series in the space of two days. It’s one of the best sci-fi series I’ve ever watched, and now I’ve just found out its being discontinued!

    Can they not at least consider what some guy up there said and give us a series finale (a 2 hour special or something)?

  • Helena

    Just watched the last episode … No season 2 ! utterly ridiculous .

  • Nigel Parry

    Outcast A little slow to start yes, but compelling watching, something the BBC should be proud of, I cannot believe it, no second series! sounds like something the Americans would do cancel a show just because the ratings were low no matter how good it was.
    I bet a second series would bring in more viewers as me and my son are just catching up with recorded episodes,lot of people talking about it were I work (Hospital) Anyway What is the BBC about if not this kind of programing.

  • Hazy

    Its like everything else NOBODY in charge of institutions yes thats what BBC is listens to the people and what they wnat its as what the old say is Money Makes The World Go Round and even though are contributing towards this you are still ignored. I am so glad that there are other people out there who think that reality TV is dribble and mind numbing. COME ON BBC GO BACK TO WHAT YOU WERE ONCE GOOD AT GIVEN THE PUBLIC SOME DRAMA AND SOMETHING TO WATCH AND LOOK FORWARD TO. GIVE US SESAON 2 OF OUTCASTS BE BRAVE FOR ONCE AND LISTEN LISTEN TO THE PUBLIC. BEFORE THERE IS THIS CAMPAIGN SOMEBODY MUST HAVE BEEN WATCHING!!!!!

  • Beverley

    I have also made a complaint to the BBC via their online form: https://www.bbc.co.uk/complaints/forms/

    If everybody here added their voice to this, then who knows, we may just get ourselves another series, or at the least, a double episode to give a proper ending, rather than this dreadful cliff-hanger.

  • steven lindgerd

    its a shame bbc cancelling Outcasts, fantastic series. I would recommend to make it available online so loyal fan still have the opportunity to see the second series. BBC wake up and stop ruining good sci-fi drama

  • Alan Gruber

    I have just finished watching the last episode on iplayer.I too am vexed at the show’s axing. It seems such a shame to leave such a vehicle which seems ,to me, to have so much potential…

  • Tony Millinger

    It seems clear by the way the final episode ended that another series was intended. Yes, the story did get off to a slow start, but gathered pace. Perhaps we should have a one-off to tie up loose ends, at least. As things stand, I can think of no series that has ever had such a thoroughly unsatisfactory conclusion. Very poor judgement, BBC.

  • Emil Naylor

    This is one the best series in years, just finished watching episode 8 only to find not only is it the last episode in the series but the last episode ever, I’m extremely angry, what a ridiculous decision, how can the bbc do this!!!!

  • Nick Santry

    The first time in years that the bbc lower case on purpose has made a good drama with good ethical points and great filming ok it has a sci-fi theme but all the issues are relevent to everyday life , and what happens because it didn’t reach the dizzy heights of instant stardom, bang wallop its in the bin Mr bbc controller yes you he of little faith didnt your parents teach you anything? you must finish what you started.BBC THATS BRITISH BROARDCASTING CORPORATION NOT BLOODY CANT COPE CORPORATION. PULL YOUR BLOODY FINGER OUT AND LETS HAVE SOME DECENT INTELLIGENT DRAMA FOR A CHANGE. not eastenders the program that helps keep Jeremy Kyle in Business

  • Lee

    i liked it, yes some of the acting was a bit rubbish, and the story a bit weak but in general it had me hooked on iplayer. I do think that those orange guns looked like toys though, which didnt help.

  • Pat murphy

    What is the point of showing the 8 episodes and leaving it up in the air like that. I just wasted 8 hours of my life. I will never watch another BBC series again. How thick can you get?

  • James Barry

    My problem with Outcasts is that it isn’t science fiction. It is a tedious frontier drama that could just as easily have been set in North America in the 17th century. The science fiction aspects are unimaginative and poorly thought out. The science is also very weak: why, for example, would an ultrasound shield interfere with radio waves. Personally, I don’t think I could face another series.

  • pam

    what’s wrong with the BBC you can’t just leave your audience hanging! there has to be a continuation to this story – who’s paying the licence fee here?

  • Becky Jane

    I have read some of the comments above. I would like to know the same as some other people. Please please tell me if it is possible to carry on this story by DVD or book? I hate TV most of the time, boring same old same old. But Outcasts got both myself and my partner hooked. I would most certainly buy either a DVD/Book so I can find out what happens. Hope this will be possible.

  • Come on, this show is awesome. I just started watching it. I would love to see season 2.

  • Hari Bow

    I have really enjoyed watching outcasts. HOW CAN THE BBC NOT BRING IT BACK!! I AM VERY DISSAPOINTED IN YOU BBC :(. I can’t believe the bbc is willing to leave it on a cliff -hanger and dissapoint all the viewers that really enjoyed it…at least they could make a double episode to end the series.

  • Karrie

    We followed the series too and thoroughly enjoyed it as an original change to all the reality tv drivel that smothers the schedules. Yes, perhaps the first couple of episodes were slow but by episode 8 I want to know what happens next……sooooo frustrating!
    Have followed the other bloggers and made a complaint on the https://www.bbc.co.uk/complaints/forms/
    We have to let them know there are not just cabbages out there.

  • Carl

    Very disappointed that we wont have a 2nd series to look forward to….especially when we have to put up with utter rubbish on our TV’s most of the time…..PLEASE BBC HAVE A RE-THINK on this decision.

  • sandra dawson

    why do the bbc never finish a sci fi series properly they always leave it hanging not a good thing to do we sci fi buffs don’t get much but if this is what they are going to do I wish they just wouldn’t bother at all

  • Rebecca

    No second series – I’m gutted! I loved it because it was so different to most of the other dramas on TV. Who wants to watch yet another detective show!

  • Kishan Basropansingh

    Hey there,

    Outcasts is really something new, not like all other science fictions. It’s better than all the other junk that’s on tv. I hope BBC wil reconsider. ( I’m watching it from Holland anyway)

  • Brian Green

    Can’t TV execs understand that people turn off at the first hint of cancellation. The BBC needs to follow a story through, do 2 seasons and build trust with the audience. people will then stick with programs knowing that the producers are brhind the project. This is the second high profile SciFi cancellation by the BBC in two years, they need to stand by their product otherwise I can see Dr Who going the same way in very short order. The BBC is the publics’ property and we want satisfaction. Bring back OUTCASTS…

  • Paul

    Can’t believe no series 2 – when will the BBC make things people want to watch

  • Marie

    Real pity no follow up series planned, really enjoyable. I am sure did not help ratings/ difficult to follow series as BBC kept changing nights/times Outcasts was shown. Hope BBC reconsider, afterall we pay their saleries!!

  • Ken

    Good Drama. Good Acting. Good Sets. Now for the next series. This has been rewarding for everyone from young to old. Occasionally it jumps about but comes together most episodes. Congratulations to cast and crews. Shame BBC controllers cannot see a good thing, when it happens.

  • ray

    totally enthralling only started tuning in last 4 brilliant episodes after being told about by a friend. this programme is the best adult entertainment on bbc really gutted there is not going to be another series the story lines the acting ability bloody brilliant. 100 times better than the reality dross usually shown on the bbc. are the writers going to put out a dvd? please dont leave us hanging.

  • GlassRat

    Both I and my teenage son enjoyed watching Outcasts – canceling this show will be a missed opportunity to make something refreshingly different, something rare in TV these days. Just because the masses don’t take easily to challenging, thought provoking television doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be made. Someone mentioned Survivors, which unfortunately didn’t survive, and the Joss Whedon comment makes me miss Firefly all over again … I must be a glutton for punishment.

  • Ad

    Best drama I have seen for ages I am disgusted they left it with such a cliff hanger! it is the only thing I have really enjoyed on the bbc for years. Why do I pay their TV tax!
    I have added my complaint! https://www.bbc.co.uk/complaints/forms/

  • CLS

    Yet again another knock down by the BBC, I (a license fee payer (not by choice as most of the programs they persistently show are nothing short of bad or mediocre)) do not have a choice as to what I want my license fee spent on. More repeats or period dramas, more cop and crime dramas more of the same old scrap that seems to dwell on the misery of family life. GIVE ME A CHOICE! GIVE ME THE OPTION TO OPT OUT OF THE FEE! Every time the BBC makes something other than a vanilla run of the mill program that is worth watching they pull it. As for the comment by Ben Richards “an hour slot was tough to write for” GET A GRIP…. If it’s that hard and you are a script writer that sorry maybe you need to change your job. I don’t turn up to work on a Monday morning and say “Sorry the two hour presentation of design and network architecture is just too hard write for” I just sit down and get on with it as that is what I am paid to do, and if it was easy then would it be a great piece of work or would it just be another vanilla run of the mill presentation?

  • brk

    These is the best movie I ve seen for last few years.

    Canceling the show is one of the worst decidion ever!!!!

  • Maz

    Right basically this is the BEST bbc show since god knows. The plot is engaging and suitable for an adult audiance. Following a similar arc as Lost this show can go 6 series! The acting is brilliant and the CGI is perfectly not over done. This show even highlights to the Americans that British SCI FI is still hot. If Red Dwarf was cut where would we be today. We pay the licence fees here. We demand series 2.

  • jane llewellyn

    What ashame. Now we will never know what happens to the people of Forthaven and the Ac’s. Come on beeb, pull your fingers out and listen to some of the people who keep you in a job. we want another series. Rock on…..

  • Bryn Clark


    A bit slow to start with, but it gained momentum and definitely had the potential to become a very good series and was so much better than the mind numbing reality and quizz programs. The BBC should give it another chance with a second series.

  • Tuc

    I do not normally follow drama series on TV because they are all pretty much written to a prescibed formulae. Whilst this was flawed at least it tried to have an interesting story line.
    So I have spent 8 weeks watching a series with no end. Never again. Much better things to do with my time.
    If BBC are only concerned with ratings then why is there a licence fee?

  • Petr Zelenka

    First episodes were not so great – a bit slow development, not so interesting characters, BUT it start to change from fourth episode and last 4 were really great. This movie serie has moved in my ratings just after Battlestar Galactica, which was sci-fi serie ever.
    It would be very sad to miss opportunity prepared by 1 serie as there are many interesting open lines of story and I’ve got very angry, when I haven’t seen any (NEXT) at the end of 8th episode and than found this article.
    Hope that some time in future somebody will change mind (similarly to BattleStar Galactica, where first attempt in 70th wasn’t successful, but recent remake made it the best)

  • Elszy

    I have absolutely NO idea why they’d cancel the show. I’ve been on the edge of my seat ever since I saw the first episode, and it’s too sad it’ll stop! I live in The Netherlands and have to wait almost till midnight (time zone) to watch, but you don’t hear me complaining!
    Viewers don’t always need to see intricate flying Vipers hurdling through space to get a feeling of drama beyond Earth’s borders. I believe it was spot on, with enough questions left to come back next week, enough characters to relate to, and excellent acting. When as a viewer you start to feel like you want to tear Berger and his “social” skills apart, the writer(s) have done an excellent job. If they get under your skin, if the story keeps popping up in your mind, if you can hardly wait till next week… then what? WHY cancelling? Why sentence us back to boredom of Talent Shows and Reality Shows that are plenty around? Don’t take away the best Sci-Fi we’ve seen in years!

  • Guy

    Check facebook people want a second series Its bout time u did somethink as good as this and leave it on such a big cliffhanger We sick of crap from usa and as for top gear that i love to watch get such a big budget to do the same thing over and over and not very meny programs Pkease please let there be others !!!!!!!!!

  • It is clear that the BBC has only contempt for a major segment of its audience. It never expected this show to be successful, and did everything in its power to make sure it would not be. I only managed to catch every episode because I watched on iPlayer. The first few episodes were a little weak, but that is normal for a new series; it shaped up fast and well, with deep plot and characterisation that built week on week. This country needs more scientists and engineers, and the BBC will not help that by offering only period dramas and reality pap. It could fire the imagination, instead it seems to see its role as serving opium to the masses.

    So an hour is hard to write for? Good. Far better a detailed and involving multiple plot arc, than a shallow, single issue episode where twenty minutes builds the suspense and the last ten minutes pulls a rabbit out of the hat like in the worst of Dr. Who.

    If the BBC do not see what a gem they have here, then I have as much contempt for them as they have for me.

  • Keith

    Outcasts was a great show – ok, it took a little getting into – but it was worth it. Typical of the BBC if it does not get the masses or the establishment – drop it.

  • Karl

    I can’t believe that’s all there’s going to be!

    I have really enjoyed what has been shown so far, but if it’s only these 8 episodes I wish I had never started watching it!

    The end of the last episode is not an ending. I feel as though it has been dumped mid-season. To say I’m disappointed is the quite an understatement. This has been one of my favorite shows in a while, right up there with The Event. It’s gritty, intelligent and exciting. But if it’s stopping here, it’s rubbish. It is like reading the first book of Lord of the Rings: great so far, but it’s not over, and you know it.

    Note to BBC management: DON’T DO THIS TO YOUR LOYAL VIEWERS. I don’t mean this show particularly, I mean in general don’t cancell something like this in the middle. I don’t care about ratings, I care about good programming and finishing what you start.

    Put it his way: Next time a new programme I think I will enjoy is shown on BBC, I won’t be watching it untill I know it isn’t going to be cancelled. Which, of course means it’s more likely to be cancelled, wasting more license payers money.

  • Graham Bond

    As with Defying Gravity, Outcasts, another great series is axed on a cliff hanger. It seems that any new science fiction series from the BBC must be treated with caution, I will never watch another ‘live’ but instead record the first series and wait to see whether a second will materialise before consider it worth watching. To be honest I believe the BBC has been very deceitful in the way it has treated veiwers. The BBC pushed both of these series to a later slot in the knowledge that they were not going to produce a second series, It would have been more honest to have warned viewers, at this time, of the series eventual demise at the time thus allowing viewers to decide whether to continue to watch it or stop wasting their time. Instead we have been presented with a situation like a book with a latter half of blank pages. I am disgusted !!

  • jegster

    Fantastic show and and like a lot of others absolutely gutted no fokkow up. This is one of the best sci fi’s to come out in a long time, great story line and acting. C’mon beeb wee pay the license so you don’t have to necessarily have ratings as the top reason to produce.

  • Jackie Ruane

    I think that it is very disappointing that there will not be a series 2 of Outcasts. Yes, maybe it was a little slow for some viewers, but I think that this built up the characterisation really well so that you really begin to care about the characters and what happens to them – I was in tears when Fleur parted from Cass in the last episode!! It’s also disappointing that the BBC has become too safe in it’s choice of drama – I think that Outcasts is excellent and I know many people who have enjoyed it very much. I wonder if the BBC take into account the people who record it or watch it on iplayer? Direct viewing figures are now not the best way to judge the popularity of programmes. I must say that I am now NOT a happy BBC viewer. Stop being so gutless BBC or at least put it on BBC4 which is an excellent channel and much more interesting than the usual nonsense that is put on the mainstream channels.

  • Chris Troom

    it’s disappointing expecially because the whole first season was built to create an expectation for the second season.
    But it has to be said Outcast it’s everything but original, it copied LOST on too many aspects, some of them are even almost identical (pregnancy problems), the writers should have put more effort in this matter.

  • Lynne Wady

    Another viewer here who watched Outcasts with her teenager (daughter) and loved it. I’ve always had a lot of regard for the BBC but I realised just how little it catered for my tastes by how much I was hooked by this sci-fi story. I am soo bored of crime and punishment/sub-standard period dramas that are predictable to a fault. I don’t spend much time online but have found myself trawling the internet reading things like this just to reassure myself I’m not the only one to have been taken with this series and outraged that it appears to have been killed off before it aired. Was it too expensive? Have the BBC been scared by media and government talk of the need for cutbacks? I thought it looked great but probably would have watched even if the sets wobbled, just for imaginative story and acting. Please BBC! Reconsider your decision.

  • How can a series end on such a cliff-hanging,inconclusive episode?We spent 8 hours watching a slow build up to an imminent complex stand off- then NOWT!As endings go it was worse than Blakes 7.High time the BBC spent less money on their task force of designers who’ve turned the incidental elements of entertainment into a garish MTV style overkill.If you want to compete with the internet credit viewers with a higher IQ concerning theatrical content.Kids and minorities get spoilt for fun,let them eat channel 4.

  • John

    Ironically I have just received my TV Licence in the post £145.50. Very good value for money – but there has to be a balance here – as we all pay the same for our licence fee the BBC needs to cater for a broad spectrum of taste. Those who enjoy soap opera/reality TV et al are well catered for, but Science Fiction and drama programmes with a strong storyline do not come along quite so often! Well, of course they cost more to produce, but the former mentioned genre can be seen on our screens daily, whilst those enjoying the latter are lucky to enjoy a programme one or twice a week. Cancelling another series in this genre seems to suggest the BBC are not intersted in delivering programming for all sectors of its audience. Surely they are missing the point of public service broadcasting?

  • Hi all, there’s quite a bit of support for persuading the BBC to change their minds and commission a second series of this excellent programme. If you agree, please post a complaint to the BBC via this link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/complaints/
    If you are on Facebook, please help us keep track of the numbers of people who have complained by liking this petition page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Petition-To-Ensure-Outcasts-Series-2/158336420890760
    You can also follow @President_Tate on Twitter!
    Let’s get this series back on our screens. For Carpathia!

  • carol

    Cant belive no more episodes we will never know what happened makes me really mad when tv shows programmes and then cut them we are left hanging i am really mad now not everyone wants to watch reality crap.

  • calvert

    why stop now when you had something so good, this is typical bbc

  • I cannot believe the BBC have not picked up on a second series for Outcasts. If viewing figures are such an issue, then put it on BBC 3. It would make a change to Being Human/Dr Who, and their spin offs.

  • Sophie

    Please recommission Outcasts Its great and has such an online following….have they checked the Iplayer ratings yet? Please Please Please!!!!!

  • Sue

    Have only just found out that the BBC has axed this show! I was hooked and really looking forward to the next episode, and many more to follow. Now find out that the story has been “discontinued” ! Outrageous. Wish I could axe/discontinue the licence fee!

  • Jon

    It seems a shame that the BBC dont have the foresight to run with a second series of Outcasts. Moving the schedule around is a channel 4 trick which made watching programmes like West wing impossible. Perhaps their expectations where too high, they should have trailed it on BBC3 like they do with many a programme?

  • Liam

    Anyone doing their homework will now not buy this on DVD knowing that it ends so poorly. Loss of extra income for the Beeb, though they getting the license from everyone so I guess it doesn’t matter so much

  • Chris

    Cancelling this show again convinces me that tv needs not to be supported for it only works for the greatest masses. It is overwhelmingly boring with daft storylines from morning to evening.
    Now you have invested in getting some audiences back that cannot stand the usual programmes but waste the money by cutting it off in the middle, roght before it can become successful. This move is deeply disappointing. Is is a coincidence that only US and Scandinavian productions able to withstand the cruder forms of controlling we find in Britain these days, media and academia almost alike? Is it because they were invented in Harvard and have since been copied down by mediocre followers who understand them poorly?

  • Chris

    Just to make sure the point is not lost: I enjoyed this show very much. Go on!

  • Ariana

    Im glad that this TOSH is over. Sci-Fi they called it!? Dont be so silly, it was poorly written, the characters were not believable (although i have nothing bad to say about the actors, just the characters they were asked to portray. No one is THAT naive, and if they are, do you give them a Gun of all things!) and it jumped around far to much.
    If this is what I pay my licence fee for, then i want a bloody refund! Sci-Fi is my favourite genre, and the BBC can never seem to get it quite right. Just give up and continue with your boring period drama’s that seem to please the masses. I will continue with other channels until the Beeb get it right. (Which they havent yet, so im not holding my breath)

  • Tom

    I have NEVER seen a trailer for it on the BBC. i spotted it by accident on iPlayer and was hooked straight away…. this may not have got the ratings you wanted on TV, but maybe people just didnt know about it. come on BBC…. this was a great show!

  • A Fan

    Very disappointing to say the least, Any scifi worth the watch in the last few years has been cancelled bar Lost and as yet Fringe. I hear rumors it’s on the chopping block also.
    The BBC controllers mustn’t actually watch tv.

  • gillovski

    I rarely watch BBC One ..the best of BBC is generally on Two, Three and Four..
    ONE has become more and more like a 2nd rate ITV!! BUT this was an exception.. Maybe we are a niche audience.. BUT for those of us out there who are the niches of the world and STILL licence payers.. Outcasts deserves a reprieve. There have been too many good SF progs that have gone the ways fo the “ratings” both here and in US. Maybe some heavy weights are needed here.. Prof Brian Cox… your thoughts please???

  • Peter

    Shame no follow up series as I really enjoyed this.
    Any chance of anything coming out , DVD or book?
    I was so looking forward to finding out what happened when the landing craft landed -real edge of seat drama.

  • Vicky Willan

    outcasts was a really good series, i enjoyed every minute, it was intelligent and sophisticated. i CANNOT believe there is no 2nd series!!!! sort it out BBC make it happen.

  • Andy

    A great start to a series that seems to be going down the pan, all I can hope is that somewhere BBC will see their folly and understand that for many of us this is the sort of program we enjoy – an original storyline with many different ways of taking the story forward. As usual we will end up with more repeats rather than a program that helps us look to the future with confidence in enjoyable television,

  • spacedog

    It was clunky, predictable and slow.
    The dialogue poorly written, characters flat and the plotlines contrived.
    But so are most ‘SciFi’ shows and films.

    So Auntie – give it one more season – if it’s still all of the above, then dump it.

    Just think, you could introduce us to the FH doctors who are struggling with their guilty past, the local detective who shields the FH drug pushers, the Presidents real reasons for shooting AC’s, the struggle of the FH ‘Youff’ to get a job and reveal who stole all the bikes.

    Come on Auntie – have a heart!

  • JJ

    WoW, BBC, just wow, i’ve just finished watching the last episode and discovered that there will be no more made, you owe me 8 hours!

    I’m serious, how on earth could you leave it like that? couldn’t you have at least let them do a proper final episode? it’s like showing the first half of a football match and then not showing the second half because not enough people were watching !!

  • Alison Lumby

    I am guilty of stopping watching this series on BBC1 after episode 1 – but I caught up on i player, whilst wondering why the time slot had been so disrupted. Having finished watching episode 8 I now know – that I wished I had not bothered getting sucked back in. No more episodes? Why not? This was a great series, and just maybe if the time slot had not been so messed around with more people would have worked out how good it became over time.
    I would like to know what becomes of the characters, and the planet and the acs. So what if it does not appeal to everybody – I have news for you – nor does Sport , football, tennis or golf – yet it is forced down our throats on a daily basis.

    Bring Back Outcasts

  • Neil Collier

    Its a shame no futher, It had everything a SC-FI program should have and it was aimed at Adults, all the other DR WHO, Torchwood, Merlin are all aimed at 25 and below.

    Bring it back Please and put it on at one time.

  • Shaun

    Very sad to hear this news. Just finished catching up on iplayer. Was really looking forward to the next series. Creative writing, good actors, interesting characters, raised some interesting intelligent issues through the scifi media and it was fun! – I was hooked. I find most of the BBC content to be dumbed down and predictable – come on BBC give us (the viewer) some credit, mainstream is only mainstream because there is no alternative, it takes time to develop a cult series (blackadder is great example of this) I think creative risk is worth while for the licence fee. Be brave, change your decision and bring back some hope to some bored viewers.

  • Terri Burman

    What a shame, an excellent series. I was hoping there would be a 2nd season. It was unfortunate the BBC kept moving the day and time slot which made it harder to follow. I sometimes wonder if they do this so they reduce ratings and don’t have to produce further episodes, probably due to funding. We miss out.



  • WOW! Can’t believe this has just been left there hanging. This is the best SCI-FI on the box for ages (believe me I am old enough to know!). Outcasts IS up there with big screen SCI-FI movies of late. I agree the BBC did not do it any favours mucking about with time slots. Come on there is little enough real science, astronomy and SCI-FI on the BEEB. Shift it to to another station if needs be – but expand on a brilliant idea – don’t just throw the toys out of the pram and give up. Get it back as series two – consider scrubbing loads of other dribble we are paying for!

  • Kim

    I feel cheated, where is series 2? this has the potential to run and run. So much better than the constant reality shows and sport. Also 8 weeks is not long enough for sci fi. Have just watched most of the series in one go and am really sad/annoyed not to know what happens next.

  • Charlie

    Just as I was getting into this series and I find out if has stopped.

    I watched all the episodes on iplayer.

    Please do a second series!

  • Dale W

    This is by far one of the best original sci-fi’s I’ve seen in a very long time. It had an outstanding ability to keep the focus on “people” and not just gadgets and technology. I was really disheartening to see some of the negative comments made by those that clearly couldn’t quite handle the depth of the story, or even that the conversations and decisions made by the characters where far more realistic and (dare I say it) mature than anything currently in this genre. A good, long story arc that you can get your teeth into is a rare thing. TV has become such a victim of “dumbing down”. The BBC could raise the standard with this one, all they have to do is keep it.

  • Abigail B

    Such a shame that Outcasts has been cancelled, just when the series was getting really good! It was a slow start, but now a number of plotlines have been revealed and there’s so much potential. I hope the BBC will reconsider.

  • Alex

    I am happy that it has been cancelled, so boring and cliche. No it doesn’t deserve a second series, I couldn’t finished watching the first episode it was so bad, it made angry how pretentious it seemed and their performances!

  • Lynn B

    I have watched all the episodes on i-player too & really enjoyed the show as a fan of the remake of Battlestar Galactica etc. I definitely think the BBC needs to take into account that some shows will be watched by more online than live. Especially Outcasts. I think it is a mistake to cancel this show.

  • DMS

    I have to admit that it was thin and slow in places but towards the end started to gather momentum.
    I guess we will never know unless thy do a one off conclusion!

  • Paul

    Do they ever?

  • Hazel

    I’m really disappointed about this programme being canned. There is so little on TV these days that I feel is new. I love the fact that the plot of the whole series isn’t obvious in the first episode. So maybe it did take a little while for the characters to settle but it has been well worth it.
    After the time change I was force to record each episode so that I could watch it with my 14 year old son, who was as gripped as I. At the end of episode 8 we were devastated to find that there would be no more for us to watch, even if we had to wait for a year for it.

    Very sad to see it go

  • Hanif

    A real shame not to continue this series. It is a refreshing sci-fi that looks into human behaviour rather than special effects.

    I hope the BBC do run a second season.

  • Richard

    I am completely disgusted at the Beebs decision to cancel this show. Sure it was a slow starter, but programmes that have such great depth always are.

    I am pretty sure that the BBC and everyone involved with this production must be well aware of the shows potential and its significant contribution to a medium that is currently full of pure drivel and mind numberry.

    What is the point of the BBC if not to produce TV that fulfils a quality criteria as opposed to purely meeting popularity ratings.

    This decision is a perfect summation of what is going wrong at the BBC. After the problems the BBC had after coming out and telling the public the truth about the dodgy dossier, the BBC has not been the same. It has lost its independence, and is now accountable more directly to government. The government, who let’s not forget have been cuddling up to private media corporations for past 15 years have a significant motivation to see the BBC downgraded and eventually dispersed (railway, post office…… the list goes on) due to the fact it was actually a bastion of free thought.

    Heaven forbid we should have an organization that is a promoter of truth and freedom, how dare an organization not be run with the pure intention of profit.

    What they don’t get is when every action on earth is purely profit motivated, all humans (rich and poor) will become salves in a loveless world

  • David Green

    Very disappointed at the loss of Outcasts.
    Outcasts was a genuine attempt at something new and for all its flaws was streets ahead of much of the entertaining but formulaic sci fi that we get.
    The series undoubtedly had some shortcomings.
    But I think it broke new ground in the way it treated its characters; looking at heir flaws and how they are shaped by their environment. And it is notable that any of them could, realistically, die at any moment. So it almost (but not quite) avoided the sort of comforting cosiness that develops in most shows.
    The big-picture focus was on ethical questions. In particular; utilitarianism of Tate vs virtue ethics and Kantian duty. Shades of Nietzsche (giveaway – he referred to “the herd”) in Julius – I was really looking forward to seeing how that panned out.
    This was a worthy effort and its cancellation reflects very badly on the BBC (and up to recently I’ve been happy to pay the license fee).

  • Bev

    It got off to a very slow start and some of the dialogue was more than a little cliche and stilted but once the major plotlines were revealed it really started to pick up pace and actually looked quite promising. I watched all eight episodes on the iplayer, in fact I rarely watch any show via my television these days.

