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About division6

About me

I am Armand Richard David, a 30-something media professional, technology aficionado, erstwhile philosopher, new dad, and general free spirit. I was born in Malaysia at the dawn of the 1980’s, am a libra, and maintain this blog to throw my mean, callous, heartless exterior into sharp relief…to satisfy my personal vanity…to record my remarkably insightful observations about the universe… for the hell of it. I live in Hampshire, in the UK, and am quite liking it. My Google profile lives here.

I was educated at the British international school, Alice Smith in Kuala Lumpur, where my foremost achievement was being awarded a certificate for administration of first aid as “Dr Death” — really just a way to try to talk to girls, at the time, IIRC. From there I went to the green and pleasant land that is Stowe, where I developed some affection for the countryside and which groomed me for Trinity Hall, Cambridge, where I had the most fun I think you can have whilst still learning something (my BA is in Natural Sciences, majoring in the History and Philosophy of Science), and where I made most of my current friendship group. From there, to UCL, where I did an MA in Philosophy before finally entering the real world, thoroughly confused (and happily so) about the nature of the universe.

In real life, I am now a PR consultant for hi-tech companies, including NetSuite and Nominet amongst other clients. I work at leading tech PR agency Brands2Life. In the interests of transparency, I would like to make clear again that nothing I write here is the view of my company unless explicitly stated otherwise, and if you’re reading about any tech company and are concerned that my opinion seems biased — please check the web site to view the company’s current client list. I rarely blog explicitly about my clients but do think (by dint of luck and a great client policy from my agency) that the businesses I work with are pretty cool, so please don’t be surprised or offended if I do talk about those guys in positive terms – disclaimers will always sit with those posts. Bear in mind that I have more access to those companies than most…

I like… technology, film, television, rock music, guitars, occasionaly country walks, liberal politics, Sambuca, console and PC gaming, fantasy & science fiction, unpretentious contemporary literature, occasional musicals, soup, running, squash, badminton, dreaming the impossible dream & great chat. I was married in 2009 and had a baby daugher, Emily, in 2010, so expect tedious posts about how great my girls are every now and then.

I dislike… most contemporary symbolism (with notable exceptions) and consequently most art galleries, narrowmindedness, offline shopping, gits, and Daphne & Celeste.

I am… so vain, I probably think this blog is about me.

The dream… is to write some fantastic fiction, at some point. At the moment, I’m still selling out.

About this Blog

This website has existed in some shape or form since about 1997, when I first started fiddling around on the internet. From an initially jumbled collection of webpages, which may or may not have included a “best 3D images of the transformers” page, it eventually moved to motime, which was rubbish, but at least gave me a system from which to update content. From there, I moved to Blogger, which was better but still limited, and now, with much help from Chris, I’ve finally moved to WordPress in 2003, a database driven system which is the bees knees.

This site uses a number of plugins and hacks, and owes thanks to Chris for its very existence. Despite my love of technology, I still haven’t worked out how to code anything, and may never do so.

Why Division6?

Because it sounds more corporate than “” (which I also own, and which was receiving too much spam…), so if I ever decide to start anything that requires a website, I’ll have a funky domain in place.

Also because in the film “Men in Black”, every time the agents appear on site, they claim to be from {{government department of choice}}, division 6. The trick being… there is no division 6. Because I was still studying philosophy at the time I bought the domain, I thought this was really, really clever. I still kind of do.

Blogging networks

I often Dadblog, so I’ve signed up to the Tots100 index:

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