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  • Pret Coconut Chicken Curry Soup review

    Now that I have a burger blog, it’s even more important that I get the soup reviews/lunches going again. I also spent, like 2 hours sorting out a PHP issue on this site and updating the theme, so I figured I better make good on it again! So, luchtime soup reviews, here we go again… […]

  • Marco Pierre White Glorious Indian chicken soup review

    Description: “A warming curry soup with tender pieces of chicken breast, red pepper, coconut cream and authentic indian spices, finished with coriander. GLORIOUS.” I think the descriptions writer got a bit curried [sic] away! Health: 404 cals for the pot, which is OK, but low fibre, high sodium, middling protein makes this a bit average. […]

  • Chicken curry 2.0

    My love for Videojug continues – last night I made this: How To Cook A Chicken Curry In Ten Minutes …needless to say, it took a little more than ten minutes but worked out very satisfactorily. If you’re curious — you can substitute milk (or Lactofree, if you’re me) for the cream and it is […]