    Unfortunately mainstream TV execs often have little knowledge about sci-fi/fantasy shows and their fanbase so will always compare new shows to Dr Who, etc, thinking that anything short of those kind of ratings is a failure.

    It’s also about time online ratings were taken into account. I think sci-fi shows are much more likely to be viewed online compared to soaps or hospital dramas, it’s ridiculous not to count those viewers! By continuing to ignore online ratings the BBC will simply end up pandering to one type of viewer, making a channel of non-stop soaps, reality shows and hospital dramas. Oh, hang on…

  • Del

    Started too slow, put on the wrong channel and mucked about with the scheduling. The show was far from bad, and really deserved more than 8 episodes – well needed more than 8 as the pace was poorly judged to start with. BBC2 or 4 with the associated viewing expectations would of suited the first 8 episodes. If the pace were upped a bit for the next 8, then move the slot to a prime one.

    The show didn’t fail the BBC – the BBC failed the show!

  • Curtis


  • IL

    In Israel we saw it as well, Come on’ guys it’s a great great show! wish u could at least give it a proper end or something..

  • Rob Chandler

    Quality, quality, quality on an ok budget. I really enjoyed this programme and watched it both on the normal TV and iplayer. We really do not need more games shows, soaps and Blha blha. Think again BBC about not cancelling the 2nd series, some viewers do have brains and can follow a slow plot. No need for crazy action and everybody running about in every scene (Dr Who).

  • Gary

    well done BBC, yet again you messed up, a great series pulled because of ratings, hardly had a chance did it, the sooner we stop having to pay you muppets for the pap you normally show the better, hopefully Outcasts will be picked up by a channel that does,nt believe we’re all sheep watching whatever you lot think is good

  • Emma

    this is one of the best series ive seen in a very long time. Would be such a shame, it the bbc didn’t make at least a second series. Even if it was just to tie up allthe loose ends and answer the questions left from the first series. Especially as they’ve spent the first series building up to a plot that they’re now never going to explore! What a waste this is going to be and annoying to people like me who are dying to know what would happen! BBC please reconsider!!

  • I’m really disappointed to read here that Outcasts has been trashed. Like so many great sci-fi series, here and in the US, that don’t bow to the established franchises, that build more fuller characters more gradually, that ‘fail’ to adapt to the low attention span soap audiences. Yes, Outcasts was a bit slow in episodes one and two, but the plot and the interest thickened. I was absolutely sold on buying into season two, on buying season one (and two and…) on dvd for repeat viewing. So many plot lines wasted. So back to your normal screwing. Oh, I mean viewing. Whatever.

  • San

    I’m really disappointed the show has been cancelled, firstly it’s moved to the ghost slot, after the news on a Sunday, so they complain about poor ratings. How many top show dramas showing now on the BBC had a slow start because they were setting the scene and allowing us to get to know the characters? There aren’t many shows I make a point to watch but this was one of them. Boo to the BBC on this decision!

  • annemarie

    so not fair. they just got to the good bits!! :(

  • CheesyGrinMan

    Just watch the program 8 of Outcasts on iplayer it was edge of the chair stuff
    with the other ship coming down, ans now i find out there’s not going to be a second series. :-( and these BBC should a wrap up program to answer the questions
    whose on the ship?

  • Brian

    I have watched all the episodes and agree that the storyline took a while to develop but was an excelelnt series. I am very disappointed if there is not going to be a further series but I thought the way the series moved about the schedules showed the attitude of the BBC. Well done to the writers and actors. It was a different sci fi drama. Come on BBC let us have the second series!

  • Keith

    Crikey what the dickens is going on at the BBC , just as I was thoroughly enjoying Outcasts on BBC’s iplayer and watching when it suited me ( beauty of the iplayer ) , they go and dump a cracking series , somebody needs to tap them on the shoulder and point them in the correct direction as currently they have lost the plot as far as understanding what people want from them, too much reliance on stats and not enough feel for what is really good.

  • Mike D

    It wasn’t a “perfect” series. I am a great lover of sci-fi and the problem was that outcasts was more of a story about the character interaction, with it just happening to be set on another planet, with a bit of sci-fi thrown in. However, I liked it and really wanted to see how it all panned out. As has been said it started slowly but I find the best series start slowly. The ones that start with a load of razmatazz and special effects seem to go off the boil very quickly. Pity the beed don’t seem to want to take any risks any more.

  • Nick A

    Yet again another fine, exciting, unusual and thought provoking piece of BBC Science Fiction Drama is consigned to the trash can, just as the plot was beginning to reveal itself. Given some of the mindless shows that are commissioned at the Licence holder’s expense. It beggars belief. Again! And to think that Doctor Who will be 50 next year, first appearing on our screens long before many of today’s commissioning editors were even born! I wonder how the Good Doctor would have fared had he been created now. Just a thought! You give us the technology to watch your programming, but then deprive us of decent programmes like Outcasts. We become the Outcasts!!

  • roy

    One of the best programmes i have seen for a while, character developement is brilliant so far. Something made with genuine creativity and intelligence unlike a lot of the rubbish on the box these days. Yet again bbc big wigs with no balls!

  • Philip M

    This is the best show on BBC on a Sunday evening, please do a 2nd season as it’s starting to get good. They can’t leave it like this, we pay our tv licence bring it back.

  • Keith S

    Shame on you BBC !!!
    Survivors – cancelled after 1 season.
    Defying gravity – cancelled after 1 season.
    Outcasts – cancelled after 1 season.
    NEVER AGAIN will I bother to watch a show until it has run for at least 2 seasons and begins a 3rd.
    You’ve wasted mine and every other license payers money but more importantly my time.
    S*d you !

  • Luke

    I really enjoyed this show, however, until I stumbled across it on iplayer I had never heard of it. How can the BBC cancel a great show like this because of low ratings when it wasn’t properly advertised by them?! Had the beeb given more time to promoting Outcasts I feel that ratings would have been significantly higher.
    Please don’t cancel it!

  • Marc

    For goodness’ sake–this series is what is RIGHT about science fiction. I LOVE Doctor Who and its spinoffs, but they’re rather fluffy compared to this. Primeval is a lot of fun, but it’s not particularly deep most of the time (either in its original BBC incarnation or in its current ITV version). Over on E4, Misfits is a lunatic dance with ingenious stupidity, but it doesn’t warm up most of the cerebral cortex. Over in the States, science fiction is doomed if it doesn’t include lots and lots of action and comfortably predictable characters and scenarios.

    Here, with Outcasts, BBC has a chance to present the INTELLIGENT side of science fiction–the side without the death rays, without the ludicrous aliens that look like human beings with Play-Doh stuck to their foreheads, without the impossible dogfights between ships in outer space (the g-force from one of those u-turns at spaceship velocities would turn every human being in such a ship into a very thin, red, watery pudding), and without lowest-common-denominator references to alien species as the sources of antique human religions. With any luck, Outcasts will win “best dramatic presentation” awards from every professional and fan-based science fiction/fantasy group in the English-speaking world, giving it the same sort of broad recognition that permitted Joss Whedon’s too-intelligent SF series, Firefly, to get clearance for a follow-up theatrical film (Serenity) that may not have been a giant earner on the big screen, but did earn back its costs in its DVD/Blu-ray sales & rentals.

    Please, BBC: instead of killing this series outright, instead, think, “How can we make it a success?” Audiences for intelligent science fiction, like those for intelligent Victorian drama, need to be trained and cultivated, and this series should be seen as the plowshare for that cultivation, not as its fertilizer.

  • Liam

    This was a great show, very good at dealing with characters and holding the story, not too “gadgety” and was really building a great overall storyline, which set it up well for at least a second series.

  • I really enjoyed the series, and was so happy to see sci-fi back on TV again…but Outcasts failed in so many ways.
    It tried to do too much too quickly. First you’ve got the politics/history of what’s happened on Earth, then you’ve got the journey, the new planet, the formation of a completely new society, the ACs, the disease that killed off all the children, then the mind-reading technology, the wonders of the new planet (diamonds) and the threats (white-outs etc) and then the other species! All of this and we’ve got to get to know an entire cast of characters and deal with a storyline!
    I’m sure it WAS difficult to write!
    Even though there was so much material rammed into that series there were still loads of unanswered questions.
    Can they travel at light speed?? 5 years isn’t long to get to another planet. With our current technology you wouldn’t get as far as Saturn in that time…
    WHY (with the exception of Julius Berger) were they ALL british?! Surely in a time of global conflict our little country couldn’t afford an evacuation of earth without some serious financial help!?

    I want another series just so I can find some answers!

  • linda littlewood

    How can this possibly be finishing?????????
    Brilliant entertainment and surely if it was made for mainstream… it should have been given a mainstream slot !!!! Stunning logic to put it on so late that the only way we could follow it was to record and watch later!.. And then……daaaa….. to say the viewing figures were dissappointing!!! Clearly the usual appllcation and analysis of statisticsonce again used to determine the high quality decision making we are subject to these days from so many sources!!

    I pine for programming that is less bland and formulaeic at peek viewing times so that we can get back to some innovative programming.. (this was .. a bit.. different…even tho as a scientist I had a good laugh at many things!!… just what was needed to clear my brain and get me away from the work life treadmill a bit of fantasy :) )…. Series 2 !!! We need it as a public service!!!!

  • Ann G

    I watched all the episodes on iplayer as well and realy enjoyed it. I never seem to be able to watch a whole series of anything so being able to watch on iplayer is vital for me. (I would otherwise not bother to watch very much at all!)

    I am very disappointed that there isn’t going to be a series 2 as I want to know what happens next – what a shame we may never know. Please rethink the decision.

  • I didn’t bother to watch the first week’s episodes because I was busy – but after catching up on them with iplayer I then really enjoyed the series – watching all of it on iPlayer because I’m a bit deaf (but my wife isn’t)!! I couldn’t believe that a series would reach a big climax like that last Ship coming in and then just STOP dead – how pathetic is that!!!!!
    Besides being damned annoying it seems totally unecessary. There are far worse series on the box, many of them dumbed down in the extreme, so I really fail to see why this one has been strangled in this way.
    It was a bit of fun and excitement as relief from all the cookery and house improvement shows we get filling the days and weeks, or endless morbid episodes of Eastenders etc.
    So what if it didn’t get great ratings right away, I’ll bet the Archers didn’t either!!
    Better put me down as a “Disappoited” of York, and a “Bloody Fed Up With The BBC” while you’re at it!!
    John O’York

  • Stephen Driscoll

    It’s a travesty that Outcasts has been cancelled with so many story lines available to the writers.
    I hope the BBC will reconsider as everything is not about viewing figures.
    As a public broadcaster they need to provide a wide variety of programmes however they keep falling into the trap of producuing the same as other networks.
    Outcasts and productions like it is what separates BBC from the others.
    Shame on you!

  • Anthony Skellern

    I despair !!!
    In between the all the gameshows and juvenile drivel, I finally found a programme to look forward to! An adventure series for grown ups. Set on a beautiful, mysterious planet, with a wonderful cast torn by terrible choices and facing a deadly invisible foe, split by betrayal and passion. And at the centre of this turmoil, the magnetic Hermione Norris, who is one of the best actors/actresses ever to grace a television screen….
    Of course – no cookery, no dancing, no celebrity trivia, no superficial gossip…so it has to go…
    Disappointed is not strong enough a word to describe how I feel.
    Cheated. That’s more like it.

  • Dale

    I just finished watching this great show recorded on my sky +, which finished with a great cliff hanger. Imagine my disbelief and disappointment then to find that the 2nd series has been cancelled. This isn’t what i pay may licence fee for, come on BBC, please reconsider and commission a 2nd series or at least as others have suggested a special one off episode to tie up the loose ends.

  • Wendy Bird

    What is wrong with the BBC. This was a great series. With all the rubbish there is on the telly how can they do this? I am so disappointed and I know lost of other people who feel the same way. The BBC have let us down his time.

  • John

    Thanks a bunch – thats the equivalent of giving someone a really good book to read and then taking it off them half way through – another excellent decision by the powers that be at BBC (NOT)!

  • steve

    I watched all this series on iplayer. It was one of a few programms worth watching as TV in general is rubbish. Watch a shame, I find something I like very much and the BBC have stopped making any more. I would rethink and make a second series.

  • Matt Stanley

    This was the first show in years that I acually arranged my schedule to make sure I watched it. Obviously your Larks Rise to Candleford bunch will object to ‘their’ cultural BBC wasting their money on something that isnt set prior to world war two or set in a nice English village, but to the younger generation, i.e. the Beebs future mainstream audience, this sort of output is about the only non comedy show they would watch on the beeb. Any chance of the show being sold to another channel who might actually market it to the right audience? Failing that how about killing it off cleanly as way of an apology to those following the plot lines who’ve been left wondering What if… I suggest an ironic ending where by the warring human factions end up destroying Carpathia with a bomb shipped from earth. Leaving earth as mans last hope after all.

  • Cheri
  • Sam

    The first episode was a slowie but it has built and built each week. I too watched the majority of episodes on iplayer and it definitely gets my vote for a 2nd series. You can’t just leave it like that !!!

  • alexb

    Do a second series, crazy not to??

  • Oli

    thats terrible, I got seriously pulled into it. Great cast nice plot and some interesting characters. Its a shame this keeps happening.

  • mark

    I could not believe the BBC moved the show to the middle of the night but that still did not stop me from watching i was very much looking forward to the next episode. I now find they have cancelled it. WHY!!! it is good

  • I posted this a couple of days ago but just wanted to repost – hope that’s ok with the admins.

    Hi all, there’s quite a bit of support for persuading the BBC to change their minds and commission a second series of this excellent programme. If you agree, please post a complaint to the BBC via this link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/complaints/
    If you are on Facebook, please help us keep track of the numbers of people who have complained by liking this petition page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Petition-To-Ensure-Outcasts-Series-2/158336420890760
    You can also follow @President_Tate on Twitter!
    Let’s get this series back on our screens. For Carpathia!

  • Jo

    TYPICAL! The first decent new programme on the BBc for ages and they cancel it! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!

  • Outraged

    outraged that my tv licence is not funding a second series of the most mature and edgy sci-fi drama in the last 20 years.

    Star Trek was axed when the bosses with the wallets thought it was a flop, the production company syndicated it and it became the most popular sci-fi TV series in histroy. The franchise alone is now worth Billions, jumped up f***ing P***ks killing decent and involving tv.

    So sick of the short sighted nature of our number one channel it saddens me it really does. I apprecitate that the figures didn’t stack up to the budget but around 3.6 million viewers can’t all be wrong?

    Maybe if they had kept it on the Monday slot the week after My Big Fat Gypsy Waste of Time was no more, and the Baftas had finished ,the ratings would have gone back up. Instead like Hero’s another show loses out because of boardroom wrangling and messing the show around the schedule.

    If you want to play ping pong with a show do it with something that doesn’t have over a million viewrs like Silk – another boring BeeB crime drama. By moving it and not waiting until at least the end of the first series they effectively signed the death warrant, way to kill a new born project, glad Cohen is not a doctor.

  • J scobie

    This was the best sci fi the BBC has produced in ages .
    Shame on the cancellation just on rating.
    Surely the BBC ‘s charter is to produce a variety of programmes
    not just target the ratings….

  • Madeleine

    It would be such a shame for those of us who have watched series 1. I think it’s fault was that it took too long to get going. Just as it gets interesting they ditch it. Please so another and put us out our misery….I want to know what happens!

  • leigh

    I have just learned that the beeb have cancelled outcasts, what is going on we want series 2 or at the very least an outcome.Why is it all about ratings, there is enough rubbish on the t.v at the moment, this was a really good scifi story, come on the beeb bring it back please.

  • Jake Airey

    Outcasts is (was?) the televisual highlight of our week!! PLEASE DON’T CANCEL THIS SHOW – it was intelligently written with some great characters and brilliant uber-plot.


  • Carlos

    The first time the BBC has taken sci-fi seriously with a well paced and well scripted drama and they finish it mid story. This deserves a second series!! This series would have got a better following if the BBC hadn’t messed so much with the scheduling – BBC learn to keep a program at the same time every week and people will know when to watch it and it will get a regular audience!
    Loved the show – bring it back!

  • Andrew

    Such a shame that Outcasts has been cancelled, as I was getting into the series the bbc has stopped another good show please reconsider.

  • Percy Piper

    What is the point of watching a BBC series anymore? As soon as they get interesting, they pull the show!! Perhaps we should pay our licence fee at the end of a year, but only if we feel the programmes aired warranted a full fee!

  • tarazed

    Yep. Have to agree with you folks; this is a sair disappointment.
    Pulling the plug on a series which bears comparison with Firefly and
    Charlie Jade is an act of cultural vandalism. I caught the series at
    episode 2 because there had been no advertising and as pointed out
    already it was placed in a late time slot. Thank goodness for
    iPlayer. It gripped me from the beginning, intelligent and well
    thought out and well grounded in reality. Note the lack of wheels or
    horses or aircraft. The only way to get around was on foot. And as
    for being slow paced; the colonists were faced with problems and
    threats at every turn, one after another and sometimes two or three at
    once. Exciting enough for me.

    BBC mainstream programming can be dull and boring, agreed, but when
    they step outside of that they are better than good; science, natural
    history and now real science fiction. It is time that the corporation
    got rid of its populist management and earned its licence fee.

  • Fred Barrett

    some shows need to grow on you and online viewer numbers need to be factored in – one day it could be classic and sold round the world – too late for season 2 though

  • Becca

    Gutted that there wont be a second series, we were just getting relly into the story lines and characters! Didnt think the BBC was supposed to be driven by ratings. Maybe not putting progammes such as this on at 10.30 on a Sunday might encourage people to watch instead of getting ready for another week at work ! Really wish BBC would change its mind on this one!

  • Michael lovegreen

    I am bitterly disappointed that the BBC has decided not to bother with finishing the Outcast story (gutted)

  • weebbc

    absolutely gutted there is not going to be a second series. its one of the best bbc sci-fis that i have watched for a good while. ok one or two of the characters could be replaced but the cast was believeable, there was depth and maturity to the story line and the potential for great future plots. it was the one programme on tv at present that i looked forward to with anticipation each week and i know im not the only one,. I know many that didnt watch it live but did on iplayer. bbc, you have let us down by not making a second series. please reconsider……

  • Tony T

    What a pity no second series – I was looking forward to the next episode. I did find that the script left a bit to be desired here and there. I found it strange when in the dialogue people were asking questions about what was happening and the characters either never answered or avoided answering. Perhaps the writer was trying to enhance the sense of mystery. Possibly a mistake to try and do a semi sci-fi series as well. The setting of an alien planet and the background of the destruction of earth seemed to be arbitary. I did watch all episodes on i-player as I don’t have a TV. I really don’t think the average standard of TV programmes these days warrants the purchase of a TV.

  • Rev David and Mrs Margaret Copley

    We have just realised that Outcasts has been cancelled. How very disappointing. We grew to really enjoy it. It seems that the BBC lacks the courage to go with a series which builds slowly and demands intelligent viewers. We are both what would be described as mainstream – retired, middleclass, grandparents – but we found it intriguing and stimulating. Please have the humility to cancel your cancellation and make another series.

  • Noelle

    What a real shame to find that there was no more Outcasts – I am totally hooked and have spent hours unravelling the plot, thinking about the characterisation and the ethics and stories – a really interesting (and challenging) commentary on contemporary society. Think the programmers need to think very carefully about the ‘intelligence’ of its audience. I have watched the whole series on iplayer – so they are missing a huge audience if they haven’t taken those figures into account. There is a dearth of good material on TV like this. Thank you for what you have given to date. Please BBC realise there are lots of people who really want depth and thought in the dramas etc that you produce – rather than lowest common denominator. We have so much going on in the world today that young and old need to think about – and this type of content can raise issues and question things in an entertaining and informative way. From a VERY DISAPPOINTED punter.

  • a bbc viewer

    Sadly another ‘coward out’ from BBC controller (not to specified who here) on the few good dramas offer to its audience. I believe this is the third/ fourth of drama series ended by BBC controller, after a well-written british drama have been broadcasted. The reason quoted have always been the same, of ‘low audience rating’, while on the contrary the good response and review have been all over the internet. This is getting frustrating and I sense the same feelings among fellow loyal audience. If controllers are still so disconnected with the audience, and withdraw good drama whenever they face a little bumps on the road. Then, I think it is time to change our channels to something more promising perhaps.

  • John

    I decided to watch this series, and although it did take a bit of getting into, I found myself looking forward to it. I do think it is a shame that in this age of programmes such as “the only way is Essex,” programmers don’t have any interest in nurturing programmes such as Outcasts. Most shows that seem to get commissioned involve as little expenditure on the programme makers part as possible. The formula is “get members of the public to do most of the work” and “how cheaply can it be made?”. I feel bad for the writer/creator as I think it just needed more time to find it’s feet, get the pacing right etc. It makes me wonder why I’m forced to pay the BBC license when they only care about a certain demographic.

  • Son of MacGyver

    BBC please give “Outcasts” a second series. With proper writers on board it could run for years!! Look at the come-back “Misfits” (yeah, different network) had when brought back after cancellation. Success!

  • A Fan

    We need Outcasts we need more programs like it. Cancel the dull soaps depressing!!

  • Jonathan Cardy

    The first time in years that the Beeb comes up with a TV series I find myself hooked on, and it gets cancelled. I hope at the very least that series two comes out as a novel.

    That said it was a bit odd that the XPs were going about heavily armed on a world where they thought there were no threats….. Forthaven had 78,000 people apparently fed from a greenhouse smaller than an allotment – wot no fields?

  • Guy Richardsdon

    In my opinion Outcasts was one of the best pieces of Sci Fi produced in recent years. It is a shame that the BBC is behaving like the commercial channels and killing good programming just because the ratings are low. I hope they see sense and change their mind. Leaving the story hanging as they did is particularly annoying.

  • Gary McCormack

    So typical of the day and age we live in; programming that provokes thought and requires a little intelligence is ditched whilst I’m subjected to absolute total trash like gypsy wedding.

    The sad thing is the way the BBC is funded, I’m forced to pay for the BBC’s trash programming and given no way to ‘vote’; looks like I’m condemned to habitually filtering out the reality TV, crap ‘period drama’ and ‘rinse and repeat’ poor quality dramas.

  • Jane P

    iPlayer viewer – . Just watched episode 8 – went to website to see when it was to be continued and found out its not – very disappointed. This is a bad move BBC it doesn’t encourage people to start watching new ventures if they are not going to be continued. Can we expect this with any more series?. I’ve grown to enjoy this programme and would very much like to know what happened next. Its one of the few programmes that I watch.

  • Rock Scorpion


    I am not suprised that OUTCASTS has been cancelled. The beauty of the location was the only thing it had going for it. The characters were 90% unbeleivable. The dialogue was stiff and very Blue Peter. The individual stories were weak and uninspired/uninspiring – this was certainly no LUTHER. The acting was not as flawless as many people have opined – it was pretty damn hammy in places. The science was deeply flawed – diamonds on the beach !!??!! The main “bad-guy” was soooooooooo forced on the viewer that when he started making secret broadcasts to the approaching ship at the end of the episodes I actually started laughing at the awfulness of it all. Pacing was attrocious throughout. The future plotlines and revelations were the only ray of hope and even then they stank so much of “wait until the second season” that I knew there never was going to be a second season because the fundamentals (character + dramatic tension) had been completely ditched. It felt as if the writers just wanted to get from one Whedon-inspired shock-twist to the next without giving any consideration as to whether the viwer might still be on board. As a fan of Sci-Fi or speculative fiction or whatever you want to call a show like OUTCASTS I hate to write a comment like this but I feel I have to be honest. OUTCASTS stank. It was so timid that I found myself praying that the future is never as middle-class and suburban as the reality portrayed in OUTCASTS. Honestly; you could have called it “Space Surrey” and not been far off the mark. After SURVIVORS I really wanted this show to nail the job. It didn’t. Where did the mind-reading machine and the tripping from the first episode go? Where were the ethical dilemmas and the social commentary? These people just seemed to have started off on a new world and only brought the most boring aspects of life and our institutions with them.

    As much blame as I lay at the feet of the writing I believe an equal amount of blame has to be fired at the BBC itself. The show was very poorly served. This is our money that was being spent and far too much of it was spent on this turkey. I think the management realise dthis early on which is why it was shunted around, was never advertised after week one and was eventually buried without even a continuity link to say that had been the last episode. I think the BBC were embarassed by the whole enterprise. I have to ask; why was it ever comissioned? Why was so much spent on the location, the sets and the widescreen flaring cameras as seen in JJ Abrams Star Trek relaunch and Whedon’s Firefly? The SciFi comuunity is universally forgiving of people who try to give them something different. But embarassing us with expensive but inherently shoddy flim-flam is too much. It seems to me that the bosses at the BBC wanted a SciFi show on the books just so they could say they were satisfying a certain demographic. There’s is one lesson every geek worth their salt knows and it was learnt from Babylon5 – you can tell whatever story you want and take your time doing it as long as you satisfy one criteria – you do it cheaply; very cheaply. OUTCASTS cost too much and got buried because it looked exactly like what it was – a phenomenal waste of time and money.
    Don’t mean to pour scorn on other people’s hard work but this is how I see it. APPARITIONS was never given a second season. I’m not sure that OUTCASTS ever should have received a first. Whatever happened to feature length pilots? Do only the Americans see the value of taking time to build new worlds? As a person who is currently trying to write a six-part show that would be lumped in the same genre I have found the entire OUTCASTS experience very disheartening on many levels.


  • Typical BBC! Short sighted as usual! Outcasts was a really good Sci-Fi series, that should have been screened earlier in the evening & had more in the way of prio advetising to inform people of this wonderful series. However as the BBC had obvously made up its mind before even showing the series they wanted a good get out clause for not making another series & this was is it. What a shame I was really looking forward to having a series worth staying awake to watch. I wonder how long will we have to wait before ITV or an Amerdan company takes it over & runs it at prime time & continues to run with it right to the end. Why does the BBC have to remain in the dark ages! What is worse expect they expect the British public to pay for it under the guise of the Television License! Just what is our money going towards. It’s certainly not good sci-fi drama, is it! In fact not much of anything really that isn’t the same old doom & gloom (Eastenders!) or the news. Welcome to the 21st Centuary!

  • mark

    Nooooooo! Better than Lost and V!
    An hour is too long. 2100 on a Sunday, 30min in length, 2 seasons more, 12 episodes per season. The writers will know what they have got, the characters are in place, the sets built, let it reach an end.
    I have sky + and struggled to find something good to watch, this was a shining light in the dark abyss of post Christmas rubbish.

  • SteveH

    Too inteligent, too well acted, great storylines and wonderful location – so let’s axe it. Typical BBC hierachy.

  • Patchyoyo

    just watched episode 8 and now feel robbed! The same thing happened to s little programme called FIREFLY! which now holds cult status and success. This programme was so well acted, fantastic cast, fantastic writing, fantastic production. Dont get me wrong, i love a bit of the cheeky Dr who, but this show blew him out the water. Its such a shame! i feel more noise should be made about this.

  • I`m sure everyone whats to see more of this worldwide.
    I stream via iplayer and proxy just to to able to catch this sunday nights. Its not a lack of effort from the viewers i`ll just say that.

  • Steve Winstanley

    Eric Mabius actor? Or just a lump of wood? Not sure but was generally disinterested everytime his half cocked smile entered the screen. I have seen better interaction and emotional response from a house brick. Talentless, posturing and completely useless. The rest of the series had me mentally engaged, but it was trying far to hard to overload the information and story lines, like a babbling teenager after a night out. That said, i would be more than pleased to see a second series, did anyone see the first series of Only Fools and Horses, it was awful?

  • Rab Millar

    I think the BBC is making a big mistake here i was slow to like it but like a good book gave it a chance and am actually shocked about there not been a second series, I have noticed the BBC seem to do this on occasion and feel they have changed the times and panicked to early. I remember watching Red Dwarf years ago and finding it difficult to get into at the time but now its one of my favourites. Lost started ok then went down hill with every series. There was another program you guys mucked up was Farscape ,loved the series but it chopped and changed through the snooker season and other programs and left you thinking why do i pay my license. Maybe i will send a letter saying i dont have a tv anymore and you will write back telling me i have when i have not like the last time. Ive got both now so come with the good programs.

  • Rob C

    As usual the ‘beeb’ know what is best for the public! I cannot believe that Outcasts has been cancelled. The story had been developing over the 8 shows. A slow burner – but totally hooked by the end. It just cannot be cancelled without the plot being completed! Unbelievable decision! It had plenty of story lines developing and so many it could introduce. Capathia – was simply their ‘oyster’ to develop new story lines. This could have run and run.

