Marco Pierre White Glorious Moroccan tomato and chickpea soup review

Description: “A Moorish tagine-style soup naturally thickened with chickpeas and couscous, finished with traditional spices and a hint of fruit. Glorious!” Again, their copywriters need to calm down.

Health: Not bad – about 390 calories for the pot, high fibre, low fat, but quite low protein too and reasonably high levels of sodium.

Taste: Bleh. I’m beginning to wonder if the addition of “-inspired” or “-style” to any description is an admission that they don’t really know how to spice the soup properly. This soup, whilst well-textured, is pretty bland and the absence of any proper spice or meat makes it a slightly tedious meal. In the interest of full disclosure I should confess that I gave up on it half way through and nabbed a passing sandwich from a lunch meeting I was in.

Full-o-meter: Not bad, was the impression I was getting before I lost interest…

Verdict: 2.5/5. Not getting the strongest impression of the MPW range…





2 responses to “Marco Pierre White Glorious Moroccan tomato and chickpea soup review”

  1. Caroline Charlton Avatar
    Caroline Charlton

    I looked this up after having given up on the soup I bought today. Glad to find I wasn’t the only one to find it tedious. I shall try re-heating the remains tomorrow with some additional spices. Harissa, maybe?

  2. Henry Avatar

    Hi Caroline,

    Try one of Ainsley Harriott’s slimmer soups … the mulligatawny is tasty.

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