Marco Pierre White glorious Toulouse sausage and bean cassoulet review

Description: “A hearty broth of haricot beans and sautéed Toulouse sausage, finished with vegetables and herbs. GLORIOUS.” Actually, this one is fair enough.

Health: Not bad – 394 calories for the pot, good amount of fibre. Could have more protein…

Taste: Better than the other two MPW’s I’ve tried recently – good texture, flavourful, tomato-based soup, delicious morsels of sausage and the beans are nice too. I know Rick Stein loves a good cassoulet and suspect he’d struggle to recognise this as one, but it is nonetheless good and hearty as a fresh soup pot.

Full-o-meter: Not bad. Better with more meat…

Verdict: 4/5. The first MPW soup properly worthy of the name. Suggest Mr White has a chat with the people at Glorious Foods swiftly…





2 responses to “Marco Pierre White glorious Toulouse sausage and bean cassoulet review”

  1. Geoff Newstead Avatar

    I found this limp excuse for cassoulet underseasoned, overpowering with tomato and tarragon flavours and severely lacking sausage. About the only positive was that the beans still retained some texture.
    This is the first and last MPW branded product I will try.

  2. Armand Avatar

    Ha, fair enough. I’m not a cassoulet expert; but think your judgement is sound – its the best of the MPW soups, which isn’t saying much…

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