  • Daniel Fennon

    I feel like typing an essay… but simple fact is i’d be wasting my breath.

    Your probably reading this feeling just as disapointed as I am right now, I cannot beleive we pay our TV license to be told that stuff isnt going to get renewed.

    Utterly dissapointed as I thought Outcasts justified at least some of the TV License.

    The shows I watch on the BBC, Top Gear, Horrizon and Outcasts… Thats my TV License… Shame on the BBC

  • Trev

    I never watched the show on the TV, found it by accident on iplayer. What a great scifi series, it caught me from the first episode. Had to watch the next 4 over the next few nights. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered there was not going to be a second series. Come on BBC stop pandering to the ratings.

  • Dubwise

    Look up defying gravity.. Another great sci fi show that suffered the same lack of advertisement and was dropped after season 1. Good tv isn’t popular. Shame..

  • Nick Curry

    Whilst not perfect, Outcasts was a vast improvement on the increasingly dumbed down output we get from the BBC – particularly on BBC1. Have the BBC now given up on adult Sci-Fi? I too was looking forward to a second series.

  • Eileen Lingard

    How dissapointing to find after being engrossed in Outcasts that it`s being ditched.!! I missed the last programe but found it on i player , after being firmly glued to my laptop for an hour instead of cleaning my house,I see there`s to be no more made!! I think it`s disgracful that when such BAD programes are shown and kept on week after week that the BBC can get rid of such an entertaing programe!!! Please think again BBC .Heaven knows we pay our liceince fee to be entertained by decent programes,OUTCASTS is certainly one of these.Please listen to your viewers BBC HEAD OF PROGRAMES .

  • kate

    I just couldn’t believe my eye’s when i just saw that there wasn’t going to be another series to Outcasts. This program had me hooked from the very start, the story line was fantastic, And now it’s just going to be left!! It’s the bbc fault that they didn’t get the ratings for the show for not advertising the program well enough! I hadn’t seen one advert for this show until the night it started and that was just as it was due to start!!! There is too much rubbish on the tv nowadays, and the programs that are any good get the axe!! Watch this space… We’ll have another celebrity voting con show or re runs of other utter rubbish!! As usual the bbc have lost sight of what tv really should be!!! At least give us an ending to the series!!!

  • Bigg55bird

    Shame this has been taken off- without a by or leave. Far prefered this , other than the usual mindless drivel that is most of British television today.

  • Pablo Dee

    I thought the show was going to be a dud when it first aired, a little slow and uninteresting.
    But I kept watching it each week and it got better and better.
    That last episode was great, it was all unfolding and I was really excited about a second series.
    It had me hooked, I was telling others to check it out.
    It now feels like a complete waste of time, the story isn’t even finished.
    People wont bother watching anything until they know its going to be around a while and will at the very least, finish the story for crying out loud.
    After seeing some of the other rubbish the BBC put on I cant believe this got the axe.

    Perhaps someone else can pick it up and continue?

  • Karen

    i really enjoyed Outcasts and was looking forward to the second season, what a shame.

  • Steve

    Just had to catch up on the last three episodes just to find out it has been cancelled!!!!!!!

    What a waste of several hours if all is going to happen the series ends…..with no conclusion.


    If possible, reconsider!!!! make me feel that someone is listening at the BBC.


  • Sam

    Great sci-fi series, developing storyline, was getting into it nicely and now its been axed because of the ratings . Very dissapointed

  • Nicolas

    I am very sad to know that Outcasts is cancelled.
    I’ve just watched episodes 1 to 4, I said to my girlfriend that this year is a great year for English TV shows. I cannot understand why such a good job (story, acting, etc) is thrown away like this. It’s a shame. I think end of Ep. 8 will be for me as sad as end of season 2 of Carnivale :-|
    Nicolas, from France.

  • Ian

    They did it to “Survivors” now this. Poor show.

  • Disappointed

    This is what happens when entertainment is run by accountants and buisness men with their eyes only on money. Keep programmes by whether they’re good or not, not by viewing figures, look for potential…outcasts had plenty, once it had really got going and people were talking about it then you would have got your figures. You need to provide entertainment for all tastes….where is the sci fi now? Other than doctor who I don’t see anything decent around anymore.

  • Dianne

    Very disappointed, really enjoyed the show. Why does the BBC keep ending programmes before they have had a chance to prove themselves.

  • Steve

    My disappointment is not so much over the show itself but with its handling by the Beeb. Similar errors were made in relation to the superior Stargate Universe now cancelled by the SyFy channel in the US. Poor scheduling and without the early momentum to grab the attention of a wider audience (fictional science and human interaction on a far distant planet = shouty matches aside). The show could have beeb better written or rather better edited/paced and there were some wacky decisions (Killing off the Jamie Bamber character in episode 1? Crivvens!) but it had promise for the long haul.

    If the BBC isn’t going to enable shows to develop over 2 or more series and isn’t going to invest the effort in selecting storylines and constructing episodes that are likely to make it beyond a first series then why should any of us invest time in bothering with a serial in the first place. With Episodes (Why was this commissioned?) and the decision to cancel Zen especially, the evidence mounts for Auntie’s having lost the plot

  • Holly

    I watch Outcasts every week on iplayer and it is brilliant! I was really disappointed to learn that it ended so suddenly and so quickly and if they haven’t been taken into account iplayer ratings really should be looked at.

  • Susan Mosley

    I have just watched episode 8 of Outcasts and have logged on to BBC website to find out when it is next on. How disappointing to find out it isn’t! It was an exellent series, -intelligent and well written, had a superb cast and the story line was “out of the box”. Come on BBC, you didn’t exactly advertise it fully so you should not be surprised if the viewing figures were less than expected. I find there is less and less that takes my interest on BBC1 and now that Outcasts and Being Human on BBC3 have finished I feel bereft. Could BBC3 or BBC4 not do another series. The story was obviously meant to continue.
    PS. Whilst I am voicing comments I will just say that theDr Who special this Christmas was atrocious whereas the one in Christmas 2009 wasabsolutely excellent. The difference between the two specials demonstrates how the BBC is changing for the worse.

  • Dave

    I feel this show was never given a chance, the way it was screened was ridicoulous to say the least, why? I ended up watching it on iplayer because I wasn’t sure what day or what time it would be on it was moved about so much, the programme itself gets a big thumbs up from me, its a real shame that the beeb didn’t run it on the same day and time each week to give it a chance.

  • Tim

    Cant belive it – it was really getting me interested.
    How can there really be no series 2 , 3 etc.
    Truely outraged!

  • Hmmph

    I rarely watch a full series of anything but Outcasts really grabbed me. I was never around to see it when it aired but religiously followed it on IPlayer. Am very disappointed there won’t be second series and livid that there won’t be any resolution to the story!!

  • Sam

    Good one BBC, you can endlessly re run episodes of the dire “two pints of lager and a packet of crisps”, but can’t make a second series of the best programme you’ve had since Heroes. You can’t survive on eastenders and antiques roadshow forever!

  • Nick

    going to miss this.
    pacing was off, but i cared about the characters, and want to know more.
    it wasn’t Firefly, but i’m really sad it has met the same fate.

  • Tarrell

    The ultimate British version of Lost: well written, enthralling, and cancelled before they tell you what’s going on.

    I am once again ashamed with the BBC’s obsession with the mainstream; dumbing down TV for the thickies. I suggest the BBC big wigs look at the ratings on iPlayer. Most people I know have a job, and use iPlayer over live TV. We don’t have time to flick and so we pick our programmes carefully. I wouldn’t be surprised if Outcasts has impressive ratings in this medium.

  • david

    never got the viewing figures !!!!!!
    well what do expect when you change times and days of the show without laying it out for all to know.
    first monday and tuesday, then just monday, finally moved to sunday.
    you cant watch a programme youc ant find and this was building up to be good show just as we have gotten to know the characters and their pasts.
    shame on you BBC, suppose you’ll have to go back to the usual boring period dramas that only the elderly watch

  • David Doughty

    outcasts cancelled
    SG Universe cancelled

    time to stop paying the license fee and sky for the privilege of funding programming for everyone else.

  • Jaggyuar

    Shame on you Auntie!

    Well I guess the dumb masses need instant gratification and this show did not give that.

    The BBC does not deserve the rights to a second season – I say why don’t the fans buy up the rights and contact the production company.

    Then run it on a commercial tv station…

  • Dawbel

    I wasn’t sure about this new series after episode 1 but decided to give it another go and even my non-sci-fi partner got interested and now it’s been axed without even a proper conclusion – what an appalling waste of money and not to mention my viewing time. Its like reading a really good book – just getting to the really interesting bit only to find someone has ripped out the middle pages – aaarrrggghhhhhhh!!!!!!! Very dissappointing. Have a change of heart BBC and at least work in some sort of reasonable conclusion episode.

  • Karol

    What about at least one more episode to show what would have happened, or give it one more chance and make all second series. Great show, great idea, great filming, give it a chance !!!

  • LJK

    Considering my license fee pays for watching Outcasts and Dr Who re-runs (only time grotty terrestial TV is turned on); I’m livid.

    …and while I’m venting, I want Blakes7 back.

  • Louise roy

    Couldn’t agree more with the outraged posts about no series two. My husband and I followed this despite changing the time several times part way through… I can’t believe this isn’t seen in exactly the same league as deep blue with James nest which we also loved, hourly episodes, gritty scripts, great characters. Goes to show BBC want same dumb rubbish on other channels. Very disappointing and just not challenging or respectful enough of an audience that wants more from it’s entertainment and drama. Outcasts was better than spooks!!

  • magma2

    Great series, sad that there is no series two.

  • Nate

    The cancellation of this series could well draw a record number of complaints. Seriously.

    Facebook petitioning BBC for Outcasts 2:


    BBC Complaints:


  • bag of arseholes

    come on….

  • Patrick Rutherford

    I think this decision is sympomatic of the pressure the BBC is under. It simply isn’t strong enough anymore to take a few risks and produce something genuinley different. It didn’t take off immediatley [yes it was peraps too slow for some to get going] and the BBC didn’t feel confident enough to stick with it at a prime time slot. Instead it was replaced by a safe, ratings winner, yet another crime/law drama. A dull, safe decision.
    All this is a terrible shame because just as the plot got going they moved it to a graveyard slot on Sunday, so no suprise that it withered there in terms of viewing figures. I for one am very disappointed, I regarded it as the most intelligent and intriguing sci fi drama in decades.
    Didn’t HBO make a similar misake with Rome? They canned it just because the viewing statistics weren’t immediately brilliant, then realised they had a slow burning hit on their hands….but by then it was too late.
    BBC, many more disappontments like this and you might has well give up and concede to Sky.

  • Jan01

    I couldn’t believe Outcasts wasn’t more popular. One of the best serials I’ve seen on any channel. Characters I cared about, drama that stemmed from believable situations (in the science-fiction context), a slowly building sense of menace without hackneyed gore or SFX …
    It sounds from some of the comments above as if people took time to get into it. That’s a good reason to let this story run its natural course! It’s been abruptly cut short because someone at the BBC lost their nerve.
    Come on BBC, give us another series.

  • Geraint Wilcox

    The time they put it on was ludicrous to put on so late at night I hardly saw any trailers just happened upon it on i player. Perhaps they want to spend license payers money on quality items like Eastenders or The Wall. Why cant they rerun at 2100 THEN see how many viewers they get!

  • LondonReader

    Seems that a lot of us were enjoying Outcasts and as the comments before rightly point out the show was just getting going (how many series of Lost where made and shown without any tangible story-line) this had one and had potential. I’m sure most viewers of Outcasts would not have minded which channel it was on, I for one watched on iPlayer.

  • zoehamnett

    I am really disappointed that Outcasts has been cancelled. almost cruel the way it has ended on a cliff hanger which we may never learn the ending of. I think they might as well not have bothered showing it at all as it has left a lot of people fustrated. in it’s self surely that is a lot of wasted money which comes from our liciensing fees which are not optional. surely they should allow us to vote on whether or not a program should continue. Give us more credit to think for ourselves instead of having it dictated to us.
    please bring Outcasts back!

  • Jan01

    PS The scheduling was ridiculous. I can’t stay up that late and get to work early the next morning. Fair enough to have one late showing, but it should have been shown again, at a more worker-friendly time, later in the week. If we didn’t have Catch-up TV we wouldn’t have been able to watch this brilliant series.
    And BBC, every time you cancel an intelligent, thought-provoking drama you reduce our chances of ever seeing anything that good again. Writers won’t stick their heads above the parapet, they’ll just churn out the safe stuff. I expect that of commercial channels, that’s why they rarely produce anything I want to watch. But the BBC should do better!

  • AndyC

    Come Beeb, give it another chance and show some bottle. The series really gathered momentum and is now perfectly set up for what could be a really entertaining Series 2.

  • Wend

    Am disappointed. We need less mainstream + more slightly off track + think a little different. BBC didn’t used to be all idealistic + appeal to mainstream audience alone in shows. Would like to see where outcasts goes…still a bit on the fence myself. But better to move it to BBC3 or 4 than cancel before it has a chance. There are lot of cult sci do fans around.

  • marty

    outcasts was brilliant writing.if its not hit mainstream audiences then i guess the rest of the population are too busy watching brain draining rubbish that hits the masses. i am gutted. i dont even watch tv anymore.my iplayer evening was outcasts and being human, and doctor who.what will i do now??

  • Zaika

    This was one of the most depressing storylines ever screened, with its long drawn-out plot, acted with mediocrity and with annoyingly whispered dialogue, often using banal pseudoscientific clichés and acronyms – yawn – yea, one for the bin, I’m afraid.
    Meanwhile, use the money saved on real top class drama like Waking the Dead – a U-turn is called for to prolong this absorbing award-winning series.

  • vondoober

    I agree with Dubwise. feels the same as defying gravity and that was a brilliant little canadian sci-fi show that got no support and got canned after the 1st season. i read an online blog by the writer outlining where he was going with the show and it sounded superb, gutted i never got to see it. i’ll look around to see if anyone knows what was in the pipeline for outcasts. it’ll make interesting reading at least!

  • Wil

    TV networks don’t seem to care about the viewing pleasure of their own audience.

    It’s all about ratings. If a show gets below a line – vamoosh, cancelled.

    I think networks should be forced to commit to a series until at least the plot has been fully explained and some sort of resolution has been put in place.

    Shocking way to treat your audience BBC. Shame on you.

  • Boss Hogg

    I am really annoyed that this show has been cancelled, every time i tuned in it was on at a different time and this can only have hindered ratings meaning that i, like a lot of people caught up on the iplayer, Another sad misjudgement by the BBC and once again not providing seemingly anything for people who like programs to not just be another sad reality show or mindless flimflam like the one show.

  • LOTR

    Really disappointed and saddened – this was a slow burner but also an intelligent and well written series that owed more to psychology than special effects. Come on BBC be brave, don’t just hunt the ratings, have some bottle and stick with this!

  • Sophie

    Real shame. Great show and don’t think it had enough media attention

  • stephen

    Grown up TV sci fi that takes time to mature – that’s why I was thoroughly enjoying Outcasts. A rarity to find a TV series that was just that, a series and not isolated hour programmes that you can dip in and out of. Dissappointed that the Beeb have pulled the plug, a real shame from a corporation who I thought would not judge a programme simply on ratings.

  • Chris Priestland

    Totally amazing show. Much like Torchwood and has the same great gripping storyline. I am totally annoyed that you are not continuing it and I think you are missing the fact that people will be buying dvd’s of this by the bucket load…Ratings are not everything and you really shouldn’t discontinue this. Not sure whether you are trying to draw out comments from people by saying there wont be a second series – but here is another person wishing that you would continue with series 2.

  • Linda

    ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!!! I pay my TV Licence just like anyone else, and really loved this programme, didn’t even know it had been axed, until I realised it wasn’t on this Sunday. Just did a search on google, and found out!!!!
    It’s just not fair to do this when there is a storyline involved
    I can mention 2 others that went the same way, because of Virgin. One was surface, and sorry just can’t remember the title of the other one. Where there was something living in the waer after a hurricane? Some bosses just get too high and mighty in my opinion. Our TV Licences help to pay for these programmes and I think we should have a say!!!

  • Ampro

    Outcasts was the best thing BBC has made, apart from the mainstrem stuff, for a very long time. it ended on such a cliffhanger. amazing truly loved it!

  • I cannot believe they have cancelled Outcasts. I do not watch much on BBC so was really excited at a new sci fi series. Never once saw it advertised on TV but caught the entire series on Iplayer and loved it from beginning to end.My Missus caught me watching the last episode today and was hooked.WHY IS IT SCI FI GETS SUCH A SHORT TRYOUT on BBC give it a chance please or at least do a special to tie up the loose ends and don’t leave the fans hanging or it will be harder to get them to watch any future series they decide to produce.

  • simon

    Noooo don’t they realise a lot of sci-fi fans watch online!! and don’t register on their stupid figures? i loved this show it was the best, this kind of show takes time to build as all the best dramas sci-fi or otherwise do. totally gutted found out that this and stargate universe (another grt show i think) are being axed in the same week. and yet these people will fund reality tv shite till the cows come home. why have i got to pay for my tv licencse???????

  • connor

    OUTCASTS series 2 come on the amount of comments asking for a new series should be enough for the bbc to reconsider making another series. They don’t drag out the episodes they fill them with intersting side stories they have done the whole pioneers on a new planet thing in a whole new way. Its only 3 million pounds can’t you just postpone another series of two and a half men or something? stop with all these tiny dramas that dont get a second series and make one that stays and answers all the questions. Oh and please factor in the online viewing i’ve got someone into the show and they’ve only watched it on through bbc iplayer, come on look at all the facts and not just the one that the money tells you to look at!!!!

  • connor

    OUTCASTS series 2 come on the amount of comments asking for a new series should be enough for the bbc to reconsider making another series. They don’t drag out the episodes they fill them with intersting side stories they have done the whole pioneers on a new planet thing in a whole new way. Its only 3 million pounds can’t you just postpone another series of reality tv or something? stop with all these tiny dramas that dont get a second series and make one that stays and answers all the questions. Oh and please factor in the online viewing i’ve got someone into the show and they’ve only watched it on through bbc iplayer, come on look at all the facts and not just the one that the money tells you to look at!!!!

  • Annette

    So fed up of the BBC doing this , first survivor,now outcasts… It has put me off following anything new on the beeb as you just get in to a really good story line and then stop. What is the point of even starting it off if you are not going to follow it through. A better time slot and more promotion would have made for more viewers. I recommended it to lots of people who had never heard of it .

  • Bob

    Very disappointed, I thought Outcasts was excellent. Having left the final episode on such a cliff hanger, the script writers must have some idea of where they would have taken a second series had the BBC commissioned it. Why not at least release the second series as a book? Wouldn’t cost very much and might at least appease disgruntled viewers like myself who enjoy watching good drama.

  • B

    Utter, utter shame. Great TV, great script, interesting and enthralling characters and enough sub plots to keep it interesting on many levels. Terrible scheduling and unforgiving, blinkered programe controllers seem to be preventing the beeb from moving forward with excellent series such as this…..and what happens next??? Surely there are enough people asking this very question to warrant an answer in the shape of season 2?

  • Jen

    Not again BBC – this isn’t the 1st time they have produced a clever&engaging series only to cut production before story completion. I am actually furious! Such rubbish on tv these days & they cut the only decent programme in my week! Please-please reconsider…it is going to drive me crazy not knowing how it all unfolds. There is no belief or conviction in the BBC anymore… Perhaps the issue wasn’t the storyline, but the Lack of promotion/decent time slot… Come on BBC, do the right thing…

  • Steve

    Just watched episode 8 and found it was the end and no more !!! Really hooked on it, via iPlayer, has been the only program I’ve followed on the BBC for the last year or so !!….
    Spooks took a while to get going now look at it…. I see Outcast as having some depth to it and not a shoot’um up space ship saga…. repeat it, and make series two, more people will be ready for it then. Has huge scope this plot and some good acting and quality production. isn’t that why we have the BBC ?…. I’m sure it will export as well….

  • Lloyd…

    Why on earth do the BBC keep getting rid of perfectly good TV shows?! AND no one seemed to mention it was the last one.. They ditched my other favourite too, Survivors :( what do we get instead?! ANOTHER bloody dancing show……. any more reality TV rubbish?! sick of it.. want me to pay a licence fee?? put something decent on and I might think about it.

  • Andrew Price

    BBC out of touch again

  • Dave Morgan

    A shame there won’t be a second series or just a conclusion (one-off) type program. I’m a big sci-fi fan but this had a lot more, as much as I want to like Dr WHo its just stupid and childish, this offered something else.

    I did think it suffered from some re-production of similar programs. As much of a good program as it was it lived dangerously close to Blade Runner and the Battlestar Gallactica remake (ac’s – cylons). I think it needed to be more original and create its own identity. I think it also tried to do too much in each episode, there was just too many twists in the plot. Surely for a 1st series you just want to nail the basics and pull the non sci-fi fans.

    Anyway, a shame overall. I hope they can maybe come back to it in a few years. Leaves the door open for the writer to put together some cracking novels. I’d be very interested in those!

    Either way, good on the bbc for trying something new and edgy, something which isn’t reality tv!

  • Paul and Mandie

    Just have to leave a line agreeing with all above. The wife and I will miss the only adult Sifi from the bbc in years. We will go back to buying dvd box-sets of american sifi as we have done for ages as their is nothing worth watching on the TV! And as for Dr Who that trash should be on cbbs only!

  • Mary

    First Survivors now Outcasts, every programme I really get into they cut. Not very well advertised before they start only picked up on the iplayer after they started.

  • Robert Hedderley

    Disgusted with the BBC for just dumping a good program and having just paid for my license I wish I hadn’t bothered.

  • boyce

    am i missing something. i have been watching this and would surley like to have a conclusion.
    thanks for leaving us high and dry, typical. first decent program bbc have made for years that has an interesting storyline, stick with the soaps bbc is that all that you are.

  • Chippa

    BBC please take the time to read the above, or would it be better if we moved the comments to another area, just after you had worked out where to look. Time and Time again we get short changed by a system so focused on targets and ratings that I’m surprised you’re not run by a School Board. If the BBC wants to engage with it customers, for that is what we are, even if we are tied in and hamstrung by the License, the BBC must consider all customers, not just the intellectual elite or the lowest common denominator.
    For your information, I have never been asked what programmes I watch, probably because i don’t fit perfectly into a demographic that suits the BBC Execs, ie I’m 44, live up North and have a job. I also have a brain, which I like to exercise, by not watching the same old format, regurgitated pulp, with the same characters just new names. I am of course talking of the ever present Soaps, Sitcoms, Period and Hospital dramas, they have their place, along with Sci-Fi. It would seem that we always get the rough end of the stick, probably because you see us as geeks, which I personally take umbrage about.
    Please reconsider your model for new programming because if you don’t, there will be a liturgy of half finished, series stilted, ill managed programs, that don’t go beyond the first series and that will hang around the BBC neck, like a millstone.
    In the cool light of day and with the ability of hindsight, the BBC executives will be held in the same contempt as those who failed to sing the Beetles. Just one last thing to consider, Blackadder’s first series was a unmitigated flop and that is a well-recognised fact, but from there on in, it became a smash hit. WHY, because somebody took a chance, they were possibly scared, worried and concerned that a second series would following in the first. But a man who has never made a mistake in his life, has never made a decision.

  • Jennie

    I realty enjoyed watching Outcasts – mostly on iPlayer so broadcast time wasnt an issue for me, but like so many people I am really disappointed that there won’t be a series two because the slightly off-beat show was different and it felt like I was just getting into all the characters and stories. If nothing else please can you do a proper finale?

  • Pete Mab

    Like everyone else leaving a message I am gutted that Outcasts seems to have been dumped. In fact the story line is in such a cliff hanger I have been counting down the days assuming it was on tonight. As always anything with an ounce of intelligence associated is going to attract a lower audience. But 3 million viewers is what a £1 each and on the basis this was one of the only programs worth watching on the beeb now I have SKY I think I have paid at least 10 time over.


    had to watch the 1st 3 episodes a couple a times 2 get in too it, work out the plot, but now am really hooked. Recorded every episode make sure not miss anything. Script , actors, and location brilliant. At last BBC have a truly griping scf for adults. This is what TV licence fees are about. What we want . ASK US

  • Pissed off

    Why the fuck should we start watching a new series if there is a chance it can be canned!

    Come on BBC dont start being all AMERICAN! All bloody start ups and no finishes!!

    I’m sick and tired of investing time in watching new sci fi that keeps getting cut before its complete… Oh I know… LETS DUMB EVERYTHING DOWN TO A CRETINS LEVEL!!!

    If it aint Cops or hospitals or shite cheap soaps we wont get to see the finish!

  • Harold Archer

    What a great show! Couldn’t wait for the second series only to find the BBC have axed it, Shame on you BBC

  • Tigger2379

    Unfortunately I have just found this brilliant programme on i-player. I never noticed it actually being broadcast. Devistatingly I have just managed to watch up to episode 5 and have missed the last few episodes.
    As for a second series, if the rest of season one was as good as i have seen then it would definately deserve a chance!! As for viewing figures if I have only just found it how many others were unaware of this great programme????

  • Andreas

    Thoroughly enjoyed Outcasts and was shocked to learn that Season 2 was cancelled.

    With all the rubbish TV shows out there and lack of sci-fi content, it’s really surprising that this show didn’t receive good ratings as some have reported in this blog. @Dubwise, yes it could be well the lack of advertisement. I had only recently found out about it and many of my friends that like sci-fi have never heard of it.

    It had a wonderful blend of Space 1999, Lost and Stargate. I shall sincerely miss this programme.

    @BBC – Have you lost it, completely?

  • Gill

    I really enjoyed Outcasts – I want to know what happened next. And why change the slot – Monday night was a good time; late sunday night was not a good time – I had to watch it on catch up. Do the ratings allow for that? Please bring it back, so at least we know what happened to Fleur, Cass, and whether Julian got his comeupance.

  • Ali

    Dear BBC,
    Please may i have those 7 hours of my life back you cunningly thieved from me. Next time you feel the need to fund a television program up to a climatic moment and then stop, let me know and i shall not watch it in the first place. I was however thoroughly enjoying ‘Outcast’ and hope you see sense and fund series 2. At the very least give the story some kind of conclusion….
    Best regards,

  • Ender

    Aww..Come on this show had the air of Asimov, Heinlein and Card!

    Canceling this show is a brutal disservice to the field of sci-fi, please BBC wake up and resurrect Outcasts!.

  • Gareth

    Any Firefly fans out there? It was an American sci-fi series full of humour, intelligence, intrigue and fantastic characters. Then the Fox network decided to change it’s time slot so the casual watcher tuned in the next week to find it absent and became disinterested, which led to the shows premature demise at the end of series 1. Sound familiar? It’s sad but unsurprising that the slow-witted dinosaur of a broadcasting company known as the BBC let the same thing happen to the most promising and original series it has funded, with our money, in a very long time. This is the result of letting accountants and jobsworths make decisions, and is sadly a prime example of greed coming before intelligence. The great British public has to endure no end of televisual dross in the from of reality tv, morbid and depressing soaps, poorly devised game shows and many other forms of programming aimed at the lowest common denominator. It’s such a shame that a series as refreshing and thought provoking as Outcasts will be allowed to fall between the cracks, the victim of petty minded “suits” who see all things in terms of pounds and pence. And as a final thought, yes, they can claim it’s a bad economic climate and money needs to be saved, but it’s law, we HAVE to pay a tv licence, so they already have our money regardless.

  • Darren

    Can’t believe this has been axed. I thought this program was as good as any o the big American Scifi and was looking forward to many more series. Do they not count the number of people watching it on iplayer? Thought the BBC was better than this, hope they reconsider.

  • Liam

    Can’t believe it’s been axed.

    Look at the viewings on iPlayer, not the TV ratings. Sci-Fi is always going to play better over the web than on normal TV.

  • Morgan

    Very very sad, it was just getting really good! Gone the way of Firefly…at least make a TV movie or two to wrap it up in some kind of way with the people arriving on the planet, the aliens, ACs………..Come on!!!!!!!!!!!! Why bother to let it get good to cancel it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rob

    makes me want to spit and give up buying a license…….

  • W.C.

    Greetings from the far side of the Atlantic. I must join my fellow lovers of compelling and engaging television programming in utter outrage at the cancellation of this fine program. Why must we, the minority who enjoy shows that are thought provocative, suffer at the hands of the majority? I say too many things in 21st Century are starting to gravitate towards the lowest common denominator, television included. Why must the show appeal to the masses? It should not be the #1 job of television to make money, but rather entertain. Even if the show’s budgets was vastly smaller, the networks seem unwilling to produce something which will not bring in audience the likes of Janet Jackson’s half-exposed boob.

