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  • Heinz BIG SOUP: Fiery chicken and chorizo – reviewed

    Let’s be honest. Tinned soups don’t compare to fresh ones, so my scoring system here is somewhat separate from the ones I judge the shop-bought fresh soups by. I am somewhat disorganised at home, so rather than ensure I have an interesting fresh soup ‘in date’ and ready to go if I happen to be working […]

  • Soulfood Food Co OnePot British Free Range British Pulled Pork Stew review – @soulfoodfoodco

    Whilst technically this isn’t in keeping with the ‘soup’ reviews, it’s not that far off and so – judge rules, in it goes. Description: The full name of this soup is “Free Range British Pulled Pork Stew with Chorizo, Beans & Spelt.” The official description reads: “Hearty and rustic, with smoky British chorizo & nutty […]

  • Waitrose tomato, lentil & chorizo soup review

    Description: “A thick hearty soup of red lentils, tomatoes and chorizo seasoned with garlic, black pepper and smoked paprika.” Yep. Health: Not bad, although heavy-ish for a pot this size – 422 calories for 600g. Low in sat fat, good amount of fibre. Taste: I do like these Waitrose soups. Rich, thick red lentils, with […]

  • Eat chorizo and chickpea soup review – Big Bold @eat_news

    Hmm, new soup day! Excitement! Description: From Eat: “A hearty and warming soup packed with chorizo, chickpeas and tomatoes with a hint of smoked paprika and red chilli. Garnished with flat leaf parsley.” Yep, about right! Health: Big on most nutritional fronts – Big Bold was the biggest I allowed myself at 374 cals for […]