Category: Politics

  • The Brexit alien insurgency theory

    I’m not much of a political commentator and this post is driven by a need to make sense of what’s going on in the wider world, Brexit and beyond. Plus, y’know, jetlag ‘creativity.’ I’ll also caveat this as a #firstworldproblem; I appreciate that there are other people playing in far less pleasant democracies than I. […]

  • Citizens of the world

    My cousin Sumisha, studying in Australia, writes a fascinating piece on dual citizenship for her student union paper – dual citizenship is illegal in Malaysia, Iran and 58 other countries, apparently. As someone that holds a different passport to his wife and daughter this is an issue close to my heart, and, apart from the […]

  • Negarakuku

    The atmosphere in Malaysia is very weird at the moment. There’s a huge build-up to the country’s 50th Independence day celebrations (Merdeka), but at the same time we’re standing in the wake of a considerable amount of racial and religious tension. The deputy Prime Minister, Najib, called Malaysia in Islamic state… and the government issued […]

  • New liberal masthead

    I decided that a moose-head on a stick would be too gross, despite what readers of this blog voted. Obligatory Cuban photo instead, reflecting my wish for victory, always. Have also joined the Lib Dems, which could be interesting. Update: Following a conversation today I’d just like to point out now that I feel no […]