    This show is brilliant. And much like other shows of this nature gone way before its time.

  • Steve

    8 episodes and that’s it? Slow to get going but it’s got me hooked now… Oh well. Typical really ‘cos it was great and the setting was amazing. Worked well as an alien planet. Nice to have some British drama as opposed to having to rely on the Americans all the time. :(

  • Greeno

    Absolutely gutted there will be no 2nd series. I generally don’t like sci-fi, but found this compelling. Yes, it was a little slow to begin with, but it really picked up and the cast were superb, in particular Daniel Mays as Cass who is always interesting to watch. I can’t beleive they left it on such a cliff hanger. The very least the Beeb could do would be to make a final episode – I NEED CLOSURE!!

  • skoby

    I can’t believe this, about all I’ve watched on the BBC lately is outcasts, top gear and the 6 nations. I think I was lucky to have stumbled upon outcasts, I saw no advertising for it and if it wasn’t for a friend talking to me about it I wouldn’t have found it with it’s random timeslots. I’m sure if it was given a half decent, consistent timeslot and some trailers then it would have got better ratings. I wouldn’t be at all suprised if more people watched this online than live on tv.

    I hope they reconsider but honestly doubt they will.

  • claire

    Please bring it back

  • carol edwards

    How can you follow a series when not only do the bbc change the time it is shown but then do not inform you of the new time. Why did they not make a pilot show to test the water. . Again the bbc has wasted our money by starting somthing they are not going to finish . I for one will not start watching a new bbc series again till I known it has an ending. Should other viewers do the same the rating will never go up and what will then be the point of making any new series

  • Judith

    Outcasts was a bit odd, but I enjoyed it. Although as they moved it to a late slot I had to watch it on iplayer. There are many days when there is nothing I want to watch on TV, so its a shame when they cancel a good one. I really want to know what happens next.

  • Howard C

    Fantastic home grown tv at it’s best… more please!

  • G

    Such a shame…one of the best sci-fi series. I had a better opinion about BBC..up until now.

  • JAG

    I am gutted to find that I will not find out what happens to all the characters in Outcasts. Yes, it did take a while to warm up but the suspense and intrugued built up brilliantly and I really want to know who was coming in that ship and if the different life forms manage to work together. I am not a sci fi fan but really enjoyed the challenge of working out what was going to happen. Shame on you bbc. You seem to have money for rubbish like Cash in the attic and bargain hunt but cant find any for the rest of us with brains to enjoy!

  • Praym

    I am shocked to know that there is not going to be any more episodes. I never new BBC has such an aggressive approach to program continuation just based on iplayer ratings. I did not know that clicking on the rating button mattered that much, I never clicked on any. If I would have known that in advance, I would have clicked 50 times for each episode. Its that much I liked it. This is the best sci-fi I saw in so many years. In fact its the best. I want in it back. I want to see more. I want the second series.

  • Steve

    Even the wife liked this and she hates Si-Fi. Why put it on at 10:30 on a Sunday night and say the ratings where poor, there bound to be low!.



  • Tom

    gutted, just gutted. finally I can watch something on the BBC. for noce my tastes were taken in to account. I felt yeah thats what TV licence is for. But oh no, I had to watch every episode on demand, as the times were swopped and changed. If you were not going to do a second series in the first place just say, dont lie to the public about it, we can take it.
    BBC, its hard to say but if you keep doing things like this we will all turn over to sky, virgin and any other cable channel as you won show the programs we like at a time we can watch it. Really, how late on a Sunday do you think the employed stay up till?
    Please bring it back the 2nd series. Or to the writers, find another channel to take it on, look at men behaving badly (not the best example), you shall prevaile

  • Tina

    I can’t believe they are not going to continue with this gripping show. I loved it! Any plans to sell it on to another channel? Sky perhaps?
    A very disheartened Tina :( (I need to know what happens next)!!

  • Dale

    I have to know what happens next? That’s it BBC! If I only get half a TV series, I’m only paying half of my licence fee :(

  • gpl

    It was a slow burner for sure but it finished just as it was getting really good !!!!

    A disgrace that the BBC and their overpaid execs have axed it……..

  • Paul Hammersley

    I cannot believe that the powers that be in the BBC have got their facts straight. I lay in bed got iPlayer up and no Outcasts. I’m no big fan of SciFi, but Outcasts was refreshingly different. The senario, the relationships, the brilliant cliff hanger, then nothing.
    Come on senior execs, this was not a scifi for geeks show, although I’m sure it cornered that market, this show deserves a fixed timeslot and better advertising. Lets have a U turn and make another series.

  • Charlotte

    I went onto iplayer today to look for the next episode of Outcasts to find there isn’t one! Very disappointed, I want to know what happens :/

  • Tina

    I am so tired of the” Flog the Rubbish you Found in the Attic, Then Do it Up for a Fiver” programmes the BBC puts out: Outcasts was one of the most original and interesting programmes I had seen on terrestrial tv for a long time and they’ve axed it. I don’t want to watch dross, I want something to stimulate my mind, something that I can look forward to all week, and this did the job. Where does my licence fee go? – it certainly isn’t going on making programmes that people will remember and talk about.

  • Stavros

    At least don’t leave the series in such ending. It doesn’t deserve it. Just do a movie in order to finish it…

  • MAS

    Posted a complaint yesterday!! You have not included it!! I wonder how many other complaints you are not showing!!! BRING BACK OUTCASTS SERIES 2!!!!…THE GREATEST SCI-FI SERIES I HAVE EVER HAD THE PRIVILEGE TO WATCH…EVER!!

  • Graham Price

    Thanks BBC – Really enjoyed the series looking forward to next episode and it is now canned – I can only echo what so many viewers have said , that I am disappointed and disgusted there are no further episodes. Suggest the writer gets funding from another tv channel. This was a really good break from the usual round of soaps, police dramas, bargain hunt and cash in the attic and was obviously enjoyed by a lot of people. Why film something if you do not have an ending!!! – What a Waste

  • Bob

    that’s more mindless dibble we are going to have to put up with, if it has to make the ratings.
    we are not a mono culture, and I was under the miss understanding that the BBC was a diverse programming company. so what has happened?
    sorry if I do not fall in to the endless reality programs mind set, and so why not put it on at some weird time for us weir-dos and let us watch some interesting si-fi.
    there is also iplayer, not
    this really up set me, sort it BBC, we are not all wrong.


    they should never have cancled such a grate show the plot twised every time hooking people more and more
    we have been left to wonder after each episode and now this wtf bbc are you fucking stupied or what

  • sacdaly

    so thats where it went to! sunday at 10:30?
    watched the first few on a monday then totaly lost it had to watch the rest on i player .
    started off a bit slow then became very good reminded me of battlestar galactica in a way.
    this was the only program bar being human that i actually tuned into watch every week oh well back to the other channels

  • mjn

    will just add a best thing made in years and shame for not running with it..

  • kathy g

    This is a brilliant series, I even watched it again on iplayer. Why is think cancelled when the BBC uses our license money to air such drivel on our screens.
    Rethink our decision BBC!!

  • kathy g

    This is a brilliant series, I even watched it again on iplayer. Why is this cancelled when the BBC uses our license money to air such drivel on our screens?
    Rethink your decision BBC!!

  • Chris A

    Axed just because it had a story that needed to be followed and only a few million of us watched it, unlilke trash like East Enders which has been the same old tripe for years.

    How bloody dare the BBC stop making it without an ending, what was the point of watching any of it if we never know what it was all about.
    The BBC makes us buy a licence then makes trash for the lower class all the time. Cancel bloody East Enders and all the other soap crap and do re-runs (the viewers of that won’t notice) and use the money to make an ending to Outcasts.
    Its like publishing a book with the last chapter missing.

    I have never been this angry about a TV Prog.

  • Belinda

    I don’t usually write responses, but feel this cancellation needs one.
    I was really enjoying the series in spite of the timing changes which meant I have been watching it on i-Player rather than on TV. Am very disappointed and agree with the comments – fewer soaps and more interesting/challenging story lines please.

  • Nick

    Where do we get a refund on our license fee?
    This shows a blatant lack of regard for customers

  • MAL

    Very disappointed BBC! Will make us reluctant to start watching something similar again next time.

  • Gerry McGonagle

    poor show BBC, you could have at least let a finale be filmed as I was dying to see how things would develop. I think it was shown at a too late time for teh audience it should have been after.I too watched it on Iplayer.

  • Marc

    I feel thoroughly cheated. This was the only show worth the licence.

  • Don

    There I was thinking here a series that at last would be a bastion against the many aborted or interupted si fi series I”ve in vain tried to watch to a “satisfactory” conclusion usually thanks to the likes of sky etc e.g
    1. stargate universe 2. heroes 3. lost 4. battlestar galactica 5. flash forward

    And what happened to 6. Survivors 7. Paradox

    Obviously the BBC wishes i had the attention span of a goldfish. Being a si fi fan am I a deluded minority. I think i will stop watching tv and go to the internet because i can depend on nobody to give me challenging, thought provoking content. Everything else on tv is either relentlessly grim – Eastenders, or a form of reality tv – mostly brain dead, otherwise all with a tone of holly-oaks yoof acting (even period dramas).
    I despair

  • Rob C

    What can I add that has not already been said – damned shame, and a shame on the beeb.

  • Aaaagghh!! listen bbc please!

    Having just settled down to my Tuesday night outcasts catch up routine-a routine i THOROUGHLY look forward too…I am left feeling, totally aghast, & a bit shafted to be honest! This show was incredible! Intriguing, clever, engaging, fantastic characters I genuinely loved and hated & a magic spark tvs been lacking. In these days of loads of free channels, catchup & on demand tv etc. ratings and viewing processes need to progress too. BBC u are fooools for cutting this one short. Not having a second series is one thing, but leaving us SO high and dry with the first is insane! Like many people have said- I feel like what’s the point in investing time in future new series if we’ll have the fear this will happen again… with so much dross on tv having multiple series comissioned, it makes me wonder whose making the decisions. LISTEN TO THESE COMMENTS. At least commision a finale episode!xx

  • MAS

    Just to let everyone know, Sky has been alerted on this potentially huge lost opportunity by BBC. BBC, if you have any sense, its still not too late to reconsider!!

  • Denis

    First time commenter! For the count im really disappointed too. It was hardly advertised, never on the iplayer recommended lists so the fault of a low audience is bbcs own mess. Whilst it had its weaknesses instead it had massive potential and was building the tension well. Interesting story and characters that DESERVE completing. If nothing else BBC think about the massive dvd buying power of the average sci fi fan! I might just not waste my time for the next series that BBC do.

  • MPS

    Bad move BBC. Great show! Excellent story, characters, etc. More please!

  • Sheryl

    What a shame,a brilliant intelligent programme for intelligent people who don’t demand the mind numbing boredom of instant gratification. I was beginning to think the BBC had finally realised that there is more to TV than Soaps and repeats. Licence payers come in many guises and Sci fans are among them.

  • Pattio

    You Sons-a-ma-bitches, how could you leave it there? like reading a great book only to find some overpaid BBC lacky has torn out the last chapter, I am starting to think Auntie Beeb is listening to those A_holes of so called TV critics!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jackturk

    BBC, you’ve mae a big mistake here! This was a slow burner and whilst some of the story line was a little weak and the acting a little waffer thin, it was building up nicely and was gather support from a growing audience…the programming was a tad weid too! One week on BBC1 on a Monday, then a Teusday, then a Sunday, then on HD! Thank god for iPlayer…great show that needed a little tweaking and a lor more bravery from the BBC

  • Myke

    Dearest BBC ,
    I’m a loyal licence fee payer.. have been for decades and now you pull one of the best shows ever produced by auntie beeb ???? where is you head at? … I’m considering moving to a more friendly planet..deep sorrow and injustice to fans and fear that you will bring more reality trite and fluff to our already saturated world.
    Where can I buy the rights to continue?… or have u already sold out?

  • What a shame… not enough episodes to come to any kind of conclusions. When you invest time getting into a new show it needs to run for at least two series (if they are only 8 episodes) to allow enough time for word to get out. It’s very frustrating since the story line didn’t have enough time to develop. The acting was poor to begin with but got better (isn’t this always the case) and the 1hr time slot was fine.

    I liked the programme but I only ever watch TV on Iplayer or equivalent due to work commitments. I hope these figures are taken into account.

    Now I only have one programme per week to watch aside from the news… Wonders.

    I think it should have run for at least one more season.

  • dave

    This was such a refreshing series I cant believe we have been left in the lerch, there is so much rubbish on ,it was great to watch something intelligent, bring back BLAKE 7 [joke]

  • PM

    What a shame, I have watched and enjoyed every episode of what was turning out to be a great drama / scifi series.
    I think the porgramme timing was wrong and up against some stiff ‘popular’ programming alternatives at the same time. It was clearly a BBC2 series that should have been repeated throughout the week and allowed to ‘breath’ for a couple of series. the plot and acting would have brought viewers to the series and it had real potential to become one of those cult porgrammes that the Beeb used to do so well !
    Where is your foresight ? And frankly you have wasted my time for 8 weeks watching half a story.

  • MikeC

    Talk about left high and dry :(

  • brian r bird

    if the beeb was not going to re-commision Zen, then there was no way they would re-commision a second one of this load of garbage. Rubbish storylines, awful acting. Landfall, on radio3 last saturday was far superior to this boring tripe.

  • John

    I feel this wasnt given the time to shine, granted i thought a couple of episodes were badly acted and written, but over all it was good and it was early stages of a good plot development, with episode 8 leaving me wanting more.

    i think the bbc need to rethink their knee jerk policies and stop listening to tabliod tv critics, at the end of the day, we pay the fee and we watch the programmes, surely our opinions are worth more to them.

  • Helen

    I absolutely loved this programme and cannot understand why it was pulled. I very much enjoy my drama’s and this was a breath of fresh air as it took a different direction and lots more imagination than the usual crime drama’s that all seem to be the same program just with different actors! I have nothing against crime drama’s I do enjoy watching them but it made a nice change to watch something that was entirely different. I am very disappointed, the programme wasn’t even concluded how very unfair for the viewers that tuned in every week to be left ‘hanging’.

  • robert

    what a shame the bbc think they know what people want to watch. i watched outcast on iplayer and could not wait to see what happens next. now its gone without even ending it correctly. maybe people in suits up high will stop acting like god and listen to the public soon.
    it needed at least another couple of episodes if not another season. gods knows we pay for the right for another season.

  • Embers

    it had so much potential, its so rare to see an intelligent programme, and as usual, the bbc made a complete mess of it. Like ‘the killing’ it was moved around, shown at odd times without warning, and ignored. Its a shame, but if all they want to do is show soaps and reality tv, perhaps its time we didn’t have to pay a licence fee?

  • A. George

    As seems the norm – mindless 30/40 somethings thinking they know best. I suppose it is switch off time again as they will soon be putting on mindless cheap programmes hoping to delight us – well people, they don’t. I sincerely hope another TV company picks this up and there is a follow on – well done to the writer – a gem!!!

  • Keith

    Agreed! Watched on iplayer don’t watch anything else
    at the moment bar news a nice bit of escapist drama
    building well…just ended!…running out of reasons to
    Pay licence!. Big disappointment

  • Al

    I have to agree with everyone else; very disappointed in the BBC. I was just starting to get into it when they pull the plug. Seems to happen all to often now and not just by the BBC. I had hoped the BBC were a cut above the rest but obviously I was wrong!

  • Stuart

    The BBC are having a laugh
    What is the point of placing this series on i player if it knew it had been axed before the concluding episode.
    I sat for weeks watching this brilliant sci fi series and then find out i will never know what happens in the end.
    Honestly thought the BBC had got their acts together when they showed The Deep and then this, but no its back to ballroom dancing Eastenders in the attic yawwwwwwwwn.

  • Kevin

    How can the bbc continually invest money in soaps such as eastenders and casualty etc which just recycle the same stories and ignore quality acting, writing and drama in programmes such as outcasts. perhaps the decision makers have watcheds so much soap that they are now brain dead.

  • Nicky

    Completely agree with everyones comments, its the first intelligent Sci Fi Ive seen in ages. Real shame…

  • :(

    :O How could you leave it like that?
    Many have just got ear of this, think if ran for longer news would spread

  • Lazengann

    i’m so angry,it’s a best tv show!!! I wan’t the season 2.

  • spetsesone

    The bbc only make 3 decent programmes i spooks which looks like the are going to take there own sweet time about making another series of if they do, Outcasts which they have now cancelled and Doctor Who which they are splitting in 2 for the next season. While crap like Eastenders is on every night of the week for the last 20 odd years

  • God Dammit

    What was the point of watching the whole bloody series if we’re just going to be deprived of the climax?!?!

  • Sandra

    Thought I was alone until I read all the comments!

    Shame on you BBC- I have better things to do with my time than watch 8 brilliant episodes only to find it’s been panned. It does not inspire me to ‘get into’ any other BBC offerings. You have surely missed a winner here.

  • Atton

    utterly despondent. Wonderfully Intelligent scifi with great storylines and fine acting. I appreciate the kidult Dr who and spin offs but this was a great series for adults. Iplayer was its home though i guess, crying shame.

  • typical bbc,we pay the fee, they churn out rubbish,and eventually when someone comes along with a great story line, they look dumbly at one another, and cancel outcasts, just as it was getting interesting,but they have done this before,no wonder people are moving to SKY etc, the men in suits seem to forget we PAY their wages !!!

  • Annette Young

    Very, very disappointed. Never missed it and was looking forward to the story conclusion.
    Get organised and get it on IPlayer or even DVD – I for one would be happy to pay for it as it was great – fab storyline and fantastic actiing.
    Utterly rubbish of the BBC of the BBC for doing this.
    Come on another channel please, please pick this up.

  • Mike

    I’ d rather go and live on Carpathia than share a planet with nano-brained accountants who decide to ditch the only decent Sci-Fi Drama for years. With the plethora of dubiously arty “science” offerings these days (see Wonders of the Universe which must cost a fortune but which takes an hour to do a ten-minute school science lesson) it’s clear the BBC acknowledge the importance of Science. So why are they so scared of Science Drama? They played a blinder with Sci Fi comedy in the brilliant Red Dwarf when everyone at the time said it would never work. It’s not as if the BBC have advertisers to please. Reverse your decision BBC.

  • I am so disappointed, this programme was a little different from the norm and that made it interesting. The acting was fabulous and for a change a sci fi programme for the mature person as opposed for the youngsters. I can’t believe we will be left high and dry with no conclusion, I personaly watched every programme and now to find out there is nothing to look forward to. It may not have achieved the ratings it required financially but how about us that don’t enjoy the regular episodes of programmes with easily worked out endings, how about giving it a lesser budget and making it a half hour programme at least with viewing at a less demanding time slot perhaps.

  • Lesley

    Like others have said, I missed when Outcasts was actually on the TV due to the airtime changes, so I frequently tuned in to I-Player during the week to catch up. Eagerly went into I-Player today for my next instalment and it doesn’t even appear in the TV listings. It’s as if it never even existed! Come on BBC, put us out of our misery and at least give us an ending. Sick to the back teeth of “mainstream” programmes like Eastenders and Escape to the Country. Give us back Outcasts.

  • Sam

    So unfair you get into a top sifi series and it get canceled come on BBC pull it back

  • Shaun

    I dont get it, are most people into the crap reality stuff really? I loved this show like most people here, and though at least the BBC would do a Final episode, to end it where they did, are they stupid? I guess us sci fi fans are really a dying breed, and it seems we live in a consumer dumb world now. I have to admit that in general the people I have met etc. do not care for cerebral thought about news etc. But, the sci fi fan base pays its moneys too for the worthless licence! Absolutely nothing worth watching for me apart from the odd documentary on the BBC now, shame on you BBC :P

  • Graham

    I don’t normally like to comment of stuff on the web, and can’t really add to what’s been said already, but this show deserves support! Ok, so it took a few episodes to get going, but I was on the edge of my seat through the rest of it!

  • Alan Ward

    I dispare at the daft decision to not press on with the thought provoking Outcasts, perhaps that is the problem the audiance survey must have stopped all the brain dead who only know when the soaps are on.Please give us more of this great SIFI.
    And yes when is survivors back on our screens?

  • ray

    We PAY the BBC takes and give nothing back yet another show dropped wont bother watching any new stuff from the BBC its better to make one person happy than do nothing in this world

  • MAS

    BBC, wake up…..Wake Up…..WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Outcasts has HUGE potential……give us more!!!!!!

  • Jess

    So we’ll never know if Fleur and Cass actually fall for each other! It’s mean having a cliff hanger ending if the series is not going to continue. Come on BBC give us one more episode to tie off the loose ends.

  • steven

    I must adnit the first 2 episodes didnt grip me as i was hoping for but then the series started to pick up and i really enjoyed the story lines and the programme i admit i never watched it as it aired as time didnt allow me too but i always caught up on I Player but now its cancelled in mid storyline i hope some other company does take it over and stick there fingers up to the beeb, PS isnt it us who pay the licence fee not all of of a eastender fans come on thats a load of crap on a script more death and rape and drugs storylines than needed for one show how about scrap that….BBC = Moneygrabbers license fee scrap it It’s totally not worth it….

  • Andy H

    The BBC seems to have no commitment to quality drama anymore. They are only interested in boring soaps, endless drivel based on crime and medical dramas (yawn), tedious reality? shows and programmes for people with the attention span of a goldfish. Anything a bit different or with a little imagination doesn’t stand a chance. If there’s no season 2 of Outcasts I’ve just wasted 8 hours of my life – thanks. I’m so angry about this you’ve provoked me to complain about a progamme for the first time in over 40 years of viewing and about a progamme I actually liked!

  • Dean

    Sorry but the fact is the show had massive potential but was slow and poorly acted/directed. it should have been, could have been so much better but was in the end disappointing That said I still watched every episisode, even having to catch the last two on I Player due to some crafty re-scheduling(which cant have helped the ratings). PS the missus loved it.

  • cliffowens@blueyonder.co.uk

    Just looked up when the next episode is going to be and I am disgusted to find I have seen it. I loathe this awful tax the BBC force us to pay and this is another slap in the face for every viewer who has invested time in this unfinished series.

  • Shamus

    The show was getting better and better, never since BLAKES 7 has the BBC put out such a good and gripping Scifi series, better than all the soaps and reality tv that we are hit with this day and age.
    If only the BBC were to listen to the viewing community and not the crittics and lets face it if they dont understand it they slate it and diss it.
    I myself looked forward to Monday & Tuesday evenings and then to Sunday evenings but now i shall be back looking through my DVD collection to get my scifi fill, Please BBC give OUTCASTS another go and i think that you will be surprised at what occurs within the Scifi community.

  • Ian of Plymouth

    Disgusted and disappointed with the BBC. I was really enjoying watching something different from the mindless so-called reality tv. Proper drama that was never given a chance – the decision was probably made after two or three episodes and then they shifted to whatever slot was going so viewers enjoying this had to really work to catch it. Programmes like this need to be given time to develop. We seem to live in such an instant gratification world and with the BBC, not reliant on commercials I really expected more. I mean look at Dr Who, which for many years was a niche sci-fi programme that’s now a global business. I would love to see Sky pick this up, I’ve been watching television long enough to know a decent programme and the fact that so many people feel strong enough and care enough to make comments on this site says it all really. Bad show BBC!

  • Deb

    The BBC should be ashamed of themselves. I agree with the majority of the post – to show 8 episodes and bring the series to an end without notice is very bad practice.
    Changing the day/time of airing has probably been the major cause of the drop in viewing figures, this isn’t the first programme to be ‘messed about with’ that has ended in the same abrupt way. What next? pulling the plug on films that don’t reach the target figures?

  • Danny

    The bbc seriously needs to sort it self out, with all the drivel on t.v at the moment it was refreshing and exciting to have more adult themed sci-fi series to get into. To finish it with out a final is an absolute disgrace.

  • Zoe

    Can’t believe Outcasts has ended, just tried to find next episode on iplayer only to discover that the BBC have pulled the plug. Was so looking forward to seeing what happened when the next ship arrived. Bloody BBC have spoilt a really great programme.

  • ann gardiner

    WHY???? my husband and l were loving it and actually got our teenage boys into it too by the end of the third programme two of their friends would come round to watch it….BBC you never gave it a chance!!

  • Matthew

    I thought I was the only one enjoying this series, and like Zoe was just trying to find the next episode on i-player. Can’t believe its been scrapped

  • Sherry

    Yes I agree with everybody, you should have given notice,plus you should of asked the public what they thought!! It’s us who watch it!!! That was just rude not letting us know it had finished!! Shame on you !!!!

  • dave capon

    This was one of the best programmes the BBC has produced in a very long time. Apart from a bit of suspect casting. BBC WRONG again to cancel this excellent series. I sometimes wonder if in fact the management are from another planet ( NOT CARPATHIA).

  • Alistair Sutherland

    Come on Joe Public!! I thought it was up to us to demand what kind of programmes we want to see not to ruled by number crunchers on the Board of the BBC.Outcasts was a brilliant Sci Fi drama on a par with the Survivors.Bring it back.

  • Chris Pritchard

    Something different I looked forward to watching has been stopped in mid stream,very very disappointed the BBC has made a big mistake.
    Rome was not built in a day ,the BBC should have given the programme a fair chance

  • mary

    cant belive outcasts has ended i love that programme they could of finish it i hope they put it back on

  • Barry

    Really disappointed and frustrated it’s been axed – it was the best Sci-Fi the BBC has ever produced.

  • Jim

    Got to agree with everyone. Outcasts was really getting into its stride when, suddenly, there’s no more. A real disappointment! Time for a rethink BBC.

  • R Morris

    Really very angry with this approach by the BBC. Are you telling me that they have not filmed episode 9? No of course they have so why not broadcast it or make it available online. Oh but I forgot – they are not telling us anything. Poor effort Mr Controller

  • Mark

    Another who agrees it should not have been pulled, i was really enjoying it, only got to episode 3 but i was hooked, complete disgrace removing it from iplayer too, i pay my licence fee so i should be able to catch up on it!

  • Will

    terrible , i can’t believe they pulled it off air , shame on your BBC ! and thats from my wife and me.

  • charlie

    so annoyed this has ended, i really wanted to see what would have happened. :(
    i always watched it on the iplayer as i always missed it shame if they dont count how many watched it on there.
    really wish it would come back

  • D. Miller

    What!? I was desperate to find out what was going to happen in episode 9. Every week I couldn’t wait for the next episode. I am a dr who fan and this was a great option while between series so don’t tell me there wasn’t an audience as I wager many of the doctor who fans were watching outcasts rather than dr who repeats. And to not even finish the story is unforgivable. Shame on you BBC. Badly done.

  • Jackie

    I can’t believe the bbc are going to leave a good story hanging like that – we all want to know what happens next!! Surely Outcasts deserves a proper chance to build a following, it’s not all about immediate high ratings is it? Move it to BBC3 if you must but please finish the story!

  • Wayne Rees

    Another example of the BBC’s lack of respect for its viewers!

    This was a well written and well acted drama. After spending eight weeks developing the story and characters, to just axe it is appalling.

    Will they never learn ?


  • Jonathan Dobres

    Thought my V box recorder had malfunctioned!
    Utterly amazed that the BBC can scrap a series without any warning
    I was really enjoying it,a gritty mix of sci fi ,survival and soap opera?
    Surely we could have one last episode to tie up loose ends?
    Or maybe the writers could publish the script for a few more episodes as a BBC book?

  • MAS


  • this was really exciting viewing with intelligent script. Shame on you BBC for denying us our pleasure. And shame on you for being so high-handecd,

  • Stevie

    I really enjoyed it, thought the acting was great and the storyline very intreging. There’s a depth to the story line that the critics just couldn’t cope with . So there’s a good chance Outcasts will become a cult. I love BBC1 but it’s a shame they comissioned it. BBC2 or even ITV have much more of a track record of innovative, alternative drama. Beeb 1 seems frozen by its responsibilty to the nation to be popular

  • C.Vincent

    Can’t believe this has been axed! Come on BBC have a rethink for once! This was a brilliant sci-fi drama, much better than most of the reality drivel you put on!

  • Olaf

    Very upsetting!!!

  • W.Wilson

    Its an absolute joke, apart from the News and documentaries, this was a show I had a lot of time for. Whether or not it had the ratings, it shows their lack of respect for the viewers and possibly in this case, a minority. BBC your ratist!!! I personally am very angry and would like to boycott this cancellation! Facebook groups usually do the trick!

