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  • Pret Coconut Chicken Curry Soup review

    Now that I have a burger blog, it’s even more important that I get the soup reviews/lunches going again. I also spent, like 2 hours sorting out a PHP issue on this site and updating the theme, so I figured I better make good on it again! So, luchtime soup reviews, here we go again… […]

  • Pret Sag Aloo soup review – @pret

    Description: “Red chilli, ginger and garlic, gently sautéed with finely diced onions and curry spice. Simmered with potato, tomato, leaf spinach and thick creamy labneh yoghurt.” Hrm, ‘curry spice’, eh? No sign of thickness or creaminess to this somewhat watery, generically curry-y (how do you adverb curry?) soup. But it’s not all bad. Health: I’ve […]

  • Public commitment – soup reviews. Today’s edition: Pret Italian Meatballs, revisited

    I was in a session led by a workplace psychologist this morning and did a self-assessment on how ‘stressed’ I am in different aspects of my life. Thanks to my compulsive running I scored pretty well on the exercise front, but I’ve been eating chips and biscuits lately so, y’know, not so well on the healthy […]

  • Pret Sag Aloo soup review

    Description: From Pret website: “Potato, onion, spinach, yoghurt, tomato, celery, ginger, organic vegetable bouillion, curry powder, nutmeg and red chilli.” A thick, warming soup of mildly curried potato and spinach. Health: 248 calories for the pack, low on protein, surprisingly high on fat (was clarified butter an undeclared ingredient?), pretty low on fibre. So good […]

  • Pret Italian meatballs soup review

    Sorry for the long silence, it has been a) busy as all heck and b) I’ve been short of new soups to review. Where should I shop? Tell me and I’ll see what I can find… Description: Ingredients from Pret: “Pork & beef meatballs, celery, tomato, onion, garlic, organic vegetable bouillon, parsley, basil, oregano and […]

  • Pret lentil and bacon soup review

    Description: “Smoked bacon, green lentils, tomato, celery, onion, garlic, organic vegetable bouillon, parsley, basil, oregano and thyme.” Yep – essentially salty chunky tomato and lentil soup with a good amount of bacon in there for additional umami. Health: 272 cals for the pot, but decent protein, low sat fat, OK fibre. Bad on salt, as […]

  • Pret Malaysian chicken soup review

    This one’s a couple of day’s late – sorry – been a bit manic. Worth flagging that I had this at least in part to contrast with Eat’s chicken laksa soup – a very, very tasty Eat option which only scored low for me beccause it scores so high on the saturated fat front… Description: […]

  • Pret chorizo & butterbean soup review

    Although today Eat has a favourite of mine on the menu, I decided to try something different in Pret’s Chorizo & Butterbean soup. Description: A tomato-based soup with healthy amounts of tasty chorizo and the occasional butterbean. Pret’s ingredient list includes: chorizo, butterbean, garlic, celery, tomato, organic vegetable bouillon, smoked Spanish paprika, cracked black pepper, […]

  • Pret chilli beef soup review

    I’ve been ill over the weekend so I indulged with a soup bread roll from Pret today as well as the soup. Greedy, eh? Description: In a word, this is a Chilli. Slightly on the mild side, but unmistakably chilli. Pret’s website lists ingredients: beef, rice, kidney beans, tomato, onion, celery, red chilli, garlic, organic […]

  • Pret sausage hot pot soup review

    My massive wedding blog post is still in production (will try to finish it off this weekend) but I’m back and eating soup for lunch again! Another Pret day today (Eat’s soup was French Onion, not a fan) and Nick Sandler’s soup again. Hi Nick! Description: A chunky, tomato based soup with good amounts of […]