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  • Eat Big Bold ‘Fully Loaded’ Potato & Bacon soup

    Description: Eat says: “Creamy potato soup with chunks of potatoes and applewood smoked bacon. Garnished with a cheddar, chopped jalapenos and chives mix.” Mostly accurate. Health: 336 calories, 16.2g of fat (and 7.5g of sat fats), 17g of protein, 7.9g of sugar and a full 2.1g of salt – again around 1/3 your daily intake. […]

  • Pret Coconut Chicken Curry Soup review

    Now that I have a burger blog, it’s even more important that I get the soup reviews/lunches going again. I also spent, like 2 hours sorting out a PHP issue on this site and updating the theme, so I figured I better make good on it again! So, luchtime soup reviews, here we go again… […]

  • Eat Malaysian Beef Rendang soup review – Big Bold @eat_news

    Description: “A rich coconut curry with slow cooked beef and potato, flavoured with ginger, lemongrass and cinnamon. Garnished with coriander. Less than 5% fat.” OMG this is on the money. So much meat. So little potato. I’m not complaining. Health: 350 calories comprising 16.9g of fat (<5%… really? 12.1g saturated), relatively modest 4.4g of fibre […]

  • Eat Jerk chicken soup review – Big Bold/Hero @eat_news

    So – confession. I had no idea what “jerking a chicken” involves, and whilst it has always sounded HILARIOUS, growing up in the cultural hotpot that is Malaysia, Caribbean cooking unfortunately didn’t feature (unlike most other cuisines). I had a piece of Jerk Chicken at the Notting Hill Carnival one year, and wasn’t impressed – it was […]

  • Eat Summer/Winter bolognaise soup review – Very Big Bold @eat_news

    Wow, it’s been a while since I did one of these. Sorry – the diet has lapsed. It’s back now! Description: From Eat website: “Minced beef in a chunky tomato, garlic, oregano, red chilli and fresh basil sauce with Gnocco Sardo pasta. Garnished with Gremolata (Fresh Parsley and Lemon Zest).” No arguments. Health: 364 calories, for […]

  • Eat Ham, Pea & Mint soup review – Very Big Bold @eat_news

    Description: “A simple hearty soup with shredded Wiltshire cured ham, carrots and potatoes with a hint of mint. Less than 5% fat / non-dairy / pork.” Definitely not as green as other pea & ham soups, potato and stock are the dominant colours / flavours in this winter warmer. Health: Not bad. 480 calories for […]

  • Eat Hoisin duck gyoza dumpling soup pot review – @eat_news

    Description: Plummy duck gyoza in a savoury broth with egg noodles and crisp cabbage, carrots, bean sprouts and greens. Health: OK. 420 calories for the pot, reasonable fibre, low on fat, but v. high on carbs, sugars and salt. Taste: OK. Not brilliant – tasty as the gyoza are, they kind of dissolve in the […]

  • Eat chorizo and chickpea soup review – Big Bold @eat_news

    Hmm, new soup day! Excitement! Description: From Eat: “A hearty and warming soup packed with chorizo, chickpeas and tomatoes with a hint of smoked paprika and red chilli. Garnished with flat leaf parsley.” Yep, about right! Health: Big on most nutritional fronts – Big Bold was the biggest I allowed myself at 374 cals for […]

  • Eat chicken and garden vegetable broth review – Very Big Bold @eat_news

    Description: From Eat – “A hearty broth packed with loads of chunky vegetables, shredded chicken breast and fresh herbs. Garnished with freshly chopped flat leaf parsley and chives.” Hmm, ‘hearty’ and ‘broth’ I think are contradictictory in this case, but otherwise, yep, about right. Health: Pretty good – only 404 calories for the Very Big […]

  • Eat chicken laksa soup review – Big Bold @eat_news

    Description: From Eat – “A Malaysian classic…lots of noodles and chicken in a spicy coconut creamy soup. Garnished with spring onion, spinach and freshly chopped coriander.” Hrm, as a Malaysian I have to point out that this only bears a slight resemblance to a proper laksa. But that’s not necessarilly a bad thing. Health: Just […]