  • chaotic_uk

    is it not the british licence that should decided on things like this ? , not some overpaid out of touch suit ? . to me the bbc should be replaced with something that is worth the £££ it gets

  • chaotic_uk

    thats should have said “licence payer” lol

  • John

    The BBC never listens to its viewers, they even take the piss by running programs where you can voice your objections, so forget about it, I remember the Tripods, and I’m still waiting for that to be concluded. Why should they bother, its easier to show crap reality, soaps mainly imported. The good shows get dropped, ie Time Team etc.

  • Christopher Low

    The problem with the idea of Sky TV picking up Outcasts for a second series is that it would be ruined by adverts! I really can’t watch any dramas on Sky TV these days, because the natural flow is shattered by endless adverts and previews of other shows.

    As an example of the difference, each episode of Outcasts was 59 minutes long, in a one hour slot. Now check how long an episode of Stargate is in that same one hour slot. For the record, it’s about 42 minutes. So that’s 18 minotes in every 60 that the viewer has to put up with atmosphere destroying interruptions.

    I want to see a second series of Outcasts, but I want to see it on the BBC.

  • Ned

    why oh why do people do this, a great program only given 1 series and left with a massive cliff hanger and so many questions, Outcasts was the only none factual program i watched on the BBC and finaly felt my licence fee was being put to good use, please atleast have the story finished even if its an online blog, so its back to letting programming being set by the mindless masses watching eastenders and reality tv, what a great way to fight back against american tv.

  • Gary

    Unbelievable!! You invest your valuable time in a exciting and well acted drama only for it to get axed after one series. Nice one, thanks. Truly disappointing but surely it should be given more of a chance.

    I watch like many on iPlayer and if these viewers aren’t counted how can you make such a important decision based on TV viewers alone?

    No idea what it was up against but it was certainly better than the B-celebrity garbage, reality staged TV and boring soaps we’re currently subjected too.

    Personally I thought it was the job of the BBC, who I contribute too, to offer a varied and wide ranging schedule of programmes. If this is the case can we have it back? As there’s nothing else like it on the box at the moment. Please!!

  • Adam

    I have to agree with the article and just about everyone in these comments.

    The BBC, and British television in general, seems afraid of long-tail productions which cater to a select audience. The sad fact is, if this were a minorities program, they’d keep it going.

    So ends the only programme on BBC that I’ve enjoyed for many years. It’s not just disappointing, it’s sickening, as it’s as good as saying we’re never going to get anything we like. We can’t even say to hell with them, because we’re legally bound to pay them their license fee whether we watch their crap or not.

    Defying Gravity went the same way, and I’m not watching anything else from the beeb until it’s out in it’s second season at least – they’re just throwing (our) money away with their clumsy experiments. We need a new Director, and apparently it would be good if they weren’t British.

  • Jane

    Totally agree with my fellow viewers, you all need to send your complaints into the BBC Complaints department heres the link courtesy of MAS above !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Christopher Low where did you find aout about SKY taking it on ??~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Lesley

    Oh come on BBC!! Your having a laugh!!! I’ve just found out after searching for programme! Was just getting going – and to end it without any conclusion or warning is a disgrace! Absolutely shocking!

  • Tim Jones

    I for one am really annoyed the only good programme on the bbc for a while, ididnt see a single advert for it and just by blind luck found it on the iplayer the bbc is just a big con we have to pay for it even if we dont watch it and then they cancel the best programme for quite a while i feel like a mug paying my tv licence

  • Tim Jones

    I for one am really annoyed the only good programme on the bbc for a while, ididnt see a single advert for it and just by blind luck found it on the iplayer the bbc is just a big con we have to pay for it even if we dont watch it and then they cancel the best programme for quite a while i feel like a mug paying my tv licence

    Heres the bbc complaints link again keep complaining


  • Johnny

    Attention Ben Richards & Danny Cohen, if no second series how about a re-run of series one with the development of a double finale series to be shown at the end? As many people have commented this has all the hallmarks of a great sci-fi drama that of a quality that puts it firmly up there with all the heavy weights across the pond. No doubt the analgy with the first run of star trek and its so called poor viewing numbers half a century ago as most hardened sci-fi fans know puts outcasts in that much vaulted hall of fame of a series ahead of its time. But I agree with most of the posts here the series has firmly established the main characters and the plot has only just got going with so much more to explore and develop. I really dont understand how a so called mainstream series only has 8 episodes? Maybe its better to go the BSG route of a pilot episode followed by a decent number of episodes.
    Personally I’m a bit upset with the early shifting of the series on the schedules even my PVR managed to miss recording an episode, so i’m still an episode down. What can you say quality acting, quality script, quality show and about as close as we are ever going to get to in putting a made in Britain badge on it! Maybe Mr Cameron could convince Mr Cohen its not just about viewing numbers . . . we need investment! I can only hope that Danny Cohen will get bored channel hoping on a Sunday or a Monday or Tuesday night now this slot has gone?

  • MAS

    I have another link for those of us who wouldn’t mind seeing Sky pick up the show if BBC do not rethink their decision (..i still would like to see it on the BBC, but if all fails….):
    URL for Sky: http://cadm.sky.com/PISA/Idea.aspx

  • Nick Virgo

    Utterly cheesed-off with the BBC for just trashing the series. I thought the first couple of episodes were highly problematic, but I prevailed and was glad I did so. The programme was a slow-burner. However, clearly in the BBC’s eyes anything that doesn’t give an instant gratification hit is not worth the effort. A gutless response from the BBC.

  • TP

    I don’t watch much TV, but Outcasts had my attention. Mindless game, reality and soaps dominate, I guess because of ratings? None of those do it for me at all. Drama, period or Scifi. Now only news and some documentries to look forward to.
    With the time slot moving about, thank goodness for iPlayer, at least I managed to see all the episodes before the plug was pulled.

  • Georgia

    WHAT THE HELLLLLL!!!!! There are so many unanswered questions!!!! How can you not contemplate a series 2 ?!!!! What happens with Cass and Fleur? Who are the new people arriving on the planet? What is Julius berger up to? Who are the mysterious beings who share Carpathia ? The show was just getting better and better every week but then you just leave over 1millions viewers what is going to happen next. In my opinion I think that you are utter nutters and should at least finish the storyline off! SHAME ON YOU BBC…SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • DavidW

    Lets face it: The acting was wooden, the plot scarce, uncoordinated and unconvincing, the budget minimal (a load of containers borrowed from some desperate trucking company), the special effects minimal….etc. It was Doctor Who quality from the 1970′s……but strangely compulsive, compelling and addictive. You just had to know what was coming next.
    Moving it to sunday was pretty mean (even though Silk is a great substitute on tuesdays). But you look back and think….why did I waste all that time ? If I’d known they were going to pull it, I could have stopped watching earlier and not spent the past hour trying to find the 9th episode on the WWW.
    Not great customer relations and as someone else said-hardly compels you to start watching another series when it might, also, be pulled.
    What did happen next?

  • Craig – Swindon

    Like everyone else responding I am disgusted at the BBC for canceling this series without warning and formal communication, just as I was reaaly getting into it.I have just found out after being fed up of waiting and deciding to do a search on what has happened.

    I agree that some of the episodes seemed to be filling time somewhat, I really enjoyed the concept and I’m sure with a bit of feedback to the writers these issues could have been sorted out for a second series.

    Don’t think the movement around the schedule helped much and if I hadn’t series linked the show I’m sure I would have missed some episodes. To leave so many people hanging after such a complex story was about to climax is an utter disgrace and the BBC should be ashamed. The show should have been given a chance to catch on.

    Perhaps if we get enough people posting comments we may get them to overturn their decision.

  • Craig – Swindon

    Like everyone else responding I am disgusted at the BBC for canceling this series without warning and formal communication, just as I was reaaly getting into it.I have just found out after being fed up of waiting and deciding to do a search on what has happened.

    I agree that some of the episodes seemed to be filling time somewhat, I really enjoyed the concept and I’m sure with a bit of feedback to the writers these issues could have been sorted out for a second series.

    Don’t think the movement around the schedule helped much and if I hadn’t series linked the show I’m sure I would have missed some episodes. To leave so many people hanging after such a complex story was about to climax is an utter disgrace and the BBC should be ashamed. The show should have been given a chance to catch on.

    Perhaps if we get enough people posting comments we may get them to overturn their decision.

  • Christine

    I will be extremely disappointed if there will be no season 2! BBC cannot leave viewers in the middle of the plot!

    Finally, BBC have decided to create something that is intellegent and worth watching. Not everything is about rating! Bring Outcasts back!

  • Mickey aitch.

    Absolutely disgraceful!,I can’t believe this is it for the show!!,I was disgusted when it was moved to a difficult day/time,no wonder the ratings fell!!,most people didn’t even know it had been moved and now they have scrapped it,who pays the licence fee again? mmm!!

  • Christine

    And yes, I watch this on iPlayer in bed. It was the one show I really look forward to and used to save up a couple of episodes at one time. Please bring it back on BBC.

  • chris newton

    Totally agree , series that was interesting in a world of boring tripe on television (BBC4 not withstanding) .BBC do the unexpected and carry the series on. For once why not surprise everyboby wndvdo the right thing.After all you have already spent the money.

  • Jules

    Have to agree with Adam…1st Defying Gravity which was superb but bit the dust far too early, and now Outcasts. Come on BBC there are obviously a lot of us who would much rather watch something a bit left of centre than the usual popularist drivel that’s on several nights a week! And what’s the point of i-player if you can’t watch what you want!

  • Mehrnaz

    I am disappointed that the programme has been removed. This was one of the rare watchable films from the BBC.

  • Andrea

    Am very disappointed that Outcasts has been cancelled. Just felt we were getting to know the characters and there are now several story lines unfinished. Come on BBC, do us all a favour and let’s have some more watchable tv programmes instead of deadly dull.

  • jenny

    more outcasts please!!!!

  • Stuart Hex

    Great. Flash Forward all over again. Ive just wasted 8 hours of following an interesting concept of a series that had potential. No second series? I thought the BBC was a PSB, and therefore ratings werent a deal breaker. Seems I am mistaken. In which case i think im owed 8 hrs worth of licence fee refund. In fact, be done with it BBC, youre acting like a commercial station, why not become one! Numptys.

  • Ann

    Extremely disappointed that there will be no more Outcasts.

    I want to know what happens to the characters after the end of episode 8. This was one of the few BBC programmes I made an effort to watch. If there will definitely be no more programmes made how about publishing the story lines so I’m not left with the feeling you get when the last few pages are missing from a library book.

    So sad that the BBC is acting like American programme sponsors and axing an excellent drama just because it appears the ratings are not good. I would like to know how they know the ratings. Nobody has ever asked me what I watch or like to watch. TV channels are full of so much tasteless, mindless “reality” programmes that there are times when it is difficult to find something worth watching.

    In the past year I have avoided watching and allowing myself to be drawn into series from America because of the experience of being left high and dry when they were axed or channels were switched so they were not available on those I had access to. This was to avoid the situation I am now in with Outcasts – wanting to know how things developed and probably never finding out.

    Perhaps I should stick to books and films and forget drama on TV….

  • Dan

    Come on BBC I was really starting to get into the story lines! So much unfinished business.

  • Shane

    This might not be the best analogy but here goes anyway. Does anyone remember Sir Alex Ferguson’s 1st season as Manchester United manager ?
    Well if memory serves they didn’t do too well, and he was on the verge of being axed.
    He wasn’t and look at him, and them, now.
    Have a bit of faith BBC. You’ve got a great prospect here. Writers, producers, cast – give them the chance they so obviously deserve and you never know. This too could be top of the league, and years down the line everyone will be talking about the show, and nobody will remember the big mistake you nearly made.

  • Patchyoyo


    like this page and complain to the bbc. lets make as much noise as possible, see what happens

  • Tony

    bring it back.. i so f*****ing begrudge giving those bbc ‘A holes’ licence fees..for once they put on a watchable program amoungst all that crap they serve up and then take it off

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  • W. T. Johnson

    How typical! BBC have got to change their minds. Ok the first episode was slow going and the random scheduleing of the first shows didn’t help but to leave it with so many threads hanging… It’s just not fair. Please tell me where/how can I lobby the BBC to
    A) show it again
    B) make a second series.

  • Christopher Low


    Someone mentioned further up this thread that they hoped Sky TV or another channel might buy the rights to Outcasts. I never stated that Sky TV were intending to do it!

  • Chris

    More outcasts one of the best series BBC has done.

  • Julia

    hello, why don’t the bbc do somethng creative themselves. The computer graphics for this programme will still exist somewhere. I expect the actors maybe happy still to have bbc exposure even if it was moved to a more obscure BBC channel and I am sure Ben would like to keep writing, come on BBC think out of the box, raise it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes it, see if it floates anyone’s boat and other such phrases that may appeal to ratings orientated directors.

  • David

    I was just getting into this but it was difficult to keep track of when exactly it was on. Sort yourselves out BBC and get a second series on the screen with a regular time slot

  • Rich

    Seems a shame to leave us a cliff hanger, and not come back to it.

    Here’s a plan, just grind out more of the tedious property shows, and their best buddies the ‘sell the family heirlooms for a cheap holiday’ tat. No one wants original, interesting shows…

    But hey – it’s not like you lot are competing for funds on the open market, so what do you care? Just run the government line, or failing that get Labour back in to refill your purses.

  • DJ

    Odd decision.

    Are there other epsiodes filmed & not shown, or was the plan to end s1 at episode 8 ??

    If the BBC knew it would pull the plug, I would have preffered not to waste 8 hours on a part – story.

  • dave

    good program not like the main stream rubbish. didn’t mind paying my TV licence for once

  • moira chambers

    Just went to the Facebook page and I can’t get it to let me comment. I would love to know what happens-come on BBC I need closure!

  • Sharon

    what a terrible decision to scrap such a great show, half-way through a storyline. why the hell am i paying my tv license?

  • Tim

    How can the BBC leave this series now after the last episode, Sci-fi fans could see the promise after the last image?

  • Snow0677

    gotta say i agree really enjoyed the series so far but this can’t be the end surely.

  • K.Musa

    It is ridiculous that the best show that could compete with “Stargate Universe” Launched by SyFy channel in US 2years ago has been stop. There are some people lacking of imagination and we though the performance was fantastic, the theme originally produced, I was even telling friends that the BBC are perfecting their standard. I was totally wrong there is no one single show series played in the BBC close to “outcasts”. No many people knew about the time or the publicity of the show. Anyway it is not even worth to watch anything else on monday night, boring.

  • sanalasseh M

    I don’t need to watch something else from BBC start from now, I was loving this perfection and the quality of actor was fine.

  • jane

    How about reshowing it at 9pm on the same day each week, then see what the audience ratings are.

  • Rik

    Which Philistine pulled Outcasts?
    Have just tried to catch up on i-player but it’s disappeared. I would really like to see more decent Sci Fi on TV. Some chance!

  • fred

    The decision to cancel a show at the end of eight episodes is difficult to understand. It seems to be too easy an option to ditch a potentially excellent story line with a reasonably original plot, probably in favor of yet another ‘strictly come cash in the atic relocation wonders of my celebrity chef’ offering. Please have some courage to be different and allow a story to develop. We don’t need an ITV5 thank you.

  • Steve

    The best series the BBC have shown in years and they drop it after only 8 episodes because the ratings are a little down, they didn’t even have the decency to finish the various ongoing storylines, come on BBC what the hell is wrong with you, why am I paying you a licence fee, nearly everything else you show is complete rubbish, so give this series more time to flourish as it surely will.

  • BB

    Magyarországról írok! Ezért tűnhet kínainak :)
    Nekem is nagyon tetszett a sorozat és nagyon sajnálom,hogy megszüntették!
    Igaz nehézkesen indult, de akkor is sci-fi volt!, ami sajnos manapság elég kevés!
    Eseleg egy szavazással sem lehetne visszahozni?

    [Ed – Google Translation]:
    I write from Hungary! Therefore seem Chinese:)
    I also really liked the series and I’m very sorry that they have ceased!
    True awkward start, but it was too sci-fi!, which unfortunately is now quite a few!
    Eseleg a vote could not be undone?

  • Tricia Lyle-Stirling

    I love this show and I can’t believe they’re not making another series. It has a great cast and a great storyline with a lot yet to explore. It also beats the hell out of all this reality TV crap that’s being broadcast to feed the vacant mindless masses. As for not getting the ratings…. what the hell do they expect when they keep messing about with the scheduling and put it on at such a late hour? I don’t believe the Beeb gave it a serious chance at all.

  • Penny

    I’m shocked that this won’t be continued…
    I was starting to have faith in the BBC being able to deliver sci-fi that wasn’t just Doctor Who…
    I really enjoyed this show. The characters were captivating, and the story lines were certainly thought provoking. I’m certainly going to miss it. What a shame!

  • Linds

    This was the only programme on tv worth watching. (Thank goodness for i player as it was on at silly times. ) I am so disappointed. Some of us have an IQ over 80 you know!! Where are our programmes?

  • adrian

    cant believe no season 2, might aswell let the virus kill em all and ended it, getting sick to death of watching great ideas and story lines ending early without really ending, least we can get back to watching more of the mindless negative dribble that they have bin making for years that seems like it will never end

  • Hope Hubris

    Now Outcasts…. !
    have all TV Execs had the ability to recognise quality sci-fi removed at birth these days???

  • Aimee

    I’m so glad there is another series, the first one has been the best program i have ever seen, it’s fantastic in everyway! The characters are brilliant, the drama is great, the story line was spot on fantastic. Let’s hope the next series is as brilliant as what the first one is. Overall fantastic program and i would recomend it to anyone over 18. Brilliant! =]

  • J.Quinn

    Short sighted BBC as usual – I agree with the previous comment about the station behaving as if it is a commercially driven entity. We pay for you! Why create, ask us to invest time in a story. Then the BBC doesn’t even say on the night of what turned out to be the final episode, that it was so?!!! IDIOTS. Public Service Broadcasters?How about listening to the public paying their salaries.

    It was only a little slow and ponderous at the beginning, then it convinced us to suspend belief and go along for what was building up to be a interesting and watchable ride. Come on folks, let’s have another crack at it with a second series?

    Or better still, if the Heads of Programme Commissioning or whatever their showboating job titles might be, did their jobs better in the first place and looked at the programmes story arcs and narrative progression from the outset, perhaps they wouldn’t waste our time like this.

  • Sheila Keeling

    Very disappointed that I have somehow managed to miss the last episode probably because of change in scheduling – last week i watched prev Sunday eve episode on iplayer but failed to realise it was on Monday the following day so consequently when trying to catch up today not available – annoying – refreshing change from so much same-ish television.

  • Nicki Barker

    I agree, there needs to be some more peculiar shows out there for those of us who like to think and be challanged, and challenge the ‘norm’. You make comparisons to Whendon’s work and, while Outcasts was not up to Firefly’s standards, it has suffered the same fate for similar reasons. Broadcasters focus far too much on the mainstream, not the good, particularly when it comes to Sci-Fi. Most of the shows which do make it are aimed at children and so hit the high viewing figures desired. If entertainment cannot develop with it’s audience (Buffy is a good example of a show that did), then there will be nothing for us adults who are not confined by the mundane sides of ‘growing up’

  • Mike

    Typical BBC to take this off yet continue to pour drivel like Eastenders down our throats week in week out…………………………………

  • Michelle

    Not to offend anyone but Cornation Street Oh no!!! the other side , had dreadful ratings when it first went out as did many of our so call top shows. Come on BBC, old farts does spring to mind, lets have one of the best shows this decade, I think, back.

  • Keith 1865

    It was unlikely to get a mainstream audience when the shedulers kept moving it repeatedly, and showing it late at night.
    It was one of the better shows on the BBC in recent years and had the potential to be massive.
    I’m hoping there will be a book, or something, released which will conclude the story and that we have the chance to see what happened to the citizens of Carpatian and the ACs.

  • Tony Sudworth

    What a mistake ! – for once sci-fi on the BBC was NOT Dr Who!

  • Carol

    I have to say i thought the first couple of episodes weren’t that exciting but i stuck with it and i’m glad i did. I came to love and loathe some of the characters and i would have loved to see how it all panned out in series 2. Perhaps if the BBC had plugged it more and not messed about with the timings of the show who knows.

  • Clairissa

    Very disappointed that there is not going to be any more Outcasts. It’s like reading a book with the last chapter missing!
    I don’t think i will bother watching anymore series from the BBC it’s like Defying Gravity all over again.
    I ask the BBC to have the courage to see a series through to its conclusion.

  • Paul Ellis

    The scheduling of Outcasts was terrible. No wonder ratings weren’t as hoped.

    I’m already appaulled at the quality of BBC News 24 and BBC news generally, I find it pathetic that BBC has to folow every fashion, such as talking over credits because viewers are too stupid to decide what they want to – the decision to cut the only show I could be bothered to make an effort to watch recently finishes it for me. But I have no choice but to keep on funding Top Gear. Permanent turn-off time for me. Goodbye BBC.

  • Rob

    My family very much enjoyed the show. At least wrap up the story for us! You shouldn’t start a show without being able to wrap it up.

  • MAS


  • C

    What a pointless waste of my time sitting up until silly o ‘clock and not even to be able to find out what happens to them all!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok was abit slow to start but now im intrigued as to what happens, Im really dissapointed.

  • Nelly

    Loved the show, great story line. hope more will follow please make more bbc

  • Simon

    I watched the whole series. It wasn’t very good, weak dialogue, appalling special effects … but I watched it. It was far and away more preferable to the usual diet of soaps, cooking shows, makeover shows, excuses for wannabe celebs to get on TV shows .. The first series (and now I hear the only series) was flawed in so many ways .. why not work on it, the potential was there. So much better than commissioning something new, and much better than reworking yet another detective drama, or courtroom drama.

  • Outcasts Fan

    Ben Richards should recreate this great show on the scifi network. Many shows have been found there niche on it.

  • Graham

    I’m very disappointed that there’s not going to be a second series, it was abit slow at the start of the series but was getting really good by the end. it was a shame that it got moved to sun evening late for the last 2 episodes.I was looking forward to finding out what happened when the new ship arrived. why can’t the BBC give it more than one series as it takes can take a while for a program to get higher ratings.

  • Anthony

    BBC don’t seem to have the balls these days to lead rather than follow the ratings. Great sci-fi dramas are difficult to get off the ground. The characters have little reference and the audience takes time to be drawn into the world created. This series struggled to start but became increasingly complex and compelling as it progressed. That we fans should be condemned to watch endless slops of reality TV just because it gets the ratings is a crying shame. BBC is entrusted with a mission to entertain and to enlighten. Other sci-fi offerings have become sci-fi lite and packaged for teen audiences (sorry but Doctor Who should never entertain thoughts of interspecies mating with humans. This is akin to bestiality). Please re-consider this series for mature, sci-fi loving audiences. At the very least we’re owed an ending.

  • nina oldfield

    I am very dissapointed that there will be no series 2. I have to say it did take a while to get into as there was no explanation early on about what was going on but once you understood the plot line it was very gripping. There is definitely not enough Sci-fi on terrestrial TV and certainly not on BBC, this was a welcome relief to the dross that they usually show. This is certainly one very unhappy license fee payer who yet again is having to tune in elsewhere to get what she wants from channels she doesn’t have to pay for…… :o(

  • Yolanda

    I was dissapointed to hear there will be no more . The show was a bit slow and it was on rather late. I would have prefered it on BB or three but a bit earlier. Still better than the usual boring celeb ego boosting, reality shows(cheap television) that is on these days.

  • Sharon

    I thought the series was fantastic, and thoroughly enjoyed it! It was refreshing to watch something a little different. I can’t help but hope the BBC will realise what a bad decision they have made and make a 2nd series.

  • Amy-Outcasts fan

    I cant believe there wont be a second series – I feel rather cheated after sticking with the series, whilst it got going, just to be left ‘hanging in the air’. I watched the series on iplayer and it’s the only programme I have regularly viewed over the last few months. I thought that there was great potential for development. And, by the way, this is my first ever post – which shows how strongly I feel about being ‘let down’.

  • Keith

    Cannot beleive the BBC have just left a cracking series hanging in a void in space. I have spent the last fortnight trying to get it on Iplayer, only to find the series has finished? Come on writer! you cannot tell half a story, can you?

  • Guin

    Hey it was homie. It didnt have the big slick bits, but I liked and watched it. What made it really tough was when the BBC moved the timing just as I was getting into it. Give the show a chance.

  • Jaeson

    I am so disappointed that they cancelled the rest of the series. I found it really interesting to watch and wanted to find out what happened after the last episode. There is never enough Sci- fi programmes on the BBC!!! :(

  • Jeanette

    Absolutly gutted had really got onto this and thought the lead characters were great- I also don’t think it is ok fot the bbc to just leave programmes hanging. There was no explanation after the last show or maybe i missed it due to recording it as it had been put on that late ! I had to search the internet to find my way here to find the explanation. The telly is sooo bad at the moment and this really got you interested at the beggining of the week. Bad decision BBC !!!!!!!!

  • Niall

    Ahhhhhhhhhh why would the not make a second series i was looking for it on iplayer and couldnt find it….. there is noway it can be left like that… im not a big sci fi fan but i really enjoyed it…. as it seems from all the comments i have been reading im not the only 1 sort it beeb will ya

  • Thomas

    Disgusting… Thousands of people wasting their time watching something that never ended!? Last episode was gripping and now thats it? your a disgrace bbc

  • Jaime Martins

    I am shocked that there won’t be a seconnd season. A brilliant human drama… spectacular natural special effects… scenery \, setting and mood… all very powerful tools in the art of stagecraft. This has the makings of a long running mega-hit series.
    My advice: re-release the series in tandem with a north american premiere through an affiliate ( scifi network or showtime ) and invest in a second season. I have not seen such a suspensful more compelling drama in a very, very long time. This series goes to show that you don’t need a lot of flash and bang with mega millions special effects to make a drama series that leaves one wondering about the possibilities of our collective future or that has rekindled the wonder of adventure in the wat that some of our greatest scifi writers have in past : Issac Assimov, Arthur C. Clarke… shame on the BBC if they do not get there act together and influence the direction of telvision rather than bow to the pressure of a short lived populist influence.
    Please continue with this series. Its the best thing you have done in a while.

  • I cant believe that’s it for outcasts !!!!!!! What happened? it’s a great show would love to find out what was coming next, come on BBC sort it out !!!!

  • David Bavington

    Why do we have to watch a constant diet of rubbish soaps and reality ice skating or dancing? Outcasts was good, compelling drama as well as excellent SciFi. Come on BBC – be a bit braver. We have the satelite chans and ITV for the soaps and reality, lets see some investment in original drama that isnt cops, soaps or hospitals. Give us Season 2 of Outcasts.

  • Strigan

    Really angry that BBC has cancelled Outcasts. I suppose they are a state-run, socialist organization that will do what the hell they like and we must just put up with it and keep financing them via our tv licenses or fact the consequences. What is particularly infuriating is the way they carry on financing such drivel (soaps, Dr who, etc) and paying airhead presenters ridiculous salaries but given the chance to support something with class they come up with some lame excuse to back down. I don’t agree with the postings that talk about problems with the show. I thought it was brilliant – at least compared with what the BBC normally come up with and a lot better than the American trailer park rubbish we get from other channels.

  • Barbara

    I think it very unfortunate for the Outcast writers/actors and crew that the Beeb have based their future on ratings alone.Yes, it started slowly but,as history has shown(Star Trek et al) Sci-fi takes time to” hook “but once hooked fans are very loyal.
    Tv programmes these days tend to be like fast food,instant,cheap and not very satisfying.
    I for one refuse to watch low- brow drivel being served up on all channels, not because I am elitist ,but because I KNOW WE DESERVE BETTER and Outcasts showed originality and promise.
    This is my first post but as a few of your other commentators have mentioned I think its time for the Outcasts to come out of the wood- work and in a loud voice tell Auntie Beeb to pull herself together and take a chance.!

  • lee

    Very interesting series from the beeb that was just really starting to grow on me.Good actore like Mabius and Cunningham were giving the programe some real substance.What do the BBC do?………………scrap it!
    No doubt to continue pushing out crap episodes of East bloody enders!
    Why is my licence fee being wasted like this?
    Bring back Outcasts now!

  • Jens Schubert

    I´m beginning to think the only sensible way to watch television nowadays is to wait for a show to reach it’s end, find out if it was done right or criminally canceled with a big fat cliffhanger and then decide if you buy the dvd set.

    Everyone in the UK who watches or records TV as it is broadcast needs to be covered by a TV licence. If there’s only tv for idiots left like reality shows etc. can we please only let the idiots pay for it?
    Thank you very much!

