Eat chicken pot pie soup review – Big Bold

Description: Gloopy chicken, pea, carrot, onion & potato soup topped with a light pastry crust.

Health: Not the healthiest Eat soup, this scores highly on salt and calories, but on the ‘big’ (as opposed to very big) front it is not too bad – 366 calories.

Taste: Just wow. Salty, tasty, chunky, creamy, meaty – its practically a stew most days, and its a better man than me that can forego the pastry garnish. Do you eat the topping first, with the soup, or save it till the end? That’s the question.

Full-o-meter: Meh. Not brilliant at keeping you full. Relatively low fibre content and calorie count to blame there. Recommend a very big portion if you have the calories to spare (think that weighs in around 660 cals).

Verdict: 5/5. As I said, my fave soup tied with Italian Ragu & Pasta (and possibly a new favourite, Texan Chilli Con Carne Soup – review coming soon!).





5 responses to “Eat chicken pot pie soup review – Big Bold”

  1. […] 5/5. Tied first with the Eat Chicken Pot Pie soup for deliciousness (review pending, when its day comes up again). It is a good day when Eat serves […]

  2. James Avatar

    I don’t like the pastry crust, find it goes soggy and horrible in the soup. Don’t really have this one any more but used to ask for it without.

  3. Armand Avatar

    Fair enough. I’m a fan of pastry in most forms, sadly…

  4. Philipp Avatar

    Thanks for the review Armand, i have Pret and eat. at the same spot near my work, and I was wondering whether to go for safe option (miso soup from pret) or to get this bold that ive never tried before. I am yet to try it but after your review Im going for it. =P

  5. Maritachicita Avatar

    good to know. I had one today for the first time

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