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  • Heinz BIG SOUP: Fiery chicken and chorizo – reviewed

    Let’s be honest. Tinned soups don’t compare to fresh ones, so my scoring system here is somewhat separate from the ones I judge the shop-bought fresh soups by. I am somewhat disorganised at home, so rather than ensure I have an interesting fresh soup ‘in date’ and ready to go if I happen to be working […]

  • Eat Mexican chicken chilli soup review – Big Bold @eat_news

    Description: “A spicy Mexican chicken soup with haricot, cannellini and butter beans. We add jalapeno chillies and lime to keep it authentic. Garnished with a freshly made tomato and coriander salsa. Dairy / Spicy.” Health: 360 calories for big (16oz) portion . Highish on fibre, highish on fat, high on sodium. On balance it’s not […]

  • Eat Mexican Chicken Tortilla soup review – Big Bold @eat_news

    Description: Chunky chicken and tomato soup with Mexican-style seasoning topped with tortillas and cheddar cheese. Health: OK, ish – at 408 calories for the big bold it’s a modest lunchtime portion and has a good amount of fibre. However, it is a tad high on the fat front, ditto sodium. Taste: A little taste of […]

  • Waitrose green Thai chicken soup review

    Description: “A warmly spiced soup of choi sum, British chicken and coconut with ginger, lemon grass and chilli.” Hells yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Health: Erm, not great. 460 calories for the pot, loads of fat and sat fat, quite a bit of sodium. On the plus side, reasonable amount of fibre and protein. […]

  • Marco Pierre White Glorious Indian chicken soup review

    Description: “A warming curry soup with tender pieces of chicken breast, red pepper, coconut cream and authentic indian spices, finished with coriander. GLORIOUS.” I think the descriptions writer got a bit curried [sic] away! Health: 404 cals for the pot, which is OK, but low fibre, high sodium, middling protein makes this a bit average. […]

  • Marks & Spencer Moroccan style spiced chicken soup review

    Description: “A fragrant, lightly spiced chunky blend of vine ripen tomatoes, chickpeas, British chicken and red & green lentils.” Well, mostly right. It’s not lightly spiced, there’s about a metric tonne of cumin in there, but otherwise, about right. Health: It’s OK – 390 calories for the 600g pot, v. low on sat fat (although […]

  • Marks & Spencer chicken, barley & root vegetable soup review – simply fuller longer

    Description: “A light broth of chicken of chicken, vegetables, pearl barley and smoked bacon.” Other than the bacon, which was missing, this is about right. Emphasis on the carrots and potatoes. Health: 200 calories for a 400g pot, which is good, but not particularly high on protein or fibre, so… meh. Taste: Meh. Vegetables suspended […]

  • Pret Malaysian chicken soup review

    This one’s a couple of day’s late – sorry – been a bit manic. Worth flagging that I had this at least in part to contrast with Eat’s chicken laksa soup – a very, very tasty Eat option which only scored low for me beccause it scores so high on the saturated fat front… Description: […]