  • steve

    i cant believe they have cancelled this show all i watch is american programs but this is one of the good british shows that could have a good go at being as good as the american shows im not all brits love soap and reality tv bring back outcasts

  • Lois

    I can’t believe they aren’t going to explain what half the plot-line actually means! Come on BBC! It’s not fair to leave fans hanging with no wrapping up of half completed story lines! A second series is defiantly needed!

  • Charlotte

    Can’t believe they’re not doing a second series after leaving the last episode as a cliff hanger, surely this would give people motivation to watch the next one if it was aired? I have to say the BBC are getting a bit repetitive with the sort of programs they show, not that I don’t like an odd soap here and there, but by the end of outcasts I was really starting to get into it. They could have just moved this to BBC3 at 7pm when they usually show a re-run of an old Dr who… surely people still watching this even though its been repeated a thousand times shows that sci-fi has a target audience?

    Deciding to move the last few episodes from Monday night at 9pm (which is quite late in itself) was also a terrible idea, I ended up watching most of the series on i-player… as did the rest of my friends, so hopefully these ratings were taken into account!!

    I hope the BBC decide to do another series, failing that, pass it onto another channel who will so I get to know what happens!!!!!!

  • TIM

    shame on you BBC, left this series in limbo! scrap the license fee not worth the money!

  • MAS

    POTENTIAL GREAT NEWS FOR ALL OUTCAST FANS!!!!!!!!!!!! Ben Richards, the creator of Outcasts is aware of this response (also the Facebook petition)! Here’s his response via Twitter: “There are conversations especially given the fabulous reaction from fans. Watch this space”.

    Keep the pressure up on the Beeb……I URGE YOU ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • MAS

    [note from Division6: I’m not sure doing the below will necessarily help the cause, as there are senior people there you may well aggravate… hang fire for more news as will be interviewing Ben Richards soon]

    Further to my comment above, plz send complaints to all the execs. at BBC. Here are the relevant names and email addresses:-
    Mark Thompson, Director General, mark.thompson@bbc.co.uk
    Jana Bennett, Director, BBC Vision, jana.bennett@bbc.co.uk
    Nicholas Brown, Director, Drama Productions, nicholas.brown@bbc.co.uk
    Ben Ste…phenson, Controller, Drama Commissioning, ben.stephenson@bbc.co.uk
    John Yorke, Controller of Drama Production and New Talent, john.yorke@bbc.co.uk
    Pat Younge, Chief Creative Officer, pat.younge@bbc.co.uk
    Helen Normoyle, Director of Marketing & Audiences, helen.normoyle@bbc.co.uk
    Michael Lyons, Chairman, BBC Trust, michael.lyons@bbc.co.uk
    Jane Featherstone, Executive Producer, jane.featherstone@kudosproductions.co.uk

  • Francine

    une série différente, des objectifs différents : voilà une série qui avait de l’avenir !
    en europe, nous sommes très déçus que vos séries TV soient budgétisées. En europe, lorsqu’une série est entamée, elle suit son cours – Il y a ceux qui apprécient et ceux qui n’aiment pas – c’est pas une raison pour tout stopper – ce n’est pas dans notre culture – de plus, comment voulez vous que l’on regarde vos séries, si l’on sait, qu’elles ont une chance sur deux de ne pas être reconduites – c’est une perte de temps – alors, on ne les regarde pas – que c’est dommage

  • Emily

    Outcasts has got to be one of my favirote programs, i really enjoyed the first seasons and still am shocked at the point they’re leaving it at. Yes i agree it was slow getting going but then it became increasingly engrossing and interesting, i think if it’s the ratings that are stopping this show from continueing its a sad decision. As for the bbc it has had flops worse than this and they had the oppurtunity to continue. I sincerely hope they reconsider and outcasts returns.

  • Richard

    BBC strike again ! take our money for licence fees but take NO notice of our opions. I get fed up watching soaps who all have the same storylines just different actors and locations., too many cookery programmes morning /aftenoon and night. Tired old films and those repeats which some days seem to take up most of the viewing time.
    Outcasts was a breath of fresh air to our tv’s and if you took time to get past the first episode and understand the plot and aquaint yourself with the characters, then you wanted the next episode to arrive to see what would happen to the lives of the people.
    But some idiot thought to pull the plug without warning, and left me waiting for the next episode. So whats left ? the same old boring predictable or repeated tripe as mentioned before, ( see they have even got me repeating)!!!!!! More natural history / Sci – Fi / Fresh material and bring nack some Gardening. We live in hope !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mcj

    I feel i deserve a partial refund of my tv licence in compensation for not getting a second series . This is great sci-fi. Poor decision to show it on1, would have been best on 3 imho. Politics, science, religion, philosophy and ethics woven into in one show it appears is far too much for the targeted 1 audience. There must be room for this idea to develop . There are lots of disappointed fans.

  • Richard

    Have the Beeb thought of a new series
    Defying Survivor Outcasts ?
    Survivors – left in limbo
    Defying Gravity – brilliant – killed the 2nd series and the yanks with cash are desperate for another series…..what a waste of money AND
    Outcasts – left in limbo – people demanding a second series – do we see a pattern.
    The Beeb don’t have the spherical male parts to grit their teeth and let the ratings climb, no instant sucess and they drop it. Most instant successes are shallow and short term.
    Look at “WHO” great to see it back BUT it needs 4 or 6 episode stories, they cram too much in. It’s unmissable and I’ve never missed an episode ever since day one series one BUT you loose so much depth in one programme short stories. I like short stories but I mostly read novels.

  • Mike Yates

    I usually dislike BBC’s sci-fi efforts because they aim them to be cheesy family shows (dr who ect) so I was surprised at this show when I first saw it and was pleased they had actually finally done the sort of sci-fi show I wanted to see. No surprise it’s cancelled though, they probably wanted to put the money into cheesefest like merlin or dr who instead.

  • dillon

    As an avid reader for 50 years of hard science sci fi – this series was far and away the best for many years. A truely worthwhile plot and characterisation will always take a long time to develop – it was doing so splendidly when sadly pulled. Outcasts was far more watchable than , for example Lost , and was a serious attempt at dramatising the genre. Light years on from the pantomime that is Dr Who which for some unfathomable reason is deemed prime time viewing.

  • Ben

    I’m very sad to hear this has been cancelled. Sci-fi is very lacking on terrestrial TV these days and the BBC is supposed to support minority subjects and genres – if it was opera, they would have carried on.
    If I had to PM the program, I would echo others comments that it was difficult to get through the first episode. I also suspect that the science subjects of genetics and indepth politics may have been too much for the average punter or even the teen trying to graduate from Dr Who.

  • Sharif

    No series 2? Series 1 was clearly written to lead onto Series 2 and then they cancel it? It was a pretty lame show.Slow, didn’t get across the size of the settlement or the population, same sets…I could go on.
    However I sat through them all and started to enjoy what was trying to be done. This is the problem with the BBC. They don’t realise that it doesn’t matter how many people watch their shows. It’s not a money making exercise where they have to prove how many people watch to get more advertising revenue. It’s meant to be about providing good programming for as big a cross section as possible. Sci-fi is HUGE. Yet they don’t cater for it. And even when they do something that is pretty tame and ‘dumbed down’ they scrap it.
    Good work. Can’t wait until I can ‘cancel’ my subscription to it.

  • Marie

    paying for a tv licence and there is nothing good on tv. Watched outcasts that I recorded and enjoyed something different and something that stirrs the imagination. I really enjoyed it as i watched it back to back start to finish and really got into it and after the last episode to be left not knowing what happens to carpathia and its inhabitatants after the ship comes isnt fair bring back series 2 to find out what happens next.

  • Martin

    Great story but OTT ham acting and some characters totally unconvincing – school playground a more fitting setting for the so called ‘security team’
    Gritted my teeth – ‘I’ve started so I’ll finish’! only to get to the (very good) final episode and be left hanging!
    As many others have posted – what is it with all these cookery and ‘celebrity’ shows! Getting to be the only thing to watch on BBC is the news (and even Sky are catching up there!)



  • Peter

    I am very dissapointed that there will be no more outcast, the serie was great!

  • J. Clark

    It was so different from the usual scifi stories and it was just beginning to really grab one. I thought it had been taken off because of the earthquake and tsunammi and wanted to know when the BBC was going to bring it back, or had I missed it. It had so much potential and I am sure others will agree. Pleas bring it back I want to know what happens. One needs an ending. The Americans are always stopping runs because there are not enough people watching it. I am sure if it was repeated at a different time more people would watch as it was up against another channel which also had something good on too at the same time. BRING IT BACK PLEASE!

  • Bridget

    I think OUtcasts warmed up slowly. Trouble is that if you don’t hook people in the first episode you don’t get another chance sometimes. But Often the second series sends people back to the first. I’m really sad there isn’t another series, I want to know what happens next – the art of storytelling – and where the characters end up. by episode three it was much more gripping. I think they should give it a whirl and get some gripping scripts onto it. Surely better than starting all over again with a completely different type of series? There isn’t that much sci fi on the Beeb. This was well acted and convincing.

  • Susie

    This was almost the only recent TV show that I have really enjoyed – it great potential – I’m furious that the BBC have axed it particularly when I had to buy the last episode on i-tunes as it was withdrawn so quickly from i-player
    Please reconsider.
    I’m so fed up with reality tv with uninteresting people or soaps or celebs. Food programmes are coming out of my ears………

  • Nicholas

    what a shame another missed oppunitity , for some orginal television to continue , not everyone likes soaps,cookery programmes , xfactors or do it ups , basically cheap television , i enjoyed outcasts i can sadly say theres very else on currently i do like .

  • Jenny

    i dont care what anyone else says about it not being realistic,(its not supposed to be),its WAY better than boring old soaps and actually really brilliant. Anyone who actually has a grain of talent and balls will put the next series on for all of usxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    P.s if more like this was on telly, i feel i might actually be getting my money’s worth in terms of tv license.

  • Amanda

    Star Trek was a bit wobbly when it first got going and now look at it. Come on BBC, surely it should be obvious that there can be a huge audience for this if only you give it a chance. I hate to be left hanging like this. Go go film more!

  • Ranger1983

    I am a big fun of OUTCASTS from china mainland ,just got this bad news after finishing watching season1 . I hope BBC to reconsider its decision.OUTCASTS is really a good SF series different from others .It must get higher rates on series 2.

  • DON

    I Have heard that a unshown 9th episode will be on DVD starring Max Beesley waking up and realising carpathia as a dream sequence. I JOLLY WELL HOPE NOT – insulting my intelligence again after just dropping a series that promised to build an audience of die hard fans. It will take me a long time to forgive the BBC because I do not watch Soaps, reality Tv and no longer watch Masterchef hate its new format infact nothing to like AT ALL!

  • Colin

    I knew this would be cancelled the moment it appeared.

    I personally enjoyed it, but it doesn’t hit the mark with the “mainstream” audience just as they said. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad show, but like everything else in life it’s fate was decided by the wants of the stupid majority.

    I wonder if we’ll ever have a content provider that can actually focus on making good shows rather than just pandering to the lowest common denominator. I would’ve thought the BBC would maybe be that but obviously not. It’s funny, we’re all expected to pay the license fee yet there’s almost nothing I want to watch on the BBC.

    Surely everyone should be catered for and it shouldn’t just be down to pleasing the largest chunk of the population?

  • Piers

    OK so Outcasts was flawed but it was also a rarity, a more grown up approach to Sci-Fi than usual. Instead sadly we are bombarded by vampires, which is fine, however not all viewers are teenage girls.

    Sci Fi has a reputation that rarely allows it to be taken seriously. Often characters lack complexity and productions rely on a simple story lines with a ton of special effects. The science is frequently ridiculous what we often end up with is Cowboys and Indians ospace, Cops and Robbers in space or some variation on the horror movie.

    Outcasts was not perfect but the charaters were being developed, having an American “bady” amongst British good guys was a nice twist. The science was of course inaccurate but most of us have seen far worse in long running shows. It has a lot of potential but needs a lot of nurturing to take it forward.

    It would be nice though if the BBC showed a little courage and tried to follow through with something rather than going into a panic everytime a new experiment fails to top the ratings in it’s first series. Parradox was a fun idea and not really like Flash Foward even though it was frequently billed that way. Sadly it bit the dust. Torchwood was also fun though it could have been made less trite with a bit more thought. Sadly I am told it has been sold to an American company who will no doubt make a fortune out of it.

    At the end of the day I suppose money and ratings talk louder than originality and diversity. Oh well, it’s back to a diet of soap operas, crass American imports and pseudo historical drama. At least some of the comedy isn’t to bad so maybe we have something to be thankful for.

  • Angry_Daddy

    i vote for next seasons! greetings from Belarus!

  • Liza

    Its really annoying when you enjoy a great british series, that i was able to catchup on iplayer and then as I watch the last episode, I find out that there will be no second series! If that was the case, people should be told before getting into it and be told that there is no end to the last program. They do this in america and i hate it. I’d rather not watch it at all than be stuck with no ending, a cliffhanger never to be resolved. This was brilliant and i was looking forward to Julius getting found out but now what?! Second series please!!!

  • Lek

    I also vote for next seasons! greetings from Yakutia(Russia)

  • Mart J H

    Watched the last episode of Outcasts on iplayer last night. I enjoyed this series from the start and was pleasantly surprised that the BBC could turn out something this good on top of all the other great sci fi they produce at the moment. This wasn’t just more of the same. It was top quality believable drama with lots of thought provoking issues. Unfortunately, the BBC is also good at turning out programmes for the non-thinking person and even worse they are very popular. The BBC should be proud that they made Outcasts and give it a little longer than just ones series. As several others have commented, it can take a while for such programmes to reach high viewing figures and it doesn’t help giving it a crap broadcast time. They did that to Dr Who once and it was the final nail in the coffin. Dr who was thankfully brought back and is now enjoying great success. Lets hope that the BBC see sense bring back Outcasts soon or if they have no intention to continue, give it to someone else.

  • David

    Not fair, We diserve an ending for this show :( Greetings from Spain.

  • Dave

    Recorded this on my hard drive machine sometime ago, got addicted and watched the whole series really quickly. Now left hanging with no ending. Dam you BBC, I want more.

  • Paul Mc Naughton

    Usual BBC. If ratings go down move a show to a place no one wants to watch it.
    Then show how bad the ratings are. Another show gets killed off just as it gets started. Stargate universe was crap to start with but its still going.

  • Moltovivace

    People are still registering their discontent about the extremely poor way this show was handled by the BBC and still asking for some sort of life beyond series 1 for the interesting ideas and characters which had begun to develop so intriguingly by the end of these initial episodes. Come on BBC, you can do so much better. Admit your various mistakes, (which caused the show to disappear just as is was getting interesting), and then move on. We al know it was not perfect, but it was very brave drama and worth more support than you gave it. Please ensure that the story is developed in print, even if you managers are too arrogant to to re-visit the possibility of series 2. Please publish a novel or two, at least. Who knows, some bright spark might even successfully film the books for TV or the big screen one day?

  • Wombat

    This was a great British Series and was a completely fresh concept for the BBC which captured many different viewpoints and opened up a great deal of exploratory belief systems. This is a real shame as each individual story line was greatly executed. Why not make this into a British Film if no other series are to come from this? Everything in life deserves a second chance, why not this?

  • Julie

    Over 660 responses so far requesting a second series. I think the bbc need to rethink this one.

  • Elaine Cooper

    Hi like everyone else why no second serise? I have just watched the last episode, recorded it all to watch later. I really got into it and would love to see it go on, find out what happens to all the old faces and see who the new ones are. Like a lot of things on the BBC.it can take a while for it to get noticed.But why not move it to BBCTwo or any of the others. Being Human was on the other channels first now its on the main one. Come on BBC take notice of us the license payers

  • Chris Spencer

    Main mistake (I think) was it started slowly and laboriously – but it built up beautifully and left us loving it and wanting more. Typical Beeb …. get you really interested and then drop it! By the way – reference “The Killing” – superb!!!

  • Deb381

    Typical BBC in their hunt for ratings!!! Have completely lost faith in them and they deserve to be disbanded… I guess their wasn’t enough violence, sexual content and morally flawed choices in Outcasts. No baby swaps and beatings.. Just great character development and writing.. Back to Sky for me.

  • bazza

    cracking series,really enjoyed the storyline.Please bring on series 2.

  • Katie j

    Bring it back, can’t stand not knowingthe ending!!!!

  • Jasonroberts

    BBC is crap for syfi, merlin still waiting for the new season and doctor who (which I do love) there is not enough options also still waiting for torchwood, outcasts was banging loved it, it was plausible very soon i will not bother paying tv licence as I watch bbc on iplayer

  • Denise2349

    Please bring it back aunty Beeb or is some other channel going to buy it and out do you all because it is so good

  • lancslass

    Yet another decent drama cancelled. Like survivors before it Outcasts made the viewers with more brain cells than the average Eastenders viewer think. A fantastic concept that could run and run.
    Bring it back

  • Nemec 8

    this is friggin garbage, , not one show ive watched and liked watching in the last 2 yrs has continued ,, , meanwhile crap such as ncis , law and order and a bunch other generic garbage keep spewing out the same trash evry week and surviving , , god, go figure!!

  • Chris Mckenna

    I have just finished watching Outcasts. I loved it and am disappointed to hear that their will be no series two. I think this is a mistake. To blazes with ratings. Too many decisions made on this. Look back at the past and you will see some really successful series that started out slow and became sprinters. Writing for an hour can be tough but the Dr Who format could be applied in terms of story lines verses time per episode. I think outcasts has legs to run if given more attention.

    Chris Mckenna

  • jackie p

    typical of the beeb they did the same with survivors and yet as licence payers we are made to endure the constant no brain cell tv such as strictly whatever come on beeb surely you can do better

  • Danielgough

    Can you not just do an internet version for ‘Outcasts’ as i really enjoyed it, i was so looking forward to the second series. Damn the bbc for not letting it go ahead.

  • Siberryberry

    I had no idea that this series had been cancelled until today!! I’m in Australia and the first season has just aired. This is exactly the kind of show I like to watch and feel sad that I’ve started to invest my time and emotions into the characters just to find out that after only a few more episodes they will disappear without a proper conclusion. Its like someone ripping out the last pages of a really good book!! Leaves you feeling disappointed and angry.
    I’ll get over it but I’m getting really tired of interesting tv shows being cut.

  • Barrybarfly

    Cant believe this has been cancelled, that is such a terrible decision by the BBC.

  • Pwilly

    Shame this has been cancelled, I really enjoyed watching the first season. It seems that everyone wants to watch shows about cops lawyers and doctors……boring , there is a 100 of them with the same crap story line, how did they die and who done it. Why do people love watching that shite.

  • orbiting

    outcasts was a fantastic series…. shame it’s cancelled!!!
    Good Sci-fi is so light on the ground today, I was looking forward to a series with depth, intrigue and the questioning of our current state of humanity… 
    the broadcasters must sadly think we ALL want everything dumbed down these days, i’m almost insulted by their choices of late. certainly not much too watch in this genre lately… lets see what they choose to keep running next??? 

  • Charles

    i will be the one to say it the bbc is the worst station on the planet they always do this and has a long track record of leaving the crap shows on and canceling the good ones.  If bbc dose not pull the collective heads out of there back sides they will have no ratings left they have already lost about 2/3 of the watchers to other more intelligent stations.  After watching the bbc for a year now i know why as i said before they always cancel the good show and leave the crap. 

  • major zomble

    i am so annoyed by this decision. us sci-fi fans get completely absorbed into the films/shows that we watch and to end on such a stage of a series is pure cruel. i believe that some of us experience real measurable stress from this premature withdrawal and maybe that of defying gravity also.
     pull your finger out beeb, you ought to axe eastenders right now, because that’s what you must use to compare your ratings!! you are dependant on eastenders worse than any drug addict and it’s about time you got clean and proved you can do other things, better things. but as long as you got a billion thickos watching dot cotton you’ll be happy, sod the rest of us.
      i feel like swearing . . . .

  • Raedk

    I can’t believe Outcasts has been axed. I’m in Australia and am enjoying the first few episodes, becoming thoroughly absorbed. The storyline is great, with complex characters-Rudi is awesome. I’m incredibly disappointed that we have lost yet another high end show that doesn’t satisfy the “average viewer’s” tastes. There’s so much rubbish around.Outcasts stands out as a high quality production that offers something different and little more intellectual.Shame on your narrow mindedness BBC.

  • Idmah

    Just finished the season 1 and “Are you insane !!” 
    – They Have to make a season 2 where’s the Damn on-line petition   ???
    Maybe if they get 3-4 thousand votes they will change there mind… 
    GawD – this is why Firefly, Dollhouse, were cancelled .. this madness has to end !
    and end now here .. today !

  • Kevinjones_925

    Yep i agree with every one you spend time getting used to the characters and get drawn into the storyline then the last episode cliffhanger then what ? Billy no mates says no to series two  and its all been a waste of MY TIME!!!!!. I will be very cautious in watching bbc driven scifi series in the future what a pity.

  • Dazlp73

    Just caught up with outcasts, its been on my skybox planner for a while. Wow! what an intelligent well crafted show. The story and characters are amazing. I’m shocked the Beeb have pulled the plug, but then not to shocked. With the amount of dross aunty beeb pumps out why ruin it with a potential winner.
    I get the argument of budget versus rating etc, but why shelve it so quickly, these sort of shows have massive cult followings after at least a bit of time. Come on BBC think again…..

  • Dazlp73

    Great idea, at least a novel would be some thing.

  • Anonymous

    It was a great show just finished watching it. I cannot believe they are not going to make another season. Come on BBC don’t be shortsighted.

  • Delia

    This is very disappointing news.  I just started watching the series through BBC-America and came here to find out more. Apparently the BBC is about as useless as the American SyFy Channel when it comes to keeping good science fiction series going.

  • WTF!!! Dude you can’t end a show like that, come on!!! This is a friggin sweet show, bring it over here to America we have something called SYFY, yeah it is a sifi only channel and they dont have anything this good, stupid choice gettin rid of this… and again WTF why would you end a show like that!!!!!! Anyway im going to keep it on my queue and hope that it comes back, wise up!!
    Hi from America.

    PS I told everyone at work how great this show was now i got to tell them some dumbass decided it was over….. Typical. Someday you will understand how dumb you are… this is Firefly all over again and yeah I bet at best we just get some movie killing off all the people, again like Firefly.

  • Jim

    The writing could`ve been stronger. Things like the power going out and a prisoner just walking out of the cell really puts a damper on my “getting into it”. There should`ve been more emphasis put on Carpathia`s struggle to get rooted or surviving on a new planet. The people needed to show more concern for Earth and what was going on there. That being said, i liked the show and am disappointed about it`s cancellation. There have been far too many good series in recent years that have only run a few episodes and disappeared. I`m getting real tired of this approach.

  • David6604

    Typical BBC they waste money on repeats that have been shown 100s of times but they can’t keep showing new stuff like outcasts run but old people who only live in the past!!! 

  • Jay

    are you kidding me….. man i am sooo sick of watching shows just to find out it has been cancelled…

    i saw a promo for this in Canada the other day…decided to check it out…it took some doing but finally found some of the episodes.. it was really building into a great show.. good stories  and now i find out there is no point in continuing to watch this… maybe if it does well in n. america they might bring it back…or pic up the next season..after the sgu was cancelled syfy has no good shows on..

  • Nandoz

    Very disapointing you watch to the end to find out that your questions wont be answered and there wont be a season 2. I really loved the show hence watching all season 1. I think stations like MTV are proving to be worthwhile since they rarely cut there shows. 

  • 2scottcampbell

    This the best series i have seen, The only show i watch on television at the moment. Please BBC lets have the whole series…

    Regards Scott Campbell

    Katoomba Australia


  • Graham Murgatroyd

    NOOOOOOO…exactly my kind of watching, cancelled? It was just getting interesting…bugger!!!

  • Loveoutcasts

    Please can we get BBC to bring back outcasts we in Australia love it

  • Tembla

    How disappointing. I was really getting into Outcasts, great acting, a good length complex story lines. I’m from Australia also and it was the only thing on ABC ivew that was interesting. I tried posting a complaint about it’s cancellation directly to the BBC website and found that when I identified that I wanted to make a complaint in their feedback section it kept sending me around in circles, I could only do it by saying I wanted to convey ‘appreciation’. Which I did, I really liked Outcasts and now I’m really annoyed it’s not continuing.

  • Aussie Rose

    Another Aussie dismayed big time to discover that there won’t be another Outcasts series.  Brilliant, enjoyed the intrigue and complexity, the quality and was looking forward to seeing how it would develop.

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  • Magpie

    Yes, Siberryberry. I agree. (I’m in Australia too.)  I’m really upset that I won’t find out what happened to the characters.  I found the premise fascinating.  I think the reason that in the end it didn’t get the audience was that most important theme was ethics and defending your values – whatever they are. Would love to see a Series 2 but sadly this is not to be. 

  • Tom

    Bummer. Really got to enjoy his series after the second episode. Live in Australia, and so missed all the negative blogging in the UK. We’re a more sophisticated audience down here so would really like to see a second series. Come on. What’s wrong with you guys?

  • Tom

    So much of what was happening in this series reminds me of what is happening in present day Australia. Some of th characters seem to mirror some of our worst politicians. No names. No packdrill

  • Emalcme

    Yep, Australia here too, if I had known the series would not have a conclusion and the show would not be continuing then I would not have invested time into it, I wonder how other television channels can justify buying and showing shows without conclusions? Surely the BBC will be making a fair turn-over from the selling of the rights to this show to warrant at least making a mini series to give those people who follow the show an ending?

  • Ncarters

    thats unbelievable that show has more emotion drama and sci fi action all into one please make a series 2 

  • Lynette Wood

    This is so very disappointing Season 1 has just finished airing in Australia and we are HOOKED!!!!
    Tell us what happens what the heck happens OMG w are so upset by no further seasons

  • Paulbelcher

    very upset, looking forward to season 2 but like everything i watch, connor chronicles, dollhouse, firefly etc it ends early because those at the top dont get the ratings they want, they do know we watch iplayer etc , the ratings war is over, or go direct to dvd cause i would buy them as I dont watch the rubbish on tv anymore, removal men, traffic cops, 24hr A&E should try fly on the wall how the bbc doesnt work

  • Keith211265

    the bbc are rubbish torchwood sold to the yanks and ruined outcast canceld
    the yanks are no better the event canceld v canceld Surface canceld Caprica
    canceld No Ordinary Family canceld stargate universe you guests it
    canceld all on a cliff hanger thats one way to hack off your audience
    its getting so its not worth watching new programs as you will never get an ending
    all thay spew out is rubbish like britain has no talent eastenders
    Dragons Den and outhere generic rubbish for god sake bbc think of your viewers
    not your fat pay packets if you want to save money get rid of bbc 3 and bbc 4
    give us back outcast

  • Bob23

    I live in Los Angeles and the final episode just aired.  The show had its issues, especially early on, but the writers finally started to get into a groove at the end.  Love the potential with all those hanging threads.

  • House_Ron

    Have you heard of a great show they cancelled and had to make a full movie for the cult following. That show was Firefly what a loss I truly hate the rating system, it rely time to rethink it.

  • Christopher

    Just finished watching the finale for series 1. I had heard this was cancelled when I started watching the first show, thinking surely it would be picked back up. I have been hooked from the beginning and don’t like being left with a cliffhanger and no possiblity of a series 2 and beyond. The story was brilliant, character development was slow but ultimately became well rounded and incredibly deep – take note, network executives, this is quality programming and we want, no, we DEMAND, it back.
    United States

  • Roger

    I’m wondering if there is a point following any BBC Scifi Seriers at all. This was a good serie but it don’t have a ending. It just feels like I lost a lot of time that I could have used looking on something that made a point in the end. If BBC just wan’t to look at ratings. Give them 0 until they learn no to end a serie just when it get’s interesting.

  • Slammedvette

    This really sucks that this is cancelled!!! I really like this show and think it should be continued. Why all the good shows with serious potential go by the way side!!! FireFly!!!! All over again!!

  • Jamie Swick

    my husband and i are from toledo ohio, we have followed a buch of shows from bbc and we FOR SURE want to see a season 2!!!!! please MAKE THE EFFORT to make more, we know alot of people here in the united states that would LOVE to another season, until the whole season is over
    J. Swick
    Toledo, Ohio

  • DrKnowe

    Like many others, I just watched the last episode on BBC America.  It was the last thing that was “supernatural” about “Supernatural Saturday”.

    I swear, I’ve been sucked into one (short) season BBC shows sooo many times now, only to find out after the last episode is aired, that it’s been cancelled.

