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  • Heinz big chicken & veg soup review – @HeinzUK

    Description: From website: “A deliciously hearty Chicken & Vegetable soup made with tender pieces of chicken, chunky potatoes, carrots and garden peas. This great tasting soup is packed full of chunky ingredients creating the perfect meal or snack.” My take? It’s definitely chunky, with generous pieces of meat in and amongst the copious veg. But the […]

  • Eat Italian Meatball ‘big hero’ soup review – big bold @eat_news

    Eat soups fuelled my wedding diet back in 2009, so this is a true return to form… Description: “A rustic Soup of meatballs and cannellini beans in a chunky tomato sauce with chilli, basil and oregano. Garnished with melting mozzarella.” AKA a salt-megabomb, tomato-based soup laden with meatballs (must have had 14 of the little […]

  • Heinz Farmers’ market slow-cooked lamb and root vegetables soup review

    Description: “Quality lamb is slow-cooked to perfection & partnered with wholesome chunks of root vegetables sourced from our favourite British farms. A touch of rosemary brings out the natural flavours for a delicious & wholesome soup. Packed full of vegetable goodness, this mouth-watering recipe has 2 of your 5 a day and contains absolutely no […]

  • Heinz Beef Broth Big Soup review

    Description: Not ones to overstate things, Heinz simply says this is “Beef, barley and vegetable broth”  on the can. I concur. Health: 180 calories for the can. Nutritionally relatively insubstantial – low protein and fibre scores, low in fat (it’s only 7% beef, so…), but pretty high on the salt front – 2.2g for the […]

  • Public commitment – soup reviews. Today’s edition: Pret Italian Meatballs, revisited

    I was in a session led by a workplace psychologist this morning and did a self-assessment on how ‘stressed’ I am in different aspects of my life. Thanks to my compulsive running I scored pretty well on the exercise front, but I’ve been eating chips and biscuits lately so, y’know, not so well on the healthy […]

  • Nick Harkaway’s Tigerman, & an Audible trial

    So, like every other Amazon user I’ve been bombarded with ads for Audible for a little while. They’re tedious and overwhelming and I’ve generally ignored them. But since I’ve started listening to audiobooks whilst I run (or at least, using eBook apps like Kindle to read to me), I finally had cause to consider it […]

  • Windows Phone vs iPhone… continued

    I’m continuing to love my Lumia 925, but two significant i-events have taken place since I started using it: 1. Apple admitted some of its batteries were flawed and are replacing them for free. I’m sorting that this Sunday. 2. Apple announced an event for 9 September. So before I completely, 100% commit to this […]

  • Windows Phone 8.1 vs. iOS 7: a personal dilemma

    Update 11.08: thanks to Michael, Ivan, Simon and everyone else that’s offered workarounds for my various cons. The Pros list is expanding and I am increasingly sold!! My apologies to Amanda for boring you endlessly with phone chat… I have been a (reluctantly) loyal iOS devotee since the 3GS came out, and have struggled to […]

  • Chapati making

    I tried making Chapatis this weekend with the girls. For all my Indian heritage, I’m better at a roast or BBQ than I am at this sort of thing but we gave it a go. All of my output was a little too crunchy – I think down to rolling the chapatis out too thin […]

  • Pixelpumper – a Windows Live Writer / Marsedit alternative offline WordPress editor for Mac

    I’ve been loath to invest in Marsedit when my blogging is so intermittent and patch but have been enjoying my attempts with Pixelpumper – a super clean, super simple offline blog editor for OSX. It has a clean, modern UI and thus far seems fairly idiot proof. It is pretty light on options in its […]

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