    I love Brit SciFi.  I must be one of a select few.  I

    *kicks something breakable and loud on the way out*

  • Tavis

    Pity, enjoying the series so far. Given the big budget surprised the couldn’t hire a decent combat technical advisor, for episode Jack’s 5 twin pistols vs multiple assault rifles when he had an assault rifle and an unarmed chief of police on patrol through hostile territory with only two guards! The combat and military strategies the only bit that is letting down it so far.

  • It may have started slow, but the series was great. If they knew they were going to cancel it, They should have tied the story up in at least one more episode for those that did like it. Very upset not knowing what happens.

  • sirona7

    I consider myself a mainstream TV watcher and I don’t get it. Having watched The Killing in its US incarnation, I thought it painfully slow to develop plot, with virtually no likeable characters, leaving the viewer, in the end, with little substance after 13 episodes. Outcasts, on the other hand, spent its 8 episodes creating a whole new world, while slowly building intriguing characters, investing stories with classic scifi questions about humanity and society. Not perfect by any means, but clearly laying groundwork for the coming dramatic storms. Whatever they call a program with these qualities, count me in!

  • Hello.

    I do not
    know on how many the rating of a serial at you in Europe is high or low, but in
    Russia this serial is very popular and it will be a pity if continuations, this
    serial, will not be … L

  • Erty349

    Господа, верните нам сериал!!! Его смотрит весь мир!!!!!

  • Mary Koenig

    One of the best things I’ve seen on TV recently. Like you, I am very disappointed to see it ‘end’ unresolved.

  • Вернитесь к съемкам сериала!!!! Требуем продолжения!!!

  • trigger

    typical bbc only fools and horses and doctor who both started out with low ratings nar look at em they are both internationaly famous and both have spin off shows and have versions made for other countrys dont cancel it just cos of low ratings just put it on late at night or somat

  • Надо быть полным идиотом, что бы закрыть такой превосходный
    проект! Верните сериал, его смотрит весь мир!!!

  • It is
    necessary to be the full idiot what to close such excellent project! Return a
    serial, it the whole world looks!!!

  • Chi

    I watched it and thought it interesting groundwork for a potentially good second series. Could it have been done with an extended pilot episode and then more action? Felt like a really good novel where you have to suffer the first four chapters before getting hooked.

    Would like to see some kind of conclusion even if it had to go to BBC3/4 where, let’s face it, there is more interesting and slightly more innovative programming

  • Antishaz

    Watched series here in Australia and loved the story and was looking forward to the next series :( to find out this was cancelled is very dissapointing maybe they should try and see if another network will take it on.

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  • Vain771

    I am in the states and this show is so good …but it seems as though the lessons that are trying to be taught in this show and shows alike are the exact opposite of what people do .Or maybe it is very reflective of what people are at in terms of humanity as awhole still concerned with ratings and mainstream…the very basis of the destruction of earth on the show and in reality .Everyone only concerned with power and control…if human kind as a whole is to better itself we need to have these types of thoughts and stimulation of such thoughts.Everyone so caught up in day to day survival caused by overpopulation and brutality different belief systems etc…as you see in the show and many other movies the underlying cause of man downfall is religious beliefs or the lack thereof ….the beings on this show are god like in nature kind of llike Q on Star Trek…But alas more stupid people than smart people sorry to say smal minds maybe that was the reason for the first purgings of Esrths Populus..Noah Flood and the Plagues >>.Black Death…..to allow the ushering in of a new better smarter more evolved version of Humanity…@79a3729901b029e8c52a0092b19a3f0c:disqus ith 2012 around the corner I can not help ut wonder if this will be the next in order to ussher in the next stage of Gods and man ..If there is Aliens or God or Gods…they have lost there faith in us I fear……..it is in these small ways that test us that the bigger eruptions build into ….I know it is just a TV show but Just saying maybe we are not ready some are some arent ..Hope,love,,all good concepts the only one we seem to try to repeat in our attempts for salvation but I feel it is all in vain as the dude said at the end of episode 8 …insignificant as bacteria we are but still interesting….we will see …

  • Stuart

    i never saw the last episode as the bbc mucked about with the showing day,s and times. all they seem worried about is changing AD and BC ,

  • Owen673

    Another one from Oz, I carnt believe you let this one go as well. lets see…

    Outcasts……..gone without a real chance to grow
    Survivors…….. gone and we are left hanging
    Torchwood……gone T4 not nearly as good as the originals

    Farscape……gone and fondly missed
    Firefly………..gone and very much missed
    SGU………….gone and very much missed as well
    Dollhouse …gone but at least there was a sort of conclusion
    BSG…….gone but it was allowed to run till the end “gold star” for that
    Caprica…gone and not give a chance.
    The Event….gone and we are left with another unfinished story

    Can you not get it through your thick heads, “mianstream” do not watch Scifi, you will never get the numbers you get for crap like “UK got talet or Master Cheff ”
    so dont try just make these orsome shows and stick with them, Drwho is still running and I bet it never rated when it started.Im getting really sick of good stuff getting canned anf then replaced with utter rubbish like wrestling or UK/Australias got talent.

    Make good Scifi and just keep on making it. Please

  • Vagabond

    Can’t agree with you more, mate. Outcasts and Survivors are both such good shows yet they cancel them to make way for stuff like Come dine with me, four weddings et al. The really sad thing is people will watch the latest incarnation of Come Dine with Me, moan about the people that appear on it and then wait with baited breath for the next series. And so they will just keep on making them……..
    When you look back at all the stuff that they repeat now like Dads Army, Red Dwarf, Only Fools etc. they all came a whisker away from being canned after a few episodes. Yet now they are hailed as “classics”. Someone at the BBC needs to grow a set and give programmes a chance!!!

    Rant over…. Thank you….

  • LondonerinDorset

    It’s called “Petition to Ensure Outcasts Season 2”

  • Chunkyvickers

    OUTCASTS HAS BEEN CANCELLED!!!! WHAT THE HELL!!!??? I totally agree with siberryberry. Im Cornish and have been waiting/hoping the new series would be starting in the Autumn schedule and now i am bitterly, bitterly gutted.  not the end of a book being torn out but the next chapter in a gripping wonderful imagining of the future with a wicked cast and never finishing the story. I feel sorry for the writer. 
    over here in england it was quickly re-scheduled to late night sunday if memory serves which was never gonna help build an audience. The first mistake was putting it on BBC1. If it had been a bbc3 venture or BBC2/BBC4 with a good day of the week and time it prob would have been cult builder and eventual ratings winner.  whoevers in charge at that stupid corporation that gets funded by me and many other millions of sci fi fans might want to take note of Spielbergs new show on FX that has a very very very simular premice – terra nova. even though it contains too many mainstream elements such as the teenage romance and family bonding rubbish, i will prefer this as an alternative to the 9pm listings at present on bbc1. Monday 9pm MOTORWAYCOPS!!!  not being funny but theres at least 5 shows identical showing everyday all day on various freeview and satalite channels. 
    i love doctor who torchwood and noticed you’ve beefed up Merlin considerably this series(maybe trying to compete with CAMELOT – with joseph fiennes, but has definately adulterised the show from its mass family appeal before)  but OUTCASTS was at last something us real grittiy “actully could happen” sci fi story driven fans could have. shame the Beep or majority general public need modern day crime and murder to fill the 9pm slot every bloody week.  Shame on everyone involved in this cancellation and hey everyone checkout TERRA NOVA on FX its the closest thing to what WE HAD, what with the future Earth messed up down the human race mashing it up and finding a time rift to prehistoric times that we’re sending people through to begin again – instead of a planet in a distant galaxy to build upon.   — as you can tell totally pissed right fucking off


    every british public citizen who own a colour television BY LAW have to pay 150 pounds a year each to keep the BBC going

  • Aussiehope

    Went to find out when Season 2 would be airing and I’m really sad to hear outcasts has been cancelled. Loved spooks and thought both the acting and the story line was excellent. HBO shows like Game of Thrones, The Pacific etc proves that the format works, however like many I imagine, I didn’t even know this show existed till after it had aired.

  • Pebbles

    I whole heartedly agree with almost every single comment that I have read. I feel that the BBC has made a huge mistake in the cancellation of the second series. I would hope that the Sky channels will see the massive blundering error that has been made by the old crones at the BBC and pick up on the second series. Not everyone thinks that Eastenders is the be all and end all of life…….

  • P Truyens

    If BBC knew they were going to discontinue the series they could at least have given us 4 more episodes or so to round off the story. One of the criticisms of the show apparently is that the storyline and character development was weak. Get good writers to collaborate with the scifi buffs! Star Trek Next Generation managed to survive for a decade – we can’t do that in the 2010s!!!!

  • donny

    At least finish a story. Stupid frakkers.  This show is very good,   at least make a final episode, write something,,  i know not everything can be as good as battlestar galactica, but cmon,   this show, Outcasts,  it deserves a chance to get a continuation.   what an empty haertheads at the bbc

  • Lrp273

    Have just found out that Spooks is ending after 10 fantastic years.Really disappointed.Now it seems that The BBC have axed a possible chance to see another series of Outcasts..the first series was great so give it a chance.A fan from Australia.

  • Howardanthony

    I’m getting sick and tired of good sci fi series ending on a cliffhanger and then getting cancelled I loved this show and watched every week now it’s closed down, seems like tv company’s just want to make cheap nasty reality shite now and not put any thought or effort into anything any more don’t think there’s a single good sci fi series currently running on any channel in the uk other than dr who yet every channel seems to have 15 different version of I’m a has been celebrity lets make me look an idiot!!!!!! Or I’m a pathetic wannabe can I be famous for being a moron

  • Alana Smith

    I’m an Australian and have just watched the series on discs from my QuickFlix supplier. Shame on you, cancelling such a great show, makes me wonder where you get the stats for your rating from and how accurate they are.
    Please make series two, and try using some money to advertise, I wouldn’t have known about the series except for QuickFlix, I loved it – you could have at least had the decency to tie up the ending for us.
    I also don’t watch your channel because you are always pulling stunts like this.

  • Jeremyheaver

    I have only just seen this series on BT Vision as I did not know it was on when on BBC. Really enjoyed it shame the BBC has lost the courage to stick with things that break new ground yet stick with things that are long past sell by date or are rehashed from another show. Perhaps thats why all the best shows now seem to be coming from the states rather than us exporting them.

  • Dave ward

    i copied the last series of heroes onto my hard drive 22 episodes i think and when i found out it had been cancelled i deleted them all without watching any of them.i was so dissapointed there would be no more.i fully enjoyed outcasts and have been waiting news of a second series so i was very annoyed to find it had been cancelled too,should production companys not be made to make a “final” episode in case of cancellation in order to tie up loose ends for the viewing public,after all its for us these shows are made in the first place so should we not be allowed a permanent ending to all tv shows but mainly sci fi shows?.

  • Sean Mobey

    so this will mean if you like it tuff if ratings are low then bye bye somethimes it takes a second series but just before you show that play the first series again for recap and thats when word gets round and ratings tend to go up

  • Ian

    I dont think there will be anymore outcasts, but I am just catching up with the first 8 or 9 episodes of Terra-Nova, I like it more then I did outcasts, Similar thing – man destoyed earth so they go away and set up a camp, This one has dinosaurs, But still the same premise.

  • Sheraderf4s33xxsde

    A Yank here.  It’s too bad….that show had great potential. I suppose the networks would prefer to cater to sheeple who want to watch fat people lose weight, or some stupid sitcom, making white people look, act, and sound stupid. 

  • Arnoud1969

    After Stargate Universe, Heroes (and more) another SyFy serie without an end.

  • Sean Mobey

    Yeah i am watching that too not bad just hope this is not dropped , if anything goe’s its alway sci-fi

  • Sean Mobey

    What’s more is that we pay for BBC so it should not matter if ratting are low they still get paid for it , So BBC stop ending programs you get paid and i am sick of it always being the one’s i watch

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  • i love this show ,it’s so much better than the American version Tera nova.
    Fleur and Cass are Great going to miss them.

  • i would so buy that book

  • Bob

    Wonderful show!! How could they kill this show?

  • Jenjam11

    I bought this series at my local ABC shop in Australia and really enjoyed it… Come BBC don’t leave us hanging!!!!!!!!

  • Ray Peck

    Ray PECK Ipswich Please do a second series of outcasts the first was very good

  • Iagata

    Just discovered Outcasts on the BBC Player. Would have loved to see more of the series. I hope the last 3 episodes will somehow tie it up for me… :)

  • IAgata

    That is such a fine idea!! :)

  • Cathadams1973

    Such a shame that the BBC won’t rethink a second series.  There are alot of people who would like to see another series.  Very disappointed in the BBC to whom we all pay our licence fees!

  • Kathleenbagshaw

    Very sad BBC! Just finished watching the first series (bought it on e-bay from UK) and found the storyline intriguing. Left us hanging now as we have to make up the ending ourselves. This is not a ‘feel good’ relationship BBC. Why start something you are not prepared to finish. Well you definitely have a lot in common with your American friends who didn’t finish Heroes either. SHAME!

  • Paula

    Dear BBC,

    Please make more outcasts and survivors. Both of the shows are repeating at the moment (Jan 2012), so surely you can’t be teasing fans like this? It would be cruel of you. There is a dearth of good sci fi oriented drama around at the moment, and as much as I love being human, I want more from my fav tv channel.



  • Loggy

    The BBC should look to build on thier outstanding history of SCIF and purchase another series of outcast. Most Sci-fi series take a while to come accross to the wideer public after being aired on BBC2 etc. There are enough channels for the BBC to make a second series and promote it to see  where it should fit and how to market it to become mainstream. Xfiles was like this till it got ‘mainstreamed’. Carry on and make some please !! Loggy

  • Lee Ward

    Again the BBC disappoint me, and many others so its seems, no conclusion to a really good series, this happened with The Fades, Survivors, and Bonekickers.

  • whiterabbit01

    Got to agree with Siberryberry on this. There have been so many excellent shows cut before their time all in the name of ratings. The cast of this fantastic show were brilliantly cast I feel angry that I’ve sat through this series twice in the hope that there would be a second series following the struggles on Carpathia. There were s many potential story lines created in the eight episodes that the BBC are in my honest opinion making a big mistake. 
    This will be watched many years hence and people will realize what a brilliant show it was.

    Shame on you BBC. Maybe you should hold a referendum on cutting programs. We the general public after-all pay your wages. Why shouldn’t we have a say?

  • Haresh Kainth

    First Zen and now Outcasts, I dont understand why they are cancelling these brillant shows. I pay my TV License and this is what BBC does?…What next, Top Gear? Personally, I think most BBC tv shows such as EastEnders; is total rubbish including most BBC Radio channels excluding BBC Radio 4. Im sorry for my rant but Im really angry and disappointed with the BBC for such poor decision making.

  • McWoo

    Terra nova has been axed also. Prefered outcasts as terra
    Nova was slow until the last episode

  • mcwoo

    It really does take the piss. This was an epic series and has been building up since episode one. I had been recording it on my sky box and watched it back to back and what an ending. Berger needs to be shot!! I came online to see when the next season was starting and low and behold its cancelled I mean honestly why do the BBC do this they have great series and then either drop them or can’t be bothered to pay to keep them. Look at 24 for instance why drop that after its second season. Hopefully SKY will do the decent thing and spend the money to bring outcasts back.

    WILL SOMEONE PLEASE JUST MAKE ANOTHER SEASON. I don’t care who just bring it back

  • mcwoo

    And another thing why repeat a series that has been cancelled. BBC you are bloody useless

  • Tardisfatbaby

    I found Outcasts thoughtful, and mysteriously exciting.I was looking forward to the next season

  • Dave

    I’m in the US.  I just watched (over 2 days) all the 8 episodes of Outcasts.  
    All I have to say is that if the BBC is cancelling Outcasts they are about as dumb as the American Networks.  Please someone put a stop to this.

  • I’m from the US and stumbled on to this show last year and loved it ever since all this time I have been waiting to watch the second season only to find out it was canceled. If the UK don’t want Outcasts please consider bringing it to the USA with the same writers and directors 

  • Rebeccaburriss

    I in the USA and just finished watching and as usual the series I like doesn’t end and doesn’t have a season 2…this stinks.  I want to know what happens to them

  • Leeanne_minor

    This series is really really good so I don’t understand why on earth there woldn’t be another season.

  • I only discovered this series 3 days ago and I’ve seen all 8 episodes. I’m from the US and I looove this show! One of the best scifi series I’ve ever seen. Please dont cancel it!

  • Avila411963

    The BBC are nothing but a bunch of wankers. Bring the show to the USA or Aus withe the actors and writers. Another cliff hanger unresolved. I do believe I got the British term wankers right. Bring outcast back

  • Randy4kim

    I know what you mean. I’ve worked evenings for the last 4 years and have recently switched to days. I have found there are only two or three tv shows that are even worth watching. If I wanna watch reality shows there are dozens on If I wanna watch talk shows their easy to find but a show with character and a plot I’ve found very little to invest my time in.Really Kardasians (stuck up , spoiled,and slutty)Rob Derdick , stupid moron who can’t keep his pants pulled up and has no common sense or respect for others.American Idol, America’s got talent, Dancing with the stars, and on and on. Good God I’d be more interested in watching the grass grow.

  • Randy4kim

    I agree both those shows were amazing and both were left unresolved. I recently switched to working days and in my search for something to watch I found those and Tourchwood. I was extremely dissapointed in how that show was cancelled as well.It falls in line with Star gate universe and Sanctuary. Yet I unfortunatly  have no trouble finding a talent show or talk show. Really BBC and American networks both suck these shows only appeal to those who are unable to prossess information and follow story lines. Slap a dress on a monkey let him dance on a stage air it on television and you’ll get the same audience.

  • Randy4kim

    they cancelled this show becuase of poor ratings well we know from history ratings don’t make a good television show. the original Star Trek rated one of the lowest during it’s time. But look at it.45 years later and it’s still running in reruns and has had four spin off series and like 8 movies  making millions of dollars and having the largest following of ANY television show in history.now tell me how important those ratings are.I have one word for you BBC “Stupid”.

  • Sci-fi and Fantasy are Niche by definition, at least in the States.  Too bad we fans can’t develop a way to pay for series ourselves– like prepaying into an escrow acct for DVDs of next season?  Oh well, I went in assuming there might be only the eight episodes…

  • Leigh

    I am also in the US and I just watched all 8 episodes. I would really like to know what happens and have become invested in these characters- what a shame to cancel this show- perhaps a movie?

  • Jojorose67

    US here also. Just finished watching episode 8 just to find out there is no more! Very disappointed to say the least!

  • Butterphly7600

    Ok I just watched all 8 episodes back to back and would like to see more please, very upset to hear canceled!..come on BBC want to see more come on with Season 2

  • DK

    I am in the US and just watched season 1. I guess British executives are like the ones in US. The good shows get cancelled where crap stays on the air without reason. I really enjoyed the plot and characters… The show moved at a rapid pace… The show deserved another season…

  • Ajkeiser

    If BBC can,t end the Outcasts, why start in. Why watch another BBC show.

  • Ringedpython

    U.S. here, I came accross the show on Netflicks. Was curious so I gave it a look see. Found myself unable to stop watching after 3 episodes. After the 8th episode I started looking for more only to find out it was the last. I encourage giving it a try here in the U.S.
    If not, for future projects please consider alternate ending in the event a show does not do well. At least for those who like the show will not be left hanging.

  • Elijahg4

    Just watched all eight episodes on Netflix could not take my eyes off for a min loved it so come on BBC please continue or at least sale it to another network like they do in America so we can see more of the show!!!!!

  • StopWatchersAbuse

    I’m so sick of good shows being canceled. Can’t the networks do some research BEFORE releasing a new show? Instead they push it out, make big deal about it, then cut it off! They treat us watchers like disposable gloves! If only there was an effective mechanism to punish them for this behavior….

  • Guest

    Yes ABC is just like it if not worse!

  • Mitch

    I live in the US and when I started watching this on Netflix I didn’t realize it was cancelled.  I was hopeful that it being a BBC program, it wouldn’t fall prey to the American hammer.  We tend to take a good program like this and cancel them because they don’t make 1000% profit.  It’s quite sad.  I always love the British takes on the sci-fi genre.  Seems to be very story driven rather than explosions and theatrics of American producers.  So sad.  Really loved this show and the cast.

  • Jaysavage2003

    Just finished watchn the first, so called season. I think it’s total bullshit, it wuz a gr8 show and should b continued. Just like at my wrk, all the dumbasses are making the important decisions. Making them incorrectly, that is….

  • Jyork2

    Anyone who would consider canceling a show this good is, as we in Maine say, dumb as a hake!

  • Psychepyro

    This show has to come back.  As an American, I’ve been enjoying alot of BBC programming including Luther, Sherlock, and now Outcasts.  Outcasts is by far some of the best sci-fi on tv i’ve seen in years since Star Trek: Next Generation.  It’s gritty and compelling with cool actors.  The writing and imagery on the show is straight out of Bradbury or Vonneghut.  We don’t have any good tv in US and if it wasn’t for these shows on BBC I would be bummed.

  • Sherensul

    Just finished watching all 8 episodes on Netflix. I love this show and the cast. What is wrong with the Networks cancelling another perfectly good show. While they fill the Networks with so much other trash that isn’t worth watching. I stopped watching regular television a few years ago. Now I watch everything online. If its not online or its not worth my time I’m not watching it.  

  • cdsinclair2

    THIS is an amazing show!!!  I too am American and have spent the past week wathcing on Netflix.  I agree with previous posts.  The story was great.  The characters were well developed and well acted.  It is a shame that this program is being cancelled.  I am deeply disappointed.  I find it hard to believe that the ratings were not on track.  Unless, the folks they were monitoring were completely out of touch.  I mean… It was if as soon as an episode ended, I couldn’t wait to start the next and literally felt anxious if more than a day transpired between episodes.  This program MUST have a season two!  I would sign a petition to do so as well.

  • Fan

    Ya, In the US as well, amazing show and actors cannot believe they decided to cancel this series….bad move

  • Jasonpb321

    Every time I get into a new show it gets canceled just as it is getting great. The world has enough reality shows in it, to many if you ask me. How about finishing what you start for a change. From now on I have to consider whether a show is going to last longer than a season before I start whatching it. It has become Rediculous.

  • Maxjkh

    I just finished watching season and was anticipating season 2.
    I liked the series very much as I m a great fan not only of SiFi
    But the what if that we as humans have yet to explore.
    Sorry to hear that there will not be any further episodes.
    We need more choices than crime and so call reality shows.

    Best Regards


  • Melvis

    Another American here who discovered this show on Netflix. I tend to avoid watching series there that I know have been cancelled after only a season or two because I don’t want to be disappointed. “This one has a 2011 release date,” I thought. “Surely there will be a second series.” Of course I was mistaken. Kudos to Ben Richards for creating a smart, engaging series that garnered many (though apparently not enough) fans in its short life.

  • Oliver

    Hay it was a great show, for some reason all the good ones get cancels. I’m in the uk but can’t get it on Netflix for some reason. Just finished watching Jericho and was gutted that it was canceld. Great show

  • Jesus4hts2u0

    Also a USer here and found this on netflix. Love this show! BAD decision not to have season 2….

  • Uinlaw

    Another American fan. BBC got it right, then failed! Finish the story BBC. Sadly, here in the US we do not seem to be able to create such great shows. I am not usually into SciFi but after running across ‘Outcasts’ on Netflix ended up watching every episode in one day. Shocked to find that BBC will not be signing on for a second season. I hope BBC realize their error & do the write thing, finish the story create Season 2…

  • qbmurf

    Another American fan here as well.  I also discovered it on Netflix and watched all eight episodes on one rainy Saturday.  There are so few good shows any more.  I’m really disappointed this is not being contiued.  I was looking forward the next season.

  • cabcomb

    I enjoyed season 1 of Outcasts, and it’s too bad they cancelled it.  Outcasts is a well written show similar to Earth2 on american television back in 1994 that got the axe after the first season too.  Earth2 was compelling for it’s time but not nearly as well thought out or acted as Outcasts in my opinion.  Even so we wanted more, but alas it too was forgotten.

  • Dnaguitar7

    Another american here! Same as the others! Netflix etc…shit.

  • disappointed

    I also found this show and I am in the US.  I watch a lot of BBC shows, and enjoy the programming.  I was going to look for the second season of Outcasts, and found that it was cancelled.  How very disappointing to learn that someone felt they had to cancel it.  Maybe if enough interest is sparked someone like Starz will pick it up and continue the story like they did with Torchwood.

  • JD

    Well in short.. This sucks…! My wife and I loved the show.. A lot of similarities compared to the US’s TeraNova. But of course lets cut another show on ratings again.. When are these people going to get it that everyone DVR’s everything now.. no one can watch a show when they want you to watch. The TV execs really have to figure out a new way of finding out who and how many people view a show via Live broadcast, internet, DVR, or what have you.. This was really gearing up for a great SciFi Drama show. And then they cut it…! We need shows like that to escape reality for a bit.. The reality TV era has been played out.. My wife and I are sad to see it go..

    JD, Richmond Virginia USA.

  • sunny

    Yet another american here who watched it on Netflix and loved it. I’m really dissapointed they aren’t making it again. Not sure if this was on TV here or not but I’m betting they would find an audience here for it. Come back! Please!

  • Ljhunn

    I just finished the last episode and am devasted to find there will be no Season 2! I found this on Netflix and have watched the whole arc in two weeks.  I loved the characters, the story, the set – everything about it has been wonderful. Maybe they can wrap everything up in a movie, a la Serenity?  Too bad, BBC, just too bad – you’ve lost a great opportunity here. – Another American Fan

  • Glatta

    I too American who fell in love with the characters and story line. What a tragic waste to shelve this production. I am so tired of reality bull that is less entertaining and consuming American TV. I wish there were a way to air shows like this and The Killing like a BBC HBO OR SHOWTIME and allow us to subscribe to the channel without commercials. I will truly miss watching the evelotion Carpathia and it’s society. I will continue watching the killing with the hopes that it’s fate is handled better than the Outcasts. I think that it was a huge mistake canceling this series as it could have run on like a moden day Star Trek with a loyal and supportive user ase.


  • Glatta

    Sorry about not using spell check as I am sure most figured out evolution. Lol

  • Don

    One of the best sci fi series I have ever seen. Please bring it back in a mini series format or???? Great story , great cast. Bad decision to abandon this series.

  • Swedishboo1985

    love the series plz bring it back say it on netflixs ad to watch the  whole thing  spent my night up work in a hour love it… ny husband is upset but it was worth the watch……. bring series to back… i did not know about the tv series you needto promote it more thanks… waiting for a forth coming response on next season…

  • Yukutake

    Outcast is a brilliant series and a much wanted sci-fi televiewing breath of fresh air. The mystery behind the planet Carpathia keeps viewers always wanting more. I do hope that BBC restarts this series and eventually makes it to a third season to finish the series properly.

  • Mark 77

    Canadian here, loved it.  And told the Yanks they’d like it too and they did…..  

  • John

     C’mon guys we have just watched the last of series 1 on netflix.  this is the best show I have ever seen on the BBC.  Lets get the second series going. Great stories, actors, really cool situation.  there has to be more of this


  • Rebecca

    An American here, just finished watching the first season on netflix and had to see if there would be a season 2. That would be really sad if this show didn’t come back, because I loved it!

  • Dunnc

    Fire the BBC nut who cancelled this, this was a star trek marketing bonanza in the making, dumbass!

  • BarryA

    Amazing show. Please bring this back. T.T

  • Dkchosen1s

    Please bring back the Out Casts. The way season 1 ended was hard to take.

  • Sturman8or2012

    There seems to be a running trend here. I read through a page of posts and we are from all over the world watching this fantastic show online. Online is the future of Network programming. I wont say how good the show is because so many before me have already said and I dont like repeating. BBC, if you pay attention to this blog at all (which you would be stupid not to) know that the masses are speaking and we want to see what happens next. You dont have to schedule or pay for time on the internet, maybe you should just start streaming your shows and people can watch at there leisure then you will see how truly popular it is and how well the ratings are. Please bring this show back.

  • S Vaifale

    just discovered this on netflix. at first i thought what a great idea, then unfortunately the story became so blahhh. typical storyline and unfortunately, typical human behaviors. greed, power. this is the best that earth was able to save? even after all that i still would love to watch this to it’s end. still would like to see what happens to the colony. i laughed to find that the american is the instigator, lol. love bbc and it’s shows and wold love to see another season.

  • sherry cook

    I LOVE this series! It is certainly better than most of the crap on tv these days. PLEASE at LEAST produce an ending instead of leaving us hanging!

  • Shane in NYC

    I am on board, I will sound off in support of the show in the hopes that it will be another Family guy scenario. Family guy was cancelled after the first season but enough people bought the DVD and Fox brought the show back more popular then ever, still running strong.

    BBC take note, even if not on Netflix I would buy the season 2 DVD.

  • Galaxydoc

    Terrific show, great cast, good character development, evolving storyline, and it’s cancelled! Oh please no. I watched the original airings of Star Trek 40+ years ago. This story has a great future if smart people give it the opportunity. And I agree with other comments regards TV being saturated with reality shows.

    Why do you think we watch Netflix anyway. We use to have a SciFy channel!



  • Anon

    Another American who loved this show.  The Brits do it better when it comes to TV and films…yet they make the same mistakes we do when it comes to assessing the quality of what they’ve done (i.e. keep cancelling great stuff and pouring money into brainless, insulting wastes of time).  If you watched this show on Netflix, check out another great, cancelled Brit effort “Survivors.” I liked that one even more than “Outcasts.”  Maybe the one-word title is the problem…

  • Anon

    Something else I wanted to point out:  shows like “Outcasts” offer viewers a bit of escapism, a world to fall into for a while and forget your troubles.  But it seems like the shows that continue to get funding and stay on the air are the shows that keep reminding us over and over how stupid and petty people are and how pointless much of our existence seems.

  • Dikealoukidis

    great series
    very human
    lets have more good series like this
    great writing and characters
    more please

  • Darrell

    Wow, I just watched the complete season one on netflix in a single evening. It was the best sci-fi or really any show I  had seen in a long time. Great characters, excellent story line, every episode left me wanting for more. Oh by the way, I am american too, if that means anything, who is so, so tired of see the Sh*t network television is putting out these days(and that really is being kind). I googled the show to see when season 2 would be available and to my shock it was cancelled. Is it me or is television now made for only idiots whose IQs must be below 80 and tune into the likes of reality tv or absurd comedies? When are tv execs every going to get the balls or brains to realize intelligent, well written entertainment is what we want. Hollywood is suffering from the same disease. Revenue is only up because the have to resort to gimmicks the 3-D bullsh*t to market their crap. How long will it be before audiences have enough and really stop going to see the same old regurgitated mess passing as entertainment?

  • Bethany

    One more American who found this show on netflix and watched the whole season in 2 days…. I’m sad to hear they wont be having a second season. I was really looking forward to it.

  • FireChief

    Same story here… In the us, found series on Netflix…. What a great show. Our whole fire station was glued watching it. We searched for season 2 info once we finished episode 8 only to find this…

    Of all the crap on tv and this get cancelled….

  • Briana Paige

    I’m a Canuck who is happy to see a lot of US love for yet another entertaining BBC show that bit the dust. I’m really disappointed with BBC and its need to cancel shows that are getting a lot of love from viewers. I am a huge fan of British talent and shows and I have to say, more oft’ than not, its the network that lets everyone down in spite of this talent!

  • Max

    I just finished watching the 8th episode of Outcasts on
    Netflix, and I couldn’t wait to find out when season 2 would be available.  So I jumped to the BBC web site, and it’s
    been cancelled!  Are you kidding me?  I can’t believe a show with such great acting
    and captivating storyline can be canceled so quickly.  This is one of the few quality shows I’ve
    seen in a long time.  Please, bring it

  • citizen1885

    I am in the US and just finished the series.  I am so disappointed that there will be no season 2.  I love BBC but it seems that every series I have started watching has been canceled.  

  • Debaucheryhaole

    Us Yanks in the U.S. feckin luv this show! Dogs bullocks U.K. for not pickin up a second season. The writing and British actors were so engaging. You cheeky bastards! What the hell am I gonna watch now? Survivors?

  • Lorddragol

    I guess some people have too short of an attention span. As an American who is used to an hour show being only 42 minutes and 18 minutes of commercials, an actual full hour is awesome. I do not really watch tv. I do however watch tv shows. I saw this on netflix and I watched all 8 episodes in 3 nights. The show was great. Networks need to wake up and look to the future. Maybe people did not stay glued to their sets and watch every episode because they have lives! The new way to view shows is not at a scheduled time. I love netflix because I watch it when I want to. Networks want to force you to watch on their schedule so they can target you with ads. I would rather pay a few bucks per month and watch it on the internet. So I say make the good shows and post them all online. When you start raking in the monthly fees you will see it is a better way.

  • superyob

    very good point lorddragol,the bbc just in case you were not aware do not show adverts in the uk.its a channel financed by the licence payers currently costing about £140 per year and if you have a tv you HAVE to pay it or else!!.shows like outcasts as you so rightly point out are one hour long with no adverts which you just dont get with any other channel.i recently watched the final three seasons of stargate atlantis (not had the channel,sky 1 until now) and it took me two weeks to watch them all because in part i recorded them all and took out the ads before watching.so i repeat what i said in an erlier post,production companies/makers of tv programmes should have a contingency plan to finish off the series with a final episode(s) so we the people who ultimately pay for them to be made are not left hanging on a thread until we here they have been cancelled.
    i suspect this would never happen as they would prefer to leave it open just in case it is taken up at a later date or by someone else or even a movie option that may come along.
    in the end it is us the ones who pay the ultimate price and not just financially.

  • bummed

     Idea…Sell it to netflix to continue so they have something decent to stream !!

  • Hugh29

    Another Yank here, cancelling this is bullcrap, this series is better than ‘Lost’, there must have been a poor marketing job done for it to get such low ratings or maybe there’s just not enough people left that know a good thing when they see it.  My girlfriend and I watched all 8 episodes in a week and were totally engrossed in the characters and storyline.  Too bad, hope BBC has a change of heart about this.

  • Denise2349

    I along with others complained to the BBC but with no avail maybes you Yanks should complain as well via their website and maybes you will be heard.  when it was first shown in the UK we also were disappointed that the BBC cancelled this show we all thought this was brilliant.

  • Tom

    I just finished watching the “Outcasts” 8 episodes on Netflix. These are a very good compelling, captivating series with a progressive interest. It is a real shame that these series are being cancelled! I feel I have been left to hang right when things are really captivating. The music is excellent too with a very good cast! I want to see more!

  • Eoo7l

    I started watching it on Netflix and just finished season 1. And, I absolutely love this show. However, I am so annoyed that this show was cancelled. WTF-just after one season. Give us a break! Marketing was obviously lacking. You gave up on the show really quick. I understand if you had 5 season of this show and it did poorly.

  • Ronhansard

    I just viewed Outcasts on Netflix and it is so sad that such a great program was cancelled.  Outcasts was so well written, and the action didn’t get “bogged down” like so many other series of a similar nature.  This was a truly worthy program and, I for one, would encourage someone, somewhere to continue this series.

  • bvkoski

    Canadian here; thought the show was excellent. And am surprised it didn’t continue. Too bad it becomes a quiet footnote in the string of great BBC successes.

  • Scott

    Another American for Outcasts.  I often complain that BBC shows are too good and too smart to make it in the US.  Apparently this one was over the heads of the Brits too.  It’s a shame really.  

    For those of you who liked the writing and premise: check out the novels by Frank Herbert known as the Voidship series.  It begins with a book called The Jesus Incident.  

  • BringItBack

    An American that found this on netflix. This has been one of the best pieces of series sci-fi I’ve ever enjoyed. Such a pity to see it cancelled. I was so taken by it I watched all 8 episodes in 3 nights. I’ve never devoted so much time to any series like this. It deserves more life.

  • Sweetmusic44

    Just finished watching the series and my husband and I both are disappointed to find out that this was it……what a shame!!!!!

  • Striker435

    I have to agree with Melvis in a way. I just finished watching season one on Netflix and I am very disappoint to read that season two has been cancelled. i liked the story line and the actors. i was different, something not on tv right now!!!!  sorry to hear that there were not enough people that felt the same way!!!!

  • Skippydo1

    When I was young I lived in an area that only received 4 channels via area broadcast. One channel was PBS and showed my first look at Scifi. The show was Dr. Who. I loved that show and watched every time it was on. I next show Scifi show I fell in love with came out many years after Dr. Who was cancelled.was Farscape. Well written and had a good 4.5 seasons and was cancelled due to get this not because it was not being watched because one man didn’t like the show and didn’t want to keep it on. Now I have seen this type of thing happen in the US all the time. To name another one FOX let go was Firefly. And I see that Eureka is soon to be gone. I watch Outcasts like everyone else on Nexflix In the past few days and I see The BBC is going to follow suite with Outcast. I just hope they will realize that even thought it’s not like Dr. Who they could just bring it back. Dr. Who did ok. Why not at least give it a good ending like Farscape and Firefly did with a little movie to tie it all up. Although I would still watch Farscape or the others if they brought them back on TV. When you really enjoy a show your a fan, and when your a fan you can’t get enough of it. So, I’m a fan of Outcasts now, and feel really let down that the show was cancelled. They just like leaving us on a cliff and pushing us off when they cancel shows like this.

    I hope they have something better coming than cooking shows.

  • oucast_ac1

    Make a second season. Give Outcasts a second chance just like Carpathia provides in the story.  Please, listen to your fan base.

  • V_locity

    just found this on netflix. WOW! I’m actually impressed. Sure its a little slow moving, but I love those types of shows. I want series 2!

  • Athletic, Intelligent American

    How did this get cancelled?  

    Sell Outcasts to NBC, BBC.  America loves it.

  • Ccapehart1980

    okay most of those shows that were named blow torchwood blows dr who is horrible merlin is terrrible but outcasts was really good and it gets freakin canceled wtf 

  • Dan

    Loved it. It was a true eye opener for those who believe there is more out there. Why oh why isn’t this a series.
    I will talk to the Director of “The Killings” to see if he can continue it. I think it would be great. Craig however might not

  • Markdon

    I would LOVE to see Season 2. Great acting, great directing and great storyline. Love most everything about it.

  • New Englander

    Does anyone else get the feeling that all BBC would have to do to make money on shows like Outcasts and Survivors is show it in the U.S. to people like us?  BBC, if you can’t make enough money in Britain, show it here on Amazon and Netflix.  I will GLADLY pay $1.99 an episode for really good story-oriented Sci-fi!  Hell, half of us wish we were British anyway.  Use that and connect with your cultural cousins!

  • Ghostfalcon

    I second that notion, I am from the US and I loved Outcasts. I would think to try anything just to keep it going. A great series, one that is rare to find these days. One with a plot, character development, action, interesting developments in both the political side with Julius and the CT-10 just arriving. I really do hope for a Season 2, whatever form it takes. 

  • Bobbi

    I definitely agree with you, I was just really getting hooked when I discovered only one season was being made……….BOOOOO to the networks you allow some of the most crapest shows to stay on the air but cancel the good ones.  This is the reason I don’t pay for cable, dish or anything else…..it is a waste of money and there never is anything good on and don’t get me started on reruns.

  • Vince

    Great show .. sad to see that it will not be coming back :(  

  • Steinfi3

    I’m seeing a common theme. American… Netflix… same here.  I loved the show and I am now quite sad.  I wonder what kind of revenue is created through shows that are successful on netflix.

  • Scieslaw

    Just saw the first season on Netflix.  Would like to at least see a movie, resolving all the pending plot lines, like Firefly.  That was a great way to end it.  Proabably made a lot of money also, from all the devoted fans, who are still watching on cale and Netflix.

  • Michael

    I know alot of followers will be upset here in the states. It’s sad when the BBC gets a show that realy works well with the audience and then cancels it. I think you should look at dropping other shows , and leave the ones that work alone. Thank god for NetFlix.

  • Yes, do try every avenue to keep it going. One more American that found it on Netflix. I’ll admit the first episode through me for a loop. Left me a little predigest on some of the characters. Episode by episode it brilliantly worked it away.

  • Here’s a great idea, how about continuing for the, obviously, interested US audience. It’s been so long since anyone has made a good classic feel sci fi series that it would be a shame to allow this one to just fade away.
    GREAT show. BBC really dropped the ball and misread the potential with this one

  • USA Netflix Viewer

    Just finished Outcasts season 1 on Netflix and loved the series. I was very disappointed that the show was cancelled. I hope with all the fan support that there will at least be a TV movie finale or another network will pick up the show before the cast signs on to other projects.

  • Qdaily

    Another great show cancelled.  I’m very disappointed.  It’s like breaking up with SGU all over again.  Oh well, life goes on, stop being so selfish everybody.  What about the people who made the show?  You think they are going to sign petitions and whine all day online?  

  • Herb fisher

    I’m hooked by now!  Please do Season 2!!!!!!

  • Mdurwin

    This is the last straw. I’m no longer going to watch network TV. It’s true that I watched it on Netflix, but I’m sick of well cast, well written, well directed shows being cancelled while ridiculous shows like keeping up with the Karasians continue. Obviously networks don’t care about quality television, just selling ads. I understand their model, but if they provide a few shows as loss leaders it would keep us watching their other crap.
    If I can work out a way to just get Starz, Showrime, and HBO, I’ll stick with those and Netflix.

  • Bcananzey

    I really was unsure about this show. I am an American and have enjoyed some BBC shows but have been disappointed by many more. This show was deff one of the best shows i have seen. Again another netflix latecomer to the show and was very disappointed with the news of one season. I can only hope america decides to take it on like they do with all their shows that we steal from the britts. Wont be as good im sure but at least we would have more story to follow. Life on mars was a personal favorite and only 1 season. Maybe in the world of profit over Quality we should have more 1 season shows with def ends. Then if it takes off we could spin off or create a new story line to add on another season. Being left hanging is almost criminal to those who invest their time and love into these characters.

  • 2jgs

    US citizen here. I too found it on Netflix. I loved it, got to the 4th episode and decide to google it before I invested more emotion into it. Only to find out that once again a great show was cancelled before it’s time.

  • Carlenhervig

    What an amazing show, especially at a time when there are so many canned laughter sitcoms and reality shows that are not even worth viewing time.  PLEASE PLEASE bring back many more episodes of “Outcast”.  It is by far our favorite show.  

  • Riverratx56

    I too am an American and pretty much feel the same as most on here. This was a welcome change from the BS on TV here and a shame it was only one season, bad move BBC

  • epiking501

    Just add me to the list of viewers wishing for yet another season or two. This was raelly my kind of Sci-Fi

  • Schlagsahne

    Can not believe they cancelled this show!  I loved it.  What a bummer to get to the 8th episode and find there were no more.  A suggestion for BBC-not follow the Amercian TV standards.  Why do you think we watch so many British and Canadian series?

  • Ken

    Very rediculous that it was canceled after one season….and on only 8 episodes to boot!

  • Tim

    Australian here, really loved it.  Wish it hadn’t been cancelled.  One of the few shows that I bothered to watch on TV rather than download.

  • Jidar

    This is a great show, much better than Terra Nova! Sorry the Brits didn’t like it, they should give it a try here in the US. Maybe the SyFy channel will pick it up or maybe Netflix. We can only hope! I really want to know what happened to Earth and what awaits on the ship that just landed.

  • Robert

    I just finished watching this show on Netflix also and I loved it, to find out that it was cancelled is really sad. I hope that they do something with it instead of just leaving it hanging. As another person stated they can continue it on Netflix streaming at least, but I would prefer to see if get picked up again and if need be by another network. This is a great show and if it came back I would watch it no mater waht since I am a scifi junky and we have lost so many scifi shows here in the US.

  • Ttjordna81

    Another American here… I saw this show on Netflix and ask myself where did this show come from. I like where this story was going. Its sad to see the show fall pray to stupid network ratings. The content providers have to change the business model on how they deliver content. Idea. Sell the show to Netflix or Put the series on kickstarter.com and I will be happy to pay, tweet, and tell everyone I know to support the funding for more episodes. 

  • jamie1566

    This comment is for the “Outcasts” article. I have to thank the creators of this wonderful story. I watched the first episode on Netflix and was hooked, I ended up watching all the available episodes in one day. Yes there were some quarks but it was easy to loss your self in the story and you felt a connection with the cast after just one episode. I wish the BBC would at least let the story have a proper ending and address some of the many questions about the story that were in desperate need of an answer. Thanks to the creators of the show and the wonderful escape it provided, if only for a few hours. I will not soon forget it and the wonderful cast members that brought it to life.

  • Jim M

    The humanity of the characters contrasts vividly with e.g. the insipid, political-correctness and  blandness of the ‘Jean Luc Picard’-era Star Trek series.  How THAT went season after season and Outcasts gets tossed after one is sad, and a sad commentary on the entertainment industry (on BOTH sides of the Atlantic!!).  Perhaps its the acting but the extremely human and compassionate interplay between the Richard Tate character and the captain of the doomed transport in the first episode set the mark for a really inspiring, highly imaginary series.  It was refreshing to know that in our future, true human qualities arent morphed away.  Now if only the BBC could ‘get it’.

  • HxCam89

    A Texan here. Saw the show on Netflix, and it was awesome! Reminded me a little of Firefly. To bad there wont be a second season. Start a petition and ill sign it to bring back Outcasts!

  • Jwright 1218

    I loved the series.  Whoever made the decision to cancel should rethink their process for deciding what makes good TV.

  • Rebfalk

    Loved this series, which I found on Netflix.  Sorry not to be able to find a follow up season or movie or book!

  • Bushhog

    Can’t believe that they cancled this show , and yes i’m in the US also was a GREAT show found it on NEFLIX and couldnt stop watching it and now i’m just bummed to see that it was cancled , NOT COOL BBC 

  • Cg7

    Great program, didn’t appeal  to the reality TV crowd, programming of this caliber is sought by many of us, sadly, as soon a we find the show it’s cancelled.  It had potential. 

  • Snowbearlove

    Loved the show.  Watched all 8 episodes in 2 days and came to this site to see when the next season would start and found out there isn’t going to be another season.  That’s so sad.  It was truly a great show and I hope someone changes their mind and continues the show. 

  • Brad Jones

    I agree, Very nicely constructed series.  Maybe SciFy or one of the American networks will pick it up.  Would be a shame to see the concept and show canned for good.  Like Firefly, just need to keep building up the fan base.  Kinda makes you wonder who is really watching all those idiotic series and show out now!  Can there really be that many brain dead people in the world???

  • Tucky915

    I thought Outcasts was going to be another fabulous SYFI show..  If the BBC doesn’t want to run it maybe you can talk to the people at the SYFI channel in the USA and they will pick it up.  I believe it would be an amazing hit here in the states…We love shows that have an interesting build up and make you use your brain in an attempt to see where the author is going……Sorry to hear it was canceled by the BBC.  Keeping my fingers crossed that SYFI in the USA picks it up.

  • Jdniegisch11

      I live in the USA and just got done watching this show on netflix loved it. Wish you all promoted it more here in the USA. I would have followed this show every time it was on. Now i love doc who if you promoted this show like you have doc who lol who know how far this show could have gone. to bad it a very good show you all have shot down  it well be missed :( 

  • Williamsjimsharon

    I have no idea if this will be read, but….I am an American and found Outcasts only in February 2012.  I believe it to be an incredibly wonderful sci-fi series with marvelous acting, great casting, outstanding cinematography, and a well crafted story.  It is next to impossible to find intelligent sci-fi that does not dwell on chest-popping monsters or zombies.  I am much saddened to know that “communications with Carpathia have been severed.” s. williams

  • postmoderncynic

    Just finished season 1, and expected season 2 to follow,  just got the news here it will never happen. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • Herb

    I’m a huge Battlestar Galactica fan. This series got my attention after episode 1, and my full interest after episode 2. I’m so disappointed that it was cancelled! I think it was well written, the acting was well done, and the music was greatly created and matched as well as Bear McCreary’s music in Battlestar Galactica. 
    Maybe it would do great in the United States. Perhaps we’re more inclined to welcome the SciFi Drama genre. Plus Amy Manson is a babe! :-) 

  • Herb

    I also discovered Outcast on Netflix. Just finished episode 6. 

  • Joe

    Great show! Sadly another hits the cutting room floor.  Bring it here to Canada, we need great shows like this and must have 30% Canadian content on our Canadian networks so it has potential to stay with us for awhile!

  • Thomas schneider

    it is too bad that you are not continuing outcasts.so much you can do with a new world where anything you could imagine,could take place,just use your imagination,and brainstorm!i liked the show,it had possibilities,like fringe.thomas

  • Nickbaldwin25

    season 2 !!

  • Starglow

    ABSOLUTELY!!!!! to all of the Above I need Closure….]
    Thank You

  • Bob9berg

    Great show – another viewer hook via Netflix.  We need a season two!

  • Steven

    Anyone hear of any news on the possible web series that was discussed in the interview?

  • Ed

    Why hasn’t there been any talk of selling the series to Ted Turner’s TNT network.  They have aanother similar sci-fi series “Falling Skies”.  They’ve also resurrected “Dallas”.  Selling the series might provide the BBC some much needed cash.

  • S Lewis2009

    This show was awesome. I like British tv. And think that the  show hit home with me. I love Sci Fi no matter who produces it. I don’t understand how could they cancel such a great show. At least give a series finale. Damn, I wanna know who was in the ship and if Burger will get his just desserts. Plus will Cass and Fleur get to be together. I hate when they leave you hanging like this. Another good show that they cancelled was Survivor. That was a good series.

  • Helleeny

    is a great show and i would compare it with the show LOST, pls i need to find out the rest of the story pls

  • I watched this on Netflix and was hooked! I want them to continue this show its awesome! Best show i have found following battlestar galactica. 

  • Armando Soto

    Great story! If there is not going to be a season 2, then make a movie and close it out in style! 

  • Dawn Brown

    I do hope they reconsider and produce many more years of this show. It has depth and the characters are ones that all can relate to. Too many shows on television are “cookie cutter” and there isn’t much on that I find all that interesting. PLEASE bring this compelling show back to us!!

  • Dawnebrown424

     I agree Bobbi! It is downright criminal that the show was canceled. If I had realized, I probably wouldn’t have started watching it. My kids and I watched in non-stop today and to go online and find out that it won’t be produced again was very disappointing. I live in the US and the programming here is pathetic and boring. It was refreshing to see a program that didn’t rely on sex scenes, foul language and the damned laugh tracks to sell it. This program was fresh, unique and if you look at how things are going on Earth, could very well happen. Surely bringing back a show with depth and intelligence makes more sense than continuing with the brainless programs most affiliates show??

  • Jorgem

    Why don’t give a decent and logic finale to Outcasts if there will not be a second season? Shame on you BBC!

  • Daniel Springer

    Melvis, you captured my thoughts exactly. This show is fantastic. I’m so tired of wonderful shows getting canceled. 

  • glm

    Yet another yank that discovered “Outcasts” on Netflix. I haven’t been this intrigued by any show since BSG:TRS. Watching episode 6 now. Very sad that I’ve got but 2.5 hours of “Outcasts” left to watch.

  • Jack

    BBC sucks for canceling this show. American here and first heard of it on Netflix. About to each last episode and I’m certain ill be disappointed. At least do a closeing episode (no matter how condensed) you wankers.

  • syfy momma

    GREAT show! Love the idea, the characters, the stories, the conflicts. The only character I don’t like is the American. We are not like that! Well, maybe some are, but not most. Please make more BBC. Don’t sell it fully, an American network will butcher it. Just sell rights to air it on syfy channel and pbs or some others and keep it going.

  • Ray

    Sad – I really liked this show. I really hope BBC changes their mind and brings it back! A show with this much support is certainly worth reevaluating.

  • Melanie

    I am from Germany and love this series.
    …sad, that there are no more seasons….
    i learn to love the different characters, the set is amazing and the calm but intensive story telling ist fantastic!

  • Brian

    Just finished the last episode and I’m sad to see there wont be a next season. The final episode drove home with my favorite quote from President Tate ( Liam Cunningham), “What do you know of my morality, you insect.” I think the episodes were very well done in terms of character progression. I like how the characters change and become more transparent as the series went on. I didn’t know Tate did such horrible things and how he’s changed. In the end I wish there was more episodes or more story to see how the world that Ben Richards created unfolded.

  • Absolutely well written and creative series with a depth of characters. I sincerely hope that the ignorance of the BBC can be pointed out by another network picking this up. I discovered this on NETFILX and wateched all 8 episodes one after the other…hooked! USA, SCI-FI Channel….someone pick this series and the actors up!!!! Someone call JMichael Straczynski of Babylon 5 who had a five year dream of a story, faced the same issues, and prevailed!

  • Mark

    Terrific show. Huzzah!

  • Tim

    Searching NETFLIX’s and seen Outcasts watched the hole season 1 in a day!! Only to find out there’s no season 2 ???? BBC sucks , to leave it open at the end the way they did and not give anyone any closer… You would think maybe they could make a movie to explain everything and end it right !!!!!!

  • mergatroid69

    Smart, well written and great acting!!! Saw on Netflix here in the US and would love to see the SyFy cable network here pick it up.

  • mike

    You’d think that with the way digital media can be
    sold/rented and or licensed, BBC could have actually made this show more of a
    success and alternatively another avenue for them to make more of a
    “financial” profit, because let’s face it, at the end of the day
    that’s what it’s all about for big networks.
    After watching season 1 on Netflix, I was very disappointed in learning
    that there would not be a second season.
    I really thought BBC had something good here. I have to agree with many people leaving comments
    here that this show was very well written and thought provoking. When will big networks learn that there
    actually is a big audience out there for the SCIFI genre! Not every show ever made was an instant success, sometimes it takes a while for the train to hit it’s full speed…

  • DaveUSA1974

    This is a bummer I live in the U.S. I seen the first season on netflix and I’m hooked. I do have the BBC channel through my cable television provider. I would be willing bet everything if this show was commercialized here in the U.S. That people would really want to see this……. I believe it would be a hit ….its well written and very compelling to stay glued in your seat and set DVR’s to record I hope there will be more seasons

  • Marke0313

    I can only add my voice to those that wish the series would be continued. I liked the general direction it was taking in asking some deep, philosophical questions to what it means to be a human and how do you construct a society based on justice and equality when faced with fundamental changes to the way you see the physical world. I thought (in all honesty) you made some of your characters a little stiff (i.e. Jack) but I understand that you were creating a construct… a vehicle to allow you to discuss larger issues… but still… allow the actors to breath… give them some depth… some nunances… (mind you… this is coming from someone who has never written a script or gotten something on tv so take it with a large grain of salt).

    More than anything I’d like to say that I did enjoy the series and was dismayed that it ended so abruptly. I hope you will be able to continue it at some time in the future.


  • Dawn xoxo

    I started watching the show on love film the other night i loved it and have now fineshed all 8 episodes….seems every time i watch a show that i love it gets axed :( eg: Tru Calling…Invasion…HappyTown…Point pleasent to name just a few xoxo

  • Johnny B

    American here, and again, saw it on Netflix, and I can’t believe they would not go on with season 2. Here in the US, TV is just “ok” and I always look over seas to my brothers for great shows. Great shows here get the axe, Firefly, R.I.P. Thanks to Ben Richards for a great first season, so sad that so many questions will not be answered. I keep my fingers crossed that maybe we will see another season maybe on a different BBC channel.

  • Marco from Italy

    Ma perchè sospesa… Anche in Italia la volevamo vedere….. Continuate grazie

  • Lee

    I am in the U.S. and just finished watching the first season on netflix. I was really bummed to find out about its cancellation while checking to find info about the second season. Good SciFi shows always seem to have trouble lasting long enough.

  • Poppanen

    Hey! I’m from Finland and I watched you show Outcast from Netflix – it’s truly a shame that you cancelled the show. I was very disappointed that the story ended so suddenly!

    Is it possible to make even a movie about that show, about what happened next?

    I’m certain that now-days we scifi fans watch our shows mainly from internet -from places like netflix and viaplay- we can’t wait a whole week for a next episode, almost all people in my age group -we watch many episode in a row and we do that online. I think that’s something that tv-channels will realize more and more in future. That the true data of how success of a show has to be gotten from online data. And I think that’s why Outcast didn’t got so good ratings. I hope that good people in BBC we’ll decide to continue the show in the future. I might be too optimistic, i know. But it’s a shame to end this well written and interesting show (the show that don’t underestimate the viewers intelligence) -when at the same time, something like Bigbrother ect. can continue existence.

  • Just discovered Outcasts – am so disappointed no season 2! With so few savvy shows out there –
    come on BBC reconsider!

  • mental

    darn just watched all 8 back to back and now no 2nd season i am pissed at all the good sci-fi shows that are cancelled i would so fund this show if i was rich

  • Starman1

    Just finished watching season 1 on Netflix I can’t believe their is no season 2 I would have thought somewhere like the sci-fi channel on sky would have taken this up. I wanna know what happens after episode 8